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Found 18 results

  1. Rules: - This is a place to discuss bloodlines. Jutsu discussing, 'how should I train my stats' and similar questions are to be posted on their respective forum threads. - As always, respect your fellow players. Regardless of wheter you like that player or not, or disagrees with his opinion/whatever, it is expected of every poster a minimum of decency. Swearing, cluttering, sexual contents, any form of intolerance/harassment and illegal drugs references are strictly forbidden by the forum rules, and can warrant an official warning and possibly a forum ban of appropriate lenght to the infractor(s). - Avoid double posting, by using the edit feature. - Refrain from posting using excessive BBCode (bold, italics, underline, etc). C2 Bloodline thread Bloodline List Pana-hijack: Bloodlines NEVER have a genin jutsu. Bloodlines with an Elemental Affinity will show their Primary and (if they have it) Special affinity on the Profile of the user, even if they are genin. If a bloodline has a Special element, the owners secondary element will always be the one needed to create the Special Element. IE, Light will always have Lightning and Fire. A bloodline does not necessarily have regen. Just to clear some confusion here: Currently, an A-rank always has a set Primary element. So Vaporia users are Water at Chuunin, Water/Fire at Jounin. An affinity is NOT affecting a user unless they are visible on their profile. This means that as long as you're chuunin, you will boost 1 core element, and are weak to 1 core element. If you have an a-rank bloodline you have Weakness to element 1+2 Additional weakness to element 1 Boost element 3+4 Additional boost to 3 S-ranks Weakness to 1 offense Weakness to 1 element Lets take Savage Hurricane Bloodline passives: Boost to Wind/Lightning/Tempest Boost to Weap Weak to Fire/Wind/Scorching Core Affinities: Wind/Lightning At Chuunin: They boost Wind -> Bloodline + Affinity boost. They boost lightning -> Only bloodline (Which they cannot use because the affinity is inactive) They boost Tempest -> Bloodline + Affinity Weakness: Fire -> Bloodline + Affinity Wind -> Bloodline (this effect is active, even though they do not have lightning affinity. This is a bloodline effect, not an affinity effect.) Scorching -> Bloodline + Affinity At jounin, the Lightning Affinity effects become full. Giving them an increased weakness to Wind, and increased damage to Lightning (though they could not use this prior to jounin) With this in mind: Savage Hurricane hits: Full max on: Polarity Shifter Wind max on: Polarity Shifter, Skybreak Dragon. Takes max Fire from: Yaketsuku Netsu, Solar Soul Increased wind from: Endless Erosion, Savage Hurricane Any other circumstance is neutral. Vaporia for example uses water, hits neutral since Water nor Steam activate Savage Hurrican's weaknesses. NOTE: All A-ranks deal the -same- damage with any element they have access to. Their special element jutsu do not hit more than their core element jutsu.
  2. Username: FlamelighterR Location: Jutsu training Priority: Medium Bug's effect: I ranked up to Ej and there is no bloodline jutsu to train,i select "Bloodline jutsu", i leave the rest " All available", submit,but it shows N/A . Jutsu name is Blazeblade,bloodline Heatraiser. Edit: Adding screenshots
  3. Suggestion Outline: In the next/future core or major update changing when blood lines become effective to your rank. What would change: Currently the majority of the blood lines become effective around the Jounin level, because of Jounin level Justus attached to them. I suggest changing them by making the rank of the blood line essentially equal to a rank in the game. I do not know the actual mechanics of the game but, I’m assuming the that “Chinmoku Shikyakuâ€â€™s (D rank blood line) Jounin jutsu “Silent Assassination†does not compare to “Ancient Phoenix’â€s Jounin jutsu “Wings of the Great Phoenix†(B rank blood line) and it should not. It doesn’t make sense that a weak blood line would have a Jutsu that becomes effective at the Jounin level when there are multiple other Jutsu that are more powerful then it. This makes the D rank blood line pretty pointless when it should be a stepping stone for players. I would like to see blood lines essentially equal to a rank that is associated to it. D Rank = AS and Genin, C Rank = Genin and Chuunin, B Rank = Chuunin and Jounin, A Rank = Jounin and Special Jounin, and S = Special Jounin. How it would change: As I said before, I’m suggest changing bloodlines by making the rank of the blood line essentially equal to a rank in the game. To do this you would give Justus, stats, or elements that equal where the blood line should rank. For example a D rank blood line would be aimed at AS or Genin. It would have an AS or Genin Jutsu attached to it or just a minor status buff. It would not have any abilities or that would be really effective past the Genin level compared to Justus that you learn naturally at the Jounin level. At the same time I am not saying that A rank blood lines should only be effective at the Jounin and Special Jounin level. I would suggest making an A rank blood line effective at almost all the Ranks below it. Perfect example of this is “Endless Erosionâ€. It has stats that make the bloodline effective from the AS level and Justus that increase effectiveness after the Genin level. (With this change you