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Found 2 results

  1. Everyone sooner or later needs some rep and what easier way then to make a thread of buyers and sellers!!! Format IGN: (Kharos) Buyer/Seller:(Buyer/Seller) Amount seeking to sell or buy:(x amount) Rate at which youll trade ryo for: (reps or fed how much per how much) If you have sold or bought the amount u asked for in the previous line:(done/still looking) At the moment i been buying rep for 10k each and fed respectively from blue-gold 25k blue, 50k silver, 150k gold (this is cheapest ive found it most wont sell this low now) WARNING!!! TNR Is not responsible if u get scammed from a trade! They will be a middle man if you ask politely most the time. Also some rep sellers or fed sellers have alot of customer base and can be vouched for do your homework before purchasing any player traded fed/rep!
  2. I was recently scammed by Itachinic. I was trading ryo for rep and when I sent the first payment of 35mil ryo he blacklisted me instantly and then moved to Shroud. Here's a screenshot of me sending the first payment.... http://i50.tinypic.com/2uskg2b.jpg (click on the image to enlarge it) (and I will not send you ryo so don't PM me.) I've already talked to Ameise about this and reported all the PM's for him to see as well as sent the link of the screenshot. I just wanted everyone to know who this worthless person is so they don't get scammed to.
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