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Found 2 results

  1. Username: xIVergilIx Location:?id=12, ?id=35 Priority:Medium Bug's effect: When you start to train a special jutsu, and the timer starts in the notification area, you can already tag that jutsu, and use it in combat, even getting Exp with that jutsu, so when your training (for example: 3 hours of training) completes, it even writes that you trained your jutsu to level 2, or level 3, depends on how much times you leveled up that jutsu in battles. I don't know whether this is a bug or not, but i think that if you train on something, you need to finish it, before you can use it. How the bug happened/how to reproduce?: Just start to train a special jutsu, and when the timer starts, you can already use that jutsu, and just have to wait the timer to start training further/start training another jutsu.
  2. resolve

    Special jutsu

    Username: Resolve Location: Special Jutsu Training, ?id=39&page=special Priority: High Bug's Effects: When the special jutsu training timer finishes, attempting to finish the training will result in an error page: Page Error You cannot access this location with your current rank How the bug happened/how to reproduce: I was training the special jutsu (Random Flurry), after the timer of the special jutsu had finished i gained a couple of levels (i dint rank up)
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