also may want to reduce the cost of lower ranked bloodlines. Which would promote players actually buying and using the blower ranked bloodlines) How it benefits us: The change really effects how players experience the game in the early to mid-levels. If you are able to buy a D rank blood line and use it effectively until after Genin level it is very possible that you could enjoy the game at an early level. Enhancing or enabling early level game play is essential to retaining and recruiting new members to play the ninja RPG. Having progressive bloodlines also promotes buying bloodlines at different times in the game. Which increases the flow of cash allowing to continue improving onto the game. If a player spends real money on a game and is able to effectively use what he paid for he is more likely to feel attached to the game and play it more. Why it matters: Enhancing or enabling early level game play is essential to retaining and recruiting new members to play the ninja RPG. Without new players the game will eventually die. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): Major change like this is will not be made until a new core comes out. This suggestion has the Appearance of Pay 2 win. Especially I have stated several times Ranks = Bloodline. I do think it is more likely that people will pay for bloodlines that area at a lower level, but I’m not suggesting any real changes for A Rank Bloodlines or higher. Right now if someone buys a A rank blood line they are more overpowered then someone with a D rank bloodline or someone with no bloodline. My suggestions should just spread out the ranks where bloodlines are effective. Who cares about the weaklings or just rank up? A lot of people would probably say why does it matter if the AS or Genin have cool things? They are not going to be at that rank for long. Again, promoting fun experiences at a lower level is a good thing. That is post is just going to get auto banned because of “content†or forgotten because who knows when the next core will come out. Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): Continue making early game play fun for new players. You could also make D rank bloodlines that are just for Roleplaying (if you do this you should totally increase the chance of getting a bloodline by a TON and just make a bunch of bloodlines) or have players able to create their own bloodline after a certain rank, like Chuunin. Creates a connection with the character and this is a role playing game. (I would totally pay for that) I’m sorry the writing is not gender neutral, but I don’t feel like re-writing this.
  4. Suggestion Outline: Create a new Black Market item which mimics the original Genin roll (potentially with limitations) and gives players the ability to roll a completely random bloodline without the need to reset their account for another chance, nor suffer the risk of obtaining nothing. What would change: The addition of a new bloodline item within the black market that mimics the original bloodline roll. How it would change: Implementing a new item which contains a random bloodline within it. Pricing should accommodate the ability to get any rank of bloodline and reflect that this item is meant to act purely as a re-roll. I therefore recommend it be priced at 24 reputation points. This is between the price of a c-rank (20 rep) and b-rank (30 rep) bloodline, and fits the commonly purchased reputation point offer of 24 rep for $15 US dollars. To prevent abuse of this new item to get cheap B/A-rank bloodlines, the chance to obtain lesser bloodlines would be greater than higher-ranked bloodlines similar to the Genin roll. ex. 40% chance to get c-rank, 30% chance for d-rank, 20 chance for b-rank, and 10% chance for A-rank. How it benefits us: Increases the sheer variety of bloodlines currently in-game. Gives players access to the option of being assigned a completely random bloodline. Increases black market options and profit for the site. Why it matters: Some users like the idea of being assigned a completely random trait/bloodline to their character that they can play off of. This allows such random assignments to be possible with greater ease. Enriches game diversity and potential role-play experiences. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): I'm not sure what the staff's stance on this will be in regards to making S-rank and village bloodlines available through this new item. To keep these bloodlines rare and exclusive their attainability can definitely be left out from the reroll. Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): Lot of room to handle S-ranks and village bloodlines. Here's some suggestions just for those: Exclude both S-ranks and village bloodlines from the reroll item entirely Include either S-ranks or village bloodlines in the reroll (but not both) Create a more expensive version of this new item where obtaining S-ranks and/or village bloodlines is possible, but still unlikely. Keep in mind that an etched stone is required to remove a previous bloodline before obtaining a new one. The perfect 24 rep price would only apply to the first roll, and subsequent prices would require 29 rep per attempt.
  5. hi guys, i want to know what this bloodline do... ty <3
  6. I recently rolled seismic will bloodline but it isnt listed in the manual or anywhere else all i know is the primary affinity is earth and nothing else please help thanks in advance
  7. Nono

