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Found 4 results

  1. I'd like to use this image: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Date-a-Live-435290963 Additions: slight/feint fire or glow to the image (going with my bloodline theme solar soul) SS Katori This will be a silver support avatar so it hate to meet these specifications, 150x150px and size 100kb Payment after I receive a link and a user name! Okage de takusan! :3
  2. Hey there. So I was trying to change my avatar and it says it was successful, but it still shows the old one.
  3. im in need of a avatar 100x100" and im just not good at making them i would be grateful if any could make one for meh and look something like this but ehh better
  4. STATUS: Closed! I am no longer as cheap as before, but the deal is still good. Hey everyone I make avatars. I believe your wondering about the price of my avatars. Well my prices have changed:` -1,000,000 ~ FED -500,000 ~ Non-FED -250,000 ~ Renders (Renders prices may vary) If you want to see some examples, here they are: FED Examples: Non-FED Examples: If you want a free avatar, use this one! ^^ And here is the link to the rest of my avatars: http:// http://s394.photobucket.com/albums/pp21/Dark_Dragon_2008/ To re quest an avatar you must do so like this: Name: (MiniDragon) Title: (Current's Cockroach) Character: (Name and Anime) Animation: (Any animation) Logo: (Clan or ANBU Name) Size: (FED or Non-Fed) Please, I prefer your requests via PM in TNR. TNR Name: XxDRAGONxX
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