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Found 3 results

  1. http://www.theninja-forum.com/index.php?/topic/49161-mobilelow-kage-unable-to-delete-posts-in-tavern/&do=findComment&comment=574428 There was a time when i was kage before I had to delete all of DIll;s messages and still keep the reported ones around it took a couple hours before any staff showed up. On top of that, Mods ARE NOT always around to correct double posts. I understand Kages can not mod the tavy but....they can help keep it clean if the kage knows the rules. I, myself, have been helping with spam when mods are offline and I have helped deter trolls like Dill.
  2. Well, this is a topic that needs to be discussed by the player base. So I figured now's a good time as any. I initially wanted to start a Suggestions thread regarding this, but wanted to gather the players' opinion(s). Let's start by taking a look at our current rules regarding kage holding.. Kage-Holding: As a general rule, moderators will not intervene in Kage matters as long as the Kage is reasonably active, fulfilling appropriate Kage functions in a timely manner, and engaging in ordinary gaming/training such that normal challenges from users in general are possible. No Kage is obligated under the Rules to be popular or likeable, act in their village’s best interest (as villagers see it), or accept specific challenges from individual players. If a Kage must be removed for appropriate reasons but is not in violation of any other rules (e.g., trolling), a perfunctory ban may be issued to remove the player from the position, but no other penalties will be imposed. And we have our rules regarding fair gaming as well: FAIR GAMING All users are expected to play the game fairly and in the spirit of good sportsmanship. Cheating and other unfair gaming practices may include, but are not limited to: hacking, scamming, account sharing, account farming, statistic or kill farming, and Kage-holding. Players participate in unfair shortcuts and practices at their own risk. Relevant rules and policies will be interpreted by their intended purpose, not by textual limitations. Loopholes and technicalities (e.g., getting real-life siblings to claim to “own†illegal ryo farms) will not excuse users who act contrary to the spirit of these Rules. Now these rules for kage holding can be extended to clan leadership as well. According to the rules, kages are not required to be liked by the villages, which is fair in my opinion. Not everyone can be liked by everyone. So we'll just skip to the next part of the rule, kages need not accept challenges from individual players. Now this one right there takes the whole point of fair play and sportsmanship out of this feature. In my opinion, when we call something as fair gaming, then everyone should get the a chance to explore and enjoy all the basic features in the game. Kageship is basic feature, open to anyone Jounin+. As per the current rules, whoever takes the village/clan leadership first gets to keep it for as long as they want, which frankly puts a dent on the whole point of fair gaming that we emphasize and borders on abuse. It's only fair that everyone Jounin+ has a fair chance at becoming kage/clan leader. And by fair chance, I don't refer to hand over the leadership as such. It just the users getting the right to challenge their current leaders. Now, we might be able to figure out a few possible solutions for this, which you can post here. I have posted a possible one here, just to get things started. A possible solution? We can limit the number of times a kage/clan leader can decline challenges posted to them. We can keep the number of challenges that a leader can reject down to, say, 5 per week. We can also maybe introduce a timer, which runs down the time within which the leader has to respond to a challenges. For example, let's assume the time for the responding to the challenge is 60 mins. If the leader hasn't given a response (accept/reject) till then, the system automatically takes the response as a rejection. So if the leader, has already declined 5 challenges that week, he would not have the option to decline a 6th challenge. And if he/she doesn't respond to that 6th challenge before the timer runs down, they will be automatically kicked from their position. The main idea is that, as long as a player is strong enough, he/she should have a fair shot at becoming a kage/clan leader. So, let's get started. P.S: Keep the discussion sensible. No flames.
  3. Suggestion Outline: Change the way war alliances function, and adjust Kage penalties to account for this. What would change: When a village starts a war or joins a war, the starting SP count of their enemy is taken. From this point on, the alliance must do 50% of that SP to prevent their Kage from being kicked upon a loss(all Kages) How it would change:For instance, if Shine starts the war, they must deal 50% of their enemy's starting SP to prevent their Kage from being kicked. If Konoki joins the war at the same time, the same amount of SP destruction must be dealt, IE 50%. However, the village that starts the war will have the SP destruction done already count towards their %. (Shine in this case.) Hypothetical Situation : Shine starts war against Samui, deals 4k in damage out of 20k, that's 20%. Konoki joins after this damage is done, Samui now has 16k SP. Now, the alliance must deal 50% SP or 8k, or both Kages will be kicked upon loss. However, the damage done by each village counts towards this total, so if Shine does 5k and Konoki does 3k, they have met their quota and the Kages will be jailed rather than kicked. Now, don't forget that Shine did 4k SP damage at the start, 20% of Samui's starting SP. There are 2 ways to handle this and factor it into the alliance SP : The first is to take the % destroyed (20%) and give it to Shine to start the alliance SP count, in other words, assume Shine has already dealt 20% SP and count that towards the "alliance" SP damage, but exclusively for Shine. So if the alliance only deals 30% of 16k to Samui (4800 SP), Konoki's Kage will be kicked, while Shine's will be jailed. The second solution would be to continue counting Shine's SP destroyed (the static number of 4000) from the original SP that Samui started with. In this instance, Shine dealt 20% of 20k which is 4k, to reach 50%, they would need to destroy another 6k. How it benefits us: Improves the gameplay experience, and balances out the alliance system. Why it matters: The way the current alliance and Kage penalty system is set up is murky at best. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): The issue of % each village in the alliance deals still needs to be addressed, because it isn't fair for a village to ally with another, deal 5% of overall damage and then either 1) Reap the rewards of a victory, or 2) Their Kage is jailed rather than kicked because the alliance met their 50% goal. Perhaps if a village doesn't do at least 33% of overall alliance damage some sort of penalty should be imposed... Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): I'm also unclear about how wars and alliances were originally intended to function, so I might be restating the obvious with what I've previously discussed. Just throwing some thoughts out there, if I missed anything feel free to chime in.
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