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Found 12 results

  1. Well, this is a topic that needs to be discussed by the player base. So I figured now's a good time as any. I initially wanted to start a Suggestions thread regarding this, but wanted to gather the players' opinion(s). Let's start by taking a look at our current rules regarding kage holding.. Kage-Holding: As a general rule, moderators will not intervene in Kage matters as long as the Kage is reasonably active, fulfilling appropriate Kage functions in a timely manner, and engaging in ordinary gaming/training such that normal challenges from users in general are possible. No Kage is obligated under the Rules to be popular or likeable, act in their village’s best interest (as villagers see it), or accept specific challenges from individual players. If a Kage must be removed for appropriate reasons but is not in violation of any other rules (e.g., trolling), a perfunctory ban may be issued to remove the player from the position, but no other penalties will be imposed. And we have our rules regarding fair gaming as well: FAIR GAMING All users are expected to play the game fairly and in the spirit of good sportsmanship. Cheating and other unfair gaming practices may include, but are not limited to: hacking, scamming, account sharing, account farming, statistic or kill farming, and Kage-holding. Players participate in unfair shortcuts and practices at their own risk. Relevant rules and policies will be interpreted by their intended purpose, not by textual limitations. Loopholes and technicalities (e.g., getting real-life siblings to claim to “own†illegal ryo farms) will not excuse users who act contrary to the spirit of these Rules. Now these rules for kage holding can be extended to clan leadership as well. According to the rules, kages are not required to be liked by the villages, which is fair in my opinion. Not everyone can be liked by everyone. So we'll just skip to the next part of the rule, kages need not accept challenges from individual players. Now this one right there takes the whole point of fair play and sportsmanship out of this feature. In my opinion, when we call something as fair gaming, then everyone should get the a chance to explore and enjoy all the basic features in the game. Kageship is basic feature, open to anyone Jounin+. As per the current rules, whoever takes the village/clan leadership first gets to keep it for as long as they want, which frankly puts a dent on the whole point of fair gaming that we emphasize and borders on abuse. It's only fair that everyone Jounin+ has a fair chance at becoming kage/clan leader. And by fair chance, I don't refer to hand over the leadership as such. It just the users getting the right to challenge their current leaders. Now, we might be able to figure out a few possible solutions for this, which you can post here. I have posted a possible one here, just to get things started. A possible solution? We can limit the number of times a kage/clan leader can decline challenges posted to them. We can keep the number of challenges that a leader can reject down to, say, 5 per week. We can also maybe introduce a timer, which runs down the time within which the leader has to respond to a challenges. For example, let's assume the time for the responding to the challenge is 60 mins. If the leader hasn't given a response (accept/reject) till then, the system automatically takes the response as a rejection. So if the leader, has already declined 5 challenges that week, he would not have the option to decline a 6th challenge. And if he/she doesn't respond to that 6th challenge before the timer runs down, they will be automatically kicked from their position. The main idea is that, as long as a player is strong enough, he/she should have a fair shot at becoming a kage/clan leader. So, let's get started. P.S: Keep the discussion sensible. No flames.
  2. Name: Splitting Wire Class: Clan Rank: C Size: Varying lengths, though the girth when joined is comparable to that of normal shinobi wire. When split, though, they retain the durability of wire though the thickness of each is only one-fifth of what it normally is, and when coiled together they are significantly stronger than normal equipment. Appearance: Either like normal shinobi wire or of incredibly thin, hard-to-see wire. Specialties: What happens when you have well-trained shinobi with lots of time on their hands and a predilection for traps and indirect combat when direct combat isn't useful? A refinement of basic tools, of course! Specifically, the Kisho Clan has worked through a way to fine the process of actually making shinobi wire to the point where the individual cords are much thinner than previous refinements have made them. Typically taken in coiled threads of 5 wires together, they act as a normal wire. When combined with the wire manipulation technique , the thin strands are capable of being moved independently. Slot Cost: C Owner: Kisho Clan
  3. Yo! As written in title I've been away for a long time. Today I was sitting around house whistling s.o.a.d. - lonely day since it really is lonely and boring day. Then, out of deepest corner of my mind, memory of a game resurfaces TN-R. I proceed googling game up and boom it still exists. Somehow I manage to remember my characters name and password. Sadly I didn't feel any connection to it anymore and felt like if I started anew I'd make new one, but then I remembered reason why I stopped playing years ago - I didn't have community, capping got boring. Okay, I'll get back to it with this. 1. Is player base still even alive? 2. I'd like to join a clan, family and have rather interesting master who would be willing to drown me in this game. If I made new character it would have clan, family last name or whatever they call it in Japanese in my new username. Reason for that is I'd like kind of close knit family. 3. Of course this clan should be active community and some sort of chat place(I really have forgotten everything) 4. This one's connected to 3rd, I really have forgotten most of game stuff, so I'm total newb again. 5. Person kind enough to take me in should preferably be from Europe to match my timezone and some sort of way to contact outside TN-R. (skype or something like that) 6. Just to make it clear one more time, I haven't made character yet and I don't care which village it will be as long as people will get me going. Waiting for replies. I apologize in advance if this is wrong section for it.
  4. Name: Skychi Uchiha. Age: 18 Rank: Academy Student Level: 4 Biography: Skychi Uchiha, a member of the Uchiha Clan, the nephew of the Head Uchiha. His goal in life is to become a powerful ninja, just like his forefathers. He forces himself to go through intense training, focused on one goal: To rise to the top. His preferred tactics are to use Fire styles, Shadow styles, water styles, and earth style. He also uses a katana, for close range combat, and enjoys to spar with worthy opponents.
  5. Suggestion: Clans can have %stat bonus in more than one offense and defense. Also instead of 1.5% boost make it 2% so there can be at least .5% in each offense/defense. Why: Because some clans don't only specialize in one type of offense and their members don't either. Question: Why was it made so clans can have only one offense/defense stat gain at a time?
  6. I am a genin in Konoki, obviously i can't make a clan. Can a Commander make me a clan and then i'll join and you can make me the leader?
  7. orochimoro