    Demon Awakening.

    Explanation: Similar to the rarity of S-rank bloodlines, these ''Demons'' would offer positive and negative advantages in battle, not so much that it imbalances the overall game-play. Lets say you've just passed the Genin exams, as you make your way to the old lady to get your free roll bloodline, she says: ''Hold on there child... I sense a great evil deep inside you. I will perform a ritual to rid you off this evil'' *Ritual unsuccessful, Demon awakened* Battle Scenario: Negative scenario: Whilst you are engaged in battle, the effects of the demon would happen unannounced at random times. My example would be this. ''Nono used Taijutsu and deals 48 damage to his opponent. The Demon inside of him recoils damage to Nono, causing him a self-inflicted damage of 24 damage (Half the damage dealt to the opponent) This is one of the negative things that could happen when having a Demon infused. Positive Scenario: ''Nono charged at his opponent with fierce intensity, causing enemy (A) to be pushed back'' ''Enemy ( attacks Nono with Ninjutsu, causing 100 points of damage (Nono takes a decreased damage of 87, due to the surfacing of his inner demon absorbing some of the Damage)'' Conclusion/Chances: The chances for a Demon to be awakened would be less than that of S-rank bloodlines. Some Demons could even Cause damage to you whilst ''Sleeping/ out of battle'', causing you to be hospitalised. Your inner Demon would progressively become stronger and surface more often with advancement of rank. Examples Of Demons: Kachoto : The healing demon that heals its user and increases resistance to status ailments by 2% Nono: The Demon of mystery. It surfaces unannounced, protecting its user from Taijutsu attacks by 5% but increasing damage taken from Ninjutsu by 7%. Zei: The demon of uncertainty. This demon switches your stat points at random times in a battle, causing you to either have a disadvantage in battle or an advantage. Boichotorajuto: This demon increases your regen points by 2% only in the sleep state. I purposely made the changes minor so that having a Demon wont necessarily make you overpowered like Gaara was during the Chunnin exams, not taking damage and all attacks being shielded by his Shukaku. I suspect this would cause a lot of people to moan if that was the case. I'm open to constructive criticism or for anyone to add their thoughts and ideas on how to improve this system. This would not infringe any copyrights due to the nature of the word used. I purposely left the words ''Biiju and Jinchuruki'' out for that exact reason. Fire away, and don't hold back on your reasons why this would be a good or bad idea if it was approved.
  8. The time for a brand-new thread has come, so here it is! Rules: - This is a place to discuss bloodlines. Jutsu discussing, 'how should I train my stats' and similar questions are to be posted on their respective forum threads. - As always, respect your fellow players. Regardless of whether you like that player or not, or disagree with his opinion/whatever, it is expected of every poster a minimum of decency. Swearing, cluttering, sexual contents, any form of intolerance/harassment and illegal drugs references are strictly forbidden by the forum rules, and can warrant an official warning and possibly a forum ban of appropriate length to the infractor(s). - Avoid double posting, by using the edit feature. - Refrain from using excessive BB-Code (bold, italics, underline, etc). Below, the links to every bloodlines, divided by rank. Note that this time this thread is linking directly to the manual to promote it's usage. S-ranks: A-ranks B-ranks C-ranks D-ranks (Note: D-ranks do not have bloodline jutus) H-rank bloodlines mean custom bloodlines provided to auths or event winners. For information on them, you need to ask the wielder of it directly, it won't be provided here.
  9. Kamina

