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Found 2 results

  1. Kenichi

    Newbie Guide

    Hey just so i can refer the new players to this for help and to save alot of people some typing.... here it goes... Academy Student Rank !!!! You have to fulfill all conditions in logbook under profile tab to level up each level !!!! That being said.... first of all what you want to do is start training only defenses in a rush to level 5 Academy Student. Why? Because at level 5 you get a automatic boost to 400 or so pools. (100 from cap). This helps quite a bit.... Id use your first one or two level up (which give full pools) to get Ryo through Errands. You'll need them for Logbook stuff! Secondly Senbon's will be all u need to purchase for AI fights until Genin Rank then refer to guide in that section! Train only Defense because you don't need any offense in logbook till chuunin rank test (7k in one offense) so stick defense till to get to Genin rank. This also helps u to avoid training a offense then rolling a totally different Bloodline! So after u get level 5 work towards getting 150 total defense that's all you need to rank. Use your Level ups past level 5, again which give u full pools, to train Intelligence to 6 which is also required to rank. Also use it to train your starting 3 jutsu each to level 5 (this costs Ryo hence those Errands i was talking bout ;] ) After you get all this and rank you want to go to the Town Hall tab> Bloodline clinic tab> Check for bloodline! (Good luck) (b^.^)b Logbook requirements for those who like to plan ahead! 1.Train any defense to above 17.5 2.The sum of all your defenses must be higher than 55 3.The sum of all your defenses must be higher than 62.5 Run 20 errands 4.The sum of all your defenses must be higher than 72.5 All three starting jutsu must be level 1 or higher 5.The sum of all your defenses must be higher than 82.5 Win 1 or more arena fights 6.The sum of all your defenses must be higher than 100 7.Buy 1 kunai and use it in combat. 8.The sum of all your defenses must be higher than 125 Use an equipped item in battle 9.The sum of all your defenses must be higher than 135 Buy 1 or more lottery tickets 10.The sum of all your defenses must be higher than 150 Train your intelligence to at least 6 Train all starting jutsu to at least level 5 Genin Rank So now that you got Genin you, hopefully rolled a nice bloodline! Lets get started on our way to chuunin!! First thing first you want to start your D rank misson's which is the only way to get more Health Points at the moment! Heres a guide... Buy max stock of Senbon, Blunt Dart. Dont forget a pointy stick or two! "Senbon" will kill almost any AI of this rank one hit. Besides Below AI Komodos which are killed with a "Pointy stick" One hit! Black Komodos (D Rank Mission AI) Is one hit by the "Blunt Darts"! (Some D rank missions have unique AI depending on your village those as i know have no weakness that i know of or ask around your village for help!) ^.^ Heres that pre-planers guide for those of you like me! 1.Visit the Bloodline Clinic at the Town Hall to see if you have a bloodline hidden within you. 2.Train with your sensei, and visit the Occupation tab and select a job. 3.Train any jutsu to level 10 4.Finish 1 D-rank missions within 3 hours 5.Move at least 10 squares about on the map. 6.Finish 2 D-rank missions within 6 hours. Make sure they are listed in your mission history. 7.Win a spar. 8.Perform 750 errands. 9.Win 1 spar and defeat 5 arena opponents. 10. I personally have only been so far and am level holding till near full pools for my own strategy reasons. Will update the more i learn the more i share ^.^/ In Game im "Kenichi", "Gaara" Feel free to pm me any time with questions happy to help!
  2. [video=youtube;36QWdZIjKr8] This is, in my opinion, the best, funniest, sexiest Ninja vid of all times!!! Ever seen a Ninja doing Parkour while playing soccer AND being sexy?? Bonus: if you want to be this Ninja, watch this vv Thanks
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