    Clan Vault

    Suggestion Outline umm basically a clan vault (store ryo,tradeable items here) Suggestion Specifics What would change: clan feature would be more appealing.. How it would change: ability to store ryo here *maybe over normal cap* and tradeable items such as scrolls and event items Problems/concerns involved: nothing i think just copy the equipments thingy and make a duplicate and place this duplicate in the clan section anything else clan leader and co-leaders are the only one able to access the clan vault to take out and give items/ryo,all members of the clan is able to donate to the clan items/ryo similar suggestion: umm clan vault log to see when and whom has donated to the clan this log is updated every 24hours i know you'll be thinking that this would be misused to gain more ryo so i was thinking the clan has to have max off and def and then the option will come up to buy a clan vault which will cost alot of clan points thingy....(^_^) please comment (^_^) but if u got ntn good to say then GTFO!
  8. The Village Hidden In The Sky Soragakure village is a chatzy site. (Chat Website) 6 current members Weekly Tournaments (All eligible to enter) Rp Events every 2 weeks (All eligible to enter) Everyone accepted (Race, Religion, Sex, Social status and sexuality is not an issue) Naruto Based RP No RP Rules or Guidelines, exception to being PG-14 We have fun! Note*** The village isn't active like it used to, so it will be a little bit slow until we get new members. Please join and thank you MESSAGE ME OR INGAME "xviciousx" TO GET THE LINK TO THE VILLAGE.
  9. Sorry for my on going rant of questions, but I'd rather ask than do something wrong If I were to make a clan would I be able to create jutsu for that clan? It of course would have to go through the create jutsu process and it wouldn't be a bloodline. It would just be jutsu that the clan would teach to it's members. I'm thinking of making a clan that specializes in sleep techniques and thus would teach these techniques to it's members. So instead of the clan have extra physical/mental strengths and weaknesses they would mainly have these jutsu's that people are able to learn. Thanks for listening
  10. Azu Diez

