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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Here is an interesting article about the psychology of the ninja assassins. Did you know that ninjas used Kuji-Kiri to induce specific states of mind which helped them function under extreme stress? Highly recommend to check it out Source
  2. This is my revamp on the long inactive Anei clan. Mod permission here. I've kept the spirit of the original clan, found here, just basically rewritten it myself. Important people, background and customs are near copypasta; I didn't think I should change the history of a clan (Plus lazy o_6) Clan Name: Anei Village: Sato Main Element: Fuuton Important People: Tsume: First to enter into a summoning contact (Elite jounin-deceased) The story of Tsume has been passed down through the ages as a hero of the clan. The Anei clan depend a lot on their summons, and revere Tsume for her deeds. She was said to have been extremely beautiful, possessing the Anei white hair and beautiful black eyes. Neko: First to develop the rumored bloodline (Elite jounin-deceased) If possible, the story of Neko is even more of a legend than the story of Tsume. Neko is said to have come into extraordinary powers and became an embodiment of his patron cat spirit. It is said that he channeled the mighty power of the West wind in his battles, and worked his whole life to understand his powers. Daraku: Betrayed the clan and killed off the supposed bloodline (deceased) The clan does not speak of Daraku, except in warning and in sorrow. Daraku married into the clan to the daughter of the leader at that time. He was handsome and charming, up until he snapped and killed all those in the clan claiming to posses the bloodline. He was stalked and torn to shreds. Anei, Ochobu (Called Obaa-san by all those that know her): Current matriarch-NPC) Ochobu was a great ninja in her time. She was valued as a leader, as well as a great medic-nin. She is retired now, and spends her time managing the day to day business of the clan . The rest of the clan looks up to her for her experience and wisdom. Ochobu has the classic features of the Anei, but her face is deeply lined from the sorrow of her husband's early death and her daughter's abandonment. Symbol: This clan is mostly represented by the images of the the cardinal points and a claw or claw mark. Also the various markings and tatoos born by the clan members serve to mark them out. Style: An Anei is wise and patient. Stalking their prey like their feline deities while withering them down with their minds, they will suddenly pounce and finish off their target in one swift strike. They excel in creative combat, lacking the raw power to take down enemies by force they use cunning tactics and ingenious combinations, surprising their prey with unknown weapons and jutsu. Their weapon is the unknown itself, for what one does not know one can not fight. The Anei knows how to make the most of everything at his/her disposal and make their enemies suffer for everything strength the Anei wields and every weakness the prey. Social Standing: To Sati, the Anei are heard of as a disparate band of cat worshippers with a great loyalty towards Sato but are few in number and not known for much else. Yet still are respected for what they do for the country, but at times manipulated by these same virtues. In the past the Anei were deadly assassins, raised from birth to be steadfast protectors of Sati. Nigh all were conditioned and bred as ANBU material and were greatly feared, even by other Sati who found their brutal attitude towards all who oppose the Ooikage oppressive. Today in softer times, most of the clan has branched out into other families and begun pursuit of ventures outside the shinobi life. Few Anei shinobi remain as most serve as merchants and ambassadors making them more of a diplomatic clan then the formidable family of assassins they once were. Even those few shinobi tend to use their skills for commerce and diplomacy, usually wielding their creative ability to create new jutsu and weapons to be sold commercially. Their relations to such people helping greatly to these ends. # of RPC Members Allowed: 10 Description: Even though they have mostly left the shinobi path, the Anei are still fiercely loyal to their country and even subconsciously continue to help their home of Sato. To the merchants and diplomats it is the greatest reward to come home to their beautiful nation, bearing good news and prosperity. To the shinobi it is the pride of fighting for ones county and bettering it's future that drives them forward. Anei will do anything for their country and its people; the merchants are known to never be able to cope with charging full price to their fellow countrymen. However this loyalty will still emerge as the fanatic rage of their ancestors when someone or something insults Sato or displays disloyal behaviour, be it to a clan, a friend or a way of life. Trusting of a foreigner is also difficult, it's okay so long as the outsider obeys the customs and virtues the Anei believe in.While immensly loyal to those they do befriend, this judgemental nature of theirs brings difficulty at first. A