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Found 2 results

  1. So I was running my own little avatar shop thing but I've become more and more disappointed with my work - it just doesn't seem to cut it. Doesn't seem to be on par with Doctor's or Zaki's or AssassinMo's. You get the drift. Anyway, here's my gallery . I just want some advice/honest opinions and maybe a rating or two. A little bit about my business: I mainly make random avatars for people, random people​, er, randomly. So it's pretty random. I used to just make an avatar for someone and send it via PMs - completely unexpectedly and people repaid me by giving me credit in their nindos or like would spread of my craft by word of mouth; some would even donate a few ryo to help me out/show appreciation (whatever the reason behind the donation). So it's not like I'm super dependent on this business or anything - I just want to make it better for my customers. Honest opinions/advice and guides are welcomed! Thank you in advance.
  2. Can someone make me a non-fed animated or non animated avy. I want it to say "Rourke" and then maybe "Raikou Sensu" under it. Here are some renders, although feel free to use your own http://www.renders-graphiques.fr/image/upload/normal/Grimmjow_Espada__hollow_bleach.png http://i725.photobucket.com/albums/ww253/vampire_girl_579/Renders/2432_render_2myxfsm.png
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