    Bloodline Thread

    Bloodline names, basic stats and jutsu are listed here. For reference points on bloodline jutsu effects, please check the Jutsu Thread. Also, please keep bloodline and jutsu discussion in their appropriate threads. S-ranks: H-ranks: A-ranks: B-ranks: C-ranks: D-ranks: (Note: D-ranks do not have bloodline jutus)
  10. Idylon

    Jutsu Thread

    I've been due to post this, and you know what ; I'm gonna do it! D: Posts are going to go as follows ; • Post 1 : - Jutsu Types - Generals - Effects - Stun Resist [And how it applies] - Siphon [And how it works] - Armor [And how it applies] - Baseline - Jutsu Training Formula [in detail [And Jutsu Calculator]] - Link to Bloodline Thread and Jutsu Classified by Element and Generals Thread [Might incorporate this thread as a separate post(s) depending on the usefulness of it] • Post 2 : - Genjutsu - Ninjutsu • Post 3 : - Taijutsu - Weapon • Post 4 : - Bloodline jutsu [s-Rank -> A-Rank -> B-Rank -> C-Rank] - Non-Damage Jutsu • Post 5 : - Rare jutsu - Forbidden Jutsu Items - Tier Jutsu • Post 6 : - Jutsu Ryo Cost - Non-bloodline jutsu - Bloodline jutsu
  11. Since my comment in the Jutsu Thread was completely ignored this was necessary. I will repeat myself. "Can someone help me figure out the cost to cap this jutsu Bloodline: Raikou Sensu Jutsu: White Willow (Jounin Level) And is Intel the stat used for White Willow " Also other people might be interested in this thread if the have Raikou Sensu as a bloodline. They may use this rather than the Bloodline Thread. Thanks
  12. Well as the title states I need help but in a much simpler way. Ive been testing this jutsu for almost two years now and yet it still doesnt seem to benefit me other than Lightning absorption and a pretty decent Lightning boost. Whereas to the help part I just need a better understanding of the Bloodline.. :frown:
  13. Hello I have Sands of Time bloodline. Since Eternity Flux has been nerfed I find that my Antediluvian is quite useless ... Therefor I would like to disguss ninjutsu battle strategies. I would like you to discribe your general choice of jutsus the first 10 rounds of a battle and after that describe exceptions to your general choice of jutsus (depending on enemy bloodline, his choice of jutsu ect.) My old strategy was (and you can use this as an example when you share your jutsu strategy): 1 round: EF for nerfing enemy deffence 2 round: F:AS Because it is my strongest jutsu 3 round: F:AS Because it is my strongest jutsu 4 round: Antediluvian because they still would sustain more water damage 5 round: Antediluvian because they still would sustain more water damage 6 round: EF to rebuff my water damage 7 round: Antediluvian because they still would sustain more water damage 8 round: Antediluvian because they still would sustain more water damage 9 round: Antediluvian because they still would sustain more water damage 10 round: Antediluvian because they still would sustain more water damage Exceptions: If my opponent has Shiroi Youso I use DO in stead of Antediluvian, since elements do less damage. If my opponent start healing I also use DO to nerf his healing abilities. Some times I start with summoning RoA depending on the opponents strength and how avalible my teammates are. Remember to discribe why you do what you do and lets learn from each other and have some good disgussions
  14. Suggestion Outline/Summary There has always been persistent suggestion on elemental affinities but this has always been rejected as infringement of copyrights. My suggestion is still introducing the same concept, not elemental affinities though, but rather zodiac/animal affinities. I'm suggesting this because the idea of being affiliated to zodiac/animals might put some depth and additional excitement on the game. Suggestion Specifics What would change: The introduction of zodiac or animal affinities would have systematic effects on TNR such that zodiacs/animal affinities would affect jutsus, bloodlines and items effects. For example a ninja with zodiac sign of leo or lion spirit guardian would have command/leadership passive buff that increases damage of allies in MPVP combat. Another example is a ninja with zodiac sign of scorpio will have a residual jutsu. How it would change: Zodiac sign will be dependent on account creation. The date of account creation is just like your birthday. So if you know the date of your birthday just look into horoscope what is zodiac sign. If players want to show their zodiac sign in the achievement section, they could pay 1-2 reps to enable it. Please take note only the zodiac sign icon will be paid not the zodiac sign. As to the animal spirit guardian, this might also be acquired at account creation