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Found 3 results

  1. Rules: - This is a place to discuss bloodlines. Jutsu discussing, 'how should I train my stats' and similar questions are to be posted on their respective forum threads. - As always, respect your fellow players. Regardless of wheter you like that player or not, or disagrees with his opinion/whatever, it is expected of every poster a minimum of decency. Swearing, cluttering, sexual contents, any form of intolerance/harassment and illegal drugs references are strictly forbidden by the forum rules, and can warrant an official warning and possibly a forum ban of appropriate lenght to the infractor(s). - Avoid double posting, by using the edit feature. - Refrain from posting using excessive BBCode (bold, italics, underline, etc). C2 Bloodline thread Bloodline List Pana-hijack: Bloodlines NEVER have a genin jutsu. Bloodlines with an Elemental Affinity will show their Primary and (if they have it) Special affinity on the Profile of the user, even if they are genin. If a bloodline has a Special element, the owners secondary element will always be the one needed to create the Special Element. IE, Light will always have Lightning and Fire. A bloodline does not necessarily have regen. Just to clear some confusion here: Currently, an A-rank always has a set Primary element. So Vaporia users are Water at Chuunin, Water/Fire at Jounin. An affinity is NOT affecting a user unless they are visible on their profile. This means that as long as you're chuunin, you will boost 1 core element, and are weak to 1 core element. If you have an a-rank bloodline you have Weakness to element 1+2 Additional weakness to element 1 Boost element 3+4 Additional boost to 3 S-ranks Weakness to 1 offense Weakness to 1 element Lets take Savage Hurricane Bloodline passives: Boost to Wind/Lightning/Tempest Boost to Weap Weak to Fire/Wind/Scorching Core Affinities: Wind/Lightning At Chuunin: They boost Wind -> Bloodline + Affinity boost. They boost lightning -> Only bloodline (Which they cannot use because the affinity is inactive) They boost Tempest -> Bloodline + Affinity Weakness: Fire -> Bloodline + Affinity Wind -> Bloodline (this effect is active, even though they do not have lightning affinity. This is a bloodline effect, not an affinity effect.) Scorching -> Bloodline + Affinity At jounin, the Lightning Affinity effects become full. Giving them an increased weakness to Wind, and increased damage to Lightning (though they could not use this prior to jounin) With this in mind: Savage Hurricane hits: Full max on: Polarity Shifter Wind max on: Polarity Shifter, Skybreak Dragon. Takes max Fire from: Yaketsuku Netsu, Solar Soul Increased wind from: Endless Erosion, Savage Hurricane Any other circumstance is neutral. Vaporia for example uses water, hits neutral since Water nor Steam activate Savage Hurrican's weaknesses. NOTE: All A-ranks deal the -same- damage with any element they have access to. Their special element jutsu do not hit more than their core element jutsu.
  2. Location: Clicking Manual while on game page. (http://www.theninja-forum.com/content.php) Going to manual through the forum works fine. (http://www.theninja-forum.com/index.php?/page/index.html) Priority: Low Bug's Effects: Not being able to acces the manual in-game. BTW, same applies to the contact link. Currently broken.
  3. Alright, so I believe we've managed to get the manual almost entirely up-to-date and complete, so I figured we could use some feedback from you, the players. Questions, comments, critiques, suggestions, negative or positive, post it all here (do try to stay civil, though). If you've noticed an error, please let us know. UPDATE: I've made changes to the "Getting Started" guide. Questions, comments, suggestions are highly appreciated.
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