    Rising Sun clan

    Suggestion: To bring about change to Horizons only clan. What would change: Future battles for users that are in Horizon How it would change: It would change the current boosts for one type of offense/defense to all offenses/defenses in horizon. How it benefits us: Being that horizon is a village related clan and has users of all types residing in it. We would greatly be benefited if our clan would be able to get boosts in all offenses & defenses(Or 2 defenses instead). Why it matters: With the current boost for horizon being wep off/ nin deff, not every user in horizon is being boosted by an off/def that pertains to them.
  11. Name: Sunenma, Echo Age: 10 Gender: Female Height: 56 inches Weight: 85 pounds Appearance: -Hair: Dark black, medium length -Eyes: Emerald Green -Skin: Pale skin -Scars: No visible scars present -Body: Fairly athletic physique, lacking in muscle definition on the upper body. -Clothes: A one sleeved top that is laced on the neck rim (collar) with ebony lace which curves longly, meeting around the upper torso (v-neckish). A black lacing fishnet is worn under this that is shown partially. Right side has a dark black sleeve with purple outlines of the kanji for lotus. The left side cuts off at the shoulder, black lacing present there as well. The top ends at the waste, a dark purple ribbon belt at the waist that hides a small belt with a medium sized pouch barely visible because of the ribbon. The pants are simple in design, black with the kanji for lotus on the bottom trim of both pant legs. Pants are rather tight(in-between skinny jeans and regular jeans). The pants end half way between the knees and the ankles and at the cut off is a medium size pouch just above the knee where she keeps most of her tools. Underneath is net lacing similar to that worn on the top. It goes down to the ankles where the shoes start. The shoes are basic ninja shoes, except they have been dyed black to match the rest of the outfit. There is also a dark blue quiver that she slings on her back, it carries around ten arrows at a time. Level/Rank: Academy Student Village: Rikuhi Language: Rikuhuu (Fluent) and Common (Rikuhuu accent) Main/Favored Weapon: Senbon (10) [Kept in the pouch on her leg] Side Arms: > Wire(5 ft) [Kept in the pouch on her belt] > Kunai(5) [Kept in the pouch on her belt] > Shuriken(5) [Kept in the pouch on her belt] > Flash/Light Bombs(3) [Kept in the pouch on her leg] Special Items: Sacred Bow: Made from the Yew tree she was born under Size: Around 30 inches Weight: 4lbs Draw Weight: 30lbs Material of Arrows: Wood(10 arrows carried at one time in a small quiver and are 12 inches in length, metal tip(steel)) Element: Wood Physical Strengths: > Above Average Flexibility > Excelent Accuracy Physical Weaknesses: > Terrible Physical Strength > Below Average Speed > Slow at handsign use(takes longer to perform a jutsu then the average of her age and rank) > Below Average Stamina. Mental Strengths: > Strong Willed > Intelligent Mental Weaknesses: > Fear of Small Spaces(Panics and Freezes Up) > Terrible at Thinking Ahead(Bad Planner) > Emotionally Distant(hard getting close to others) Jutsu: Background: Born to the Sunenma Clan of Rikuhi, she is the first daughter of Azaezil Sunenma. Her mother was shunned as an outsider of the clan, thus fostering her hatred for her husband and twins. This relationship with her mother has always haunted her. Her father’s sister came into the picture to effectively raise the children, as an accident had prevented her from conceiving her own. With Azaezil rarely around, Echo and Sokoda were raised by their aunt alone except for discipline, which was always handled by their father. They developed a close relationship with their aunt, only being away when their father forced them into the academy to become ninja. At first Echo wanted nothing more then to leave the life of an academy student and stay home with her aunt. She was unfortunately kept at the academy with her brother. Her father had said that Echo and her twin brother were brought up in their clan as the future of the shinobi line, having been the first children of the head of the clan. She resented this, and tried to persuade her father to let her stay with her aunt in vain, being forced to stay in the academy. She attempted to run away twice, being punished by being locked in a small metal box each time for two days by her father to prove his point. That would be the last time she tried to run, eventually finding solace in her role to become a strong kunoichi. She came to the Academy at age nine with her brother, though her abilities in ninjutsu was appalling compared to her twin’s abilities. She, like most of her clan, excelled at the illusionary arts comparatively from her brother. It is assumed he take more after his mother’s side then Echo does, which she is often thankful for, the side being known for not ageing well. They are both currently at the academy, each trying to compete for the position of head of the clan and even leader of their village. Examples: 1) Echo looks up calmly at her teacher’s firm gaze, not understanding why she was being scolded. She sighed under her breath, hoping he didn’t hear her. She gave a quick glance to her brother, seeing the small smirk on his face. She shook her head, not really hearing the teacher’s yammering. The next thing she knew, she was being told to go back to her seat. That was quick, she though to herself. She smiled and joyfully walked back to her seat next to her brother. "What a stupid teacher,"she whispered to her twin, giggling a bit as she spoke. 2) Echo breathed heavily, holding a kunai in her hand. She looked intently at the target, breathing in and out to steady herself. She lifted her arm, throwing the kunai with all her might at the wooden target. She dropped to her knees, warm sweat dripping down her face. Her breathing was labored, watching the kunai cut through the air. She gave a small smirk, the kunai landing just under the one her brother had thrown. She brushed the hair out of her eyes, and clapped her hands together, ”Finally."
  12. Clan Name: Sunenma Clan Village: Rikuhi Main Element: Wood Head Leader: Azaezil Sunenma, father of Echo Sunenma, he is the current leader and oldest child of the clan. He is a powerful teacher and ninja in the village of Rikuhi. Type: Genjutsu. Style: The clan is famous for their patience in battle and their cold respect to enemy shinobi. Social Standing: The Clan is famous for their torturous abilities stemming from their knowledge of genjutsu. # of RPC Members Allowed: Open to Everyone Description: The Sunenma Clan is a genjutsu wielding clan. They thrive on information and are famous for their torture abilities. They find that it is the best way to get information and help their village remain in power. Most, if not all, clan members are forced into the life of a shinobi. There are a few individuals who have gone against this but they often don’t last in this clan. Background: The Sunenma Clan was originally from the Village of Konoki. The current leader’s grandmother, Alexandria Sunenma, was the one who led the clan out of the Village of Konoki. She felt that it was best that they left Konoki for fear of a plot to destroy them. This might have been due to the fact that her frail mental stability led to paranoia after the death of her first child. They came to Rikuhi and set up their clan again, eventually rising to become the most skilled torture unit in the village. Special Attributes: Specialty Clan Genjutsu Strengths: Excels at genjutsu and have the developed strong genjutsu techniques that were mostly created by this clan's founder. They are also known to have above average chakra pools. Shortcomings: The clan, while excelling at Genjutsu, suffers lacking from Ninjutsu and Taijutus abilities. They are also known that have lower then average stamina then other shinobi clans in exchange for their large chakra pools.
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