but can be unraveled by doing some meditation works (like diplomacy works) on Animal lairs (to be placed in the map by TNR staff). Im thinking that the meditation work should be involve a prolonged sleeping in animal lairs (sleeping then waking up to claim or train pools would reset the meditation points to zero)and for each hour of sleeping your earn meditation points. Once you get sufficient meditation points, your animal spirit guardian will reveal yourself to you. Im thinking of suggesting that these can be purchasable like Bloodlines but i think this would be imbalance. Maybe FED users would get additional 10-25% meditation points for each hour of meditation. How it benefits us: For Business owners - increased revenue as this might increase the demand for REP and FED. It is in the interest of the business owner that the game continue to offer great concepts so the business does not to stagnate. So with new idea to be implemented, there is an opportunity for TNR to grow. For Developers - this might entail additional work but it will greatly improve their programming and coding skills if they are able to implement this complex suggestion. For Event Admins - more input ideas to work with. Zodiac sign or animal spirit guardians could be dove-tailed with existing events. For Players - more depth to the game. Gives players more chances to have a life outside of TNR but still able to get strong through "meditation in Aniimal Lairs." Why it matters: Despite of the numerous updates, my personal opinion as player for 1.5 years is that TNR is stagnating. The much awaited war system might still be far away. The tier jutsus are losing their appeal. If we introduce a change that goes to the core of TNR like having a zodiac or animal guardian spirit, it will revive interest on TNR. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): Well, non-fed users or non-rep buyers will complain that fed/rep user will be mostly benefit from it. FED/REP users will be overly haxed. From the perspective of coders and programmers, it might be difficult to factor in the these new variables (zodiac sign and animal spirit) in the battle formula and damage formula. It might take a lot of time thinking what are the strengths and weaknesses of each zodiac sign or animal spirit. Also, the coders have to agree how to acquire or unravel zodiac sign or animal spirit. Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): My worry is that if the mediation points required is too large which will require players to sleep and overpool, they might return to their village seeing everyone has overtaken them in training. But this should offset the zodiac sign or animal guardian.
  15. I created this thread to draw attention to the jutsu Eternal Flux of the bloodline Sands of Time. This bl only gets a 15% offense boost, while other bl get 35%, so i twas suposed to get an advantage in the jutsus and in the fact that it have no defense decrease, i assume. But the main jutsu, that cost over 500000 pools to level up to 100, its not good at all. The cost in cp/sp is 5% of the total chakra/stamina made sense when the caps were in 50k. But now that commander caps are 200k the 10k cp/sp cost per use makes the jutsu impossible to use. And if you compare it to, for example, Blade Edge, that cost 100 cp/sp to use and have a similar stun rate, its just ridiculous. I would like to jutsu to be uptaded, because, in short, with the new caps and new jutsus it is useless. I create this thread just for it because i assume that is a very important matter. Thanks for the attention.
  16. Hello When I loggen on today I got a message saying that volcanic tempest is now immune to bloodline seal :/ I just wanna ask why? I'm not complaining, I just can't under stand why excatly that bloodline and why in common...
  17. PhiRezPalvi

    some suggest

    1, special item for anbu squad --> encourage ppl to do more raid...not just defend or spamming jutsu 2, a jutsu for Lycan --> cause anyone know that lycan is a useless bl --> the only A rank bl who don't have jutsu --> ppl now can buy regen boost 3, show again cakra and stamina when we're in battle --> at least we know why somebody battle holding
  18. atlas


    Just some questions I have, that are a little too specific too be found in a guide. Alright, first off, I rolled a bloodline and got one that multiplies damage taken and given. Should I keep with this character? Or maybe make him my alt? If I do keep him is it easily sustainable to stay as a chuunin? Now my bloodline multiplies taijutsu damage dealt, so should I specialize in that? And are village jutsus strong enough to warrant changing villages to get them?
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