creative lot, all Anei use their mental gifts in some way or another but their strong minds tends to make them somewhat perfectionist with their creations, always striving for improvement. The bettering of one's self, one's friends and one's country being a principal virtue to the Anei. Teamwork is a great strength to them but in reality it seems people don't work together like they truly should, which is frustrating and illogical to the clan members. While not being members of any particular religion, each Anei holds a place in his/her heart for cats. Nearly all families own a house cat and feline worship is near unanimous among the clan and they all display some cat like tendacies and personailty traits. Food will be offered to strays and prayer at special shrines is a regular practice. The clan even holds a special day dedicated to cats. Background: Customs: Upon the promotion to genin, the ninja members receive a tattoo on their face. For civilians, this happens on their 12th birthday. On their left cheek, they get 2 short red lines under their eye. It looks like an equals sign. The sign dates back to Tsume who tattooed her face to teach and remind of the debt the clan owes to the great cats. The meaning has evolved to also incorporate the debt the Anei clan believes they hold to Sato. Sato gave the clan their first home after the destruction of Horizon, helped them when they were betrayed and lost their bloodline, and has keep the clan safe throughout the years. A member with the tattoo is considered to be a full member of the clan and has a say in any decisions that affect the clan. Whenever a ninja Anei is promoted to a higher ninja rank (beginning with genin), he/she is given a blank scroll to record an original jutsu. The ninja spend the first weeks in their new rank not training, but creating a new jutsu. They are given any aid that the other clan members can give, from advice to sparring practice. Upon promotion to chunnin, the ninja scar themselves on their left bicep with a set of 4 long gashes, like they were clawed by a large cat. This shows their dedication to Sato first, the Kage second, their clan third, and lastly to themselves. The scars also hold somewhat of a religious meaning, with the 4 scars representing the 4 elements and the 4 cats the clan Some civilian members choose to do this as well, but not as many. Once a member has mastered his/hers first summoning jutsu, they tattoo their main summon on their right shoulder blade. It is customary that whenever a member creates a jutsu, they tattoo a representation of the jutsu on their body somewhere. The clan has no traditional religion, but somewhat worships cats. The members feed neighborhood strays, and often have small shrine to one of the four great cats of lore who taught the clan of the summoning contract. The cats are: Tsunami of the North (a large male lion), Chouseki of the South (a great female tiger), Shippuu of the West (a female snow leopard), and Tatsumaki of the East (a tall male cheetah). The ninja of the Anei will take one of these cats as their patron, and will often carry some sort of insignia on their person. The members of the clan will sometimes sacrifice some meat to the shrine or give the cats a toy for good luck. Before a dangerous mission, some of the ninja members will leave a small sacrifice of blood on the shrine asking for protection from their patron cat. Special Attributes: The Anei, through their long history with cats have altered their bodies in mild ways. It is said there was a bloodline stemming from this ability once but none such ability has been displayed in centuries and is barely heard of, even among Anei. The only abnormal remaining ability is that they like cats, have developed the ability to see the normally invisible wavelength of light emitted by fluorite crystals. To them it appears as a light purple with a distinctive hazy aura. While there are no fantastical physical traits among the clan such as ears and tails, the pupil of an Anei is catlike and total heterochromia is a common affliction among members. Additionally they tend to display odd, sometimes composite hair colours and even patterns. Strengths: The strengths of the clan members lie in their cunning and intelligent minds that make them potent leaders or support units in battle. Being associated to cats has given them agile bodies and a love of heights. Every Anei is extremely loyal to their friends and village. Those who befriend one of the Anei will find themselves a lifetime ally. Shortcomings: Their over reliance on finer arts and influence of their cat gods has left their bodies weak and unable to cope with long term physical exertion. They are generally of short stature with little muscle on their bodies, a most they are lean and swift but never buff. Furthermore their fanatism for Sato leads them to be judgemental of outsiders yet easily manipulated by the few they do trust. No Anei will stand an insult to their country or friends and will quickly get into a fight should the insult be bad enough. In addition they are rather irrational and idealistic, especially with matters and values that they hold dear.
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