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Found 6 results

  1. Ninja Info Card Personal Name: Yonaka Kuuri-Hyoujun Alias: The Hyougaan Ice Prince, The Mirage Age: 25 Gender: Male Height: 6'1" Weight: 160 lbs Element: Hyouton, Suiton and Fuuton Language: Hyougaan, Common (Hyougaan accent), Ancient Hyougaan (fluent), and Faliscan (No accent) Appearance: Social Class: Shinobi Rank: Jounin Medical Specialist Village: Ex-Hyouga Clan: The Hyoujun Statistics Level: 18 [0/200] Ninjutsu - D C B A S Genjutsu - D C Taijutsu - D Seals - D C B Strength - D Speed - D C B A Intelligence - D C B A Endurance - D C Stamina - D C B A S D Rank Missions: 15 C Rank Missions: 10 B Rank Missions: 5 A Rank Missions: 2 S Rank Missions: 0 D Rank Crimes: 0 C Rank Crimes: 0 B Rank Crimes: 0 A Rank Crimes: 0 S Rank Crimes: 0 History Background: Previous RPC Profile: Yonaka Kuuri-Hyoujun
  2. Name: Echo Location Rank: C Class: Personal Style: Ninjutsu Range: Medium-Long Duration: Maintainable at normal cost Requirements: 4x 10' wires, senbon attached to each wire at the end, Wire Manipulation Description: After a short row of hand seals the user grasps two wires in each hand of approximately 10 feet, at the end of each wire is a single senbon. the user activates a wire manipulation jutsu extending each wire perpendicular to the ground and at 45 degree angles so that each senbon is pointing in a different direction. the user then closes their eyes and concentrates sending high pitched chakra frequencies out from the tips of each senbon. the charka frequencies rebound when they hit chakra and give the user a detailed map of all chakra sources within a 50' radius. the senbon and wire remain afloat during the entire process of the jutsu to maximize the quality of signal and giving the user a clearer mental picture. The picture that is created in the user's head is of a varying first person view, the user's consciousness is first person but the view point can be anywhere in the area looking at anything in the area. also the user is capable of distinguishing life forms in detail, however its unlike any other sight people are used to, a tree would be distinguishable because the user could see the chakra veins going from the ground up into the air, and branching off into leaves. but like the tree you don't see the leaves just the veins of the leaves. thus animals and humans would be similar but different based on posture and chakra flow. Summary: - User extends Four wires, one in each direction with wire manipulation - concentrating on the senbon at each pole the user creates concentrated chakra emissions that map the surrounding area - upon return the emissions create a detailed map in the users head in a first person view - Requires the user to remain stationary to prevent debilitating image distortion. - Range of 50' in radius Owner: Yonaka Kuuri Hyoujun
  3. Name: Heki Hi (Piercing Ice Technique) Rank: C Class: Personal Style: Ninjutsu Range: Self Duration: Maintainable at D rank chakra cost Requirements: Hyouton Element Description: using the middle and index finger of one hand the user concentrates their elemental chakra around them. The Chakra shapes itself into a dagger almost two feet long, Though it is made of ice it will not melt. The dagger will shatter if the user stops concentrating or stops the flow of chakra to the dagger, Unlike other weapons the piercing quality of this dagger is better than that of metal. If the dagger should be cut by a stronger weapon it can be regrown to its full length. To create the dagger the user must allocate one C rank of chakra to his fingers, to maintain the dagger the user must keep a slight amount of concentration on the dagger and allocate one D rank of chakra per post after the first. To regrow the blade the user must use one extra D rank of chakra in addition to the maintenance cost. Summary: - Creates a 3' long blade of ice surrounding first two fingers. - Piercing quality is greater than that of metal daggers - Cutting quality is below that of metal daggers Owner: Yonaka Kuuri Hyoujun
  4. Name: Reflections of Silver Rank: A Class: Personal Style: Ninjutsu Type: Activated Range: Medium/Short Duration: 5-15 μs Requirements: Blindness, Echo Location, Chakra Sona, Chakra Pulse, Chakra Sensory I, II, & III Description: Sight is an important concept in the ninja world. So much so that techniques have been developed simply to give new sight in otherwise sightless environments to better adapt to the niche fighting conditions of the world. Night vision, vision through ice, snow and water, even vision upon scarce conditions like smoke and ash. Its not beyond fathom to attempt to return sight to those who have lost it. Long term exposure to chakra dense waters allowed Yonaka to experience complete sensory deprivation. A sensation that slowly blossomed into a unique ability. like flexing the muscles around his ears Yonaka could send out a pulse of chakra. To his surprise, or perhaps his expectation he was able to see color for the first time in over a year. When exposed to normal conditions he could even begin to see the shapes, faces, even chakra as it formed. As with all senses the pulses became more clearly refined the longer he worked on it. Though there were always lag points between that plunged him back into darkness. He found that while it was better than before, he could not rely entirely upon this new sense. As with normal vision incredibly bright light can stun or blind the user. However powerful light to the naked eye is not the same as powerful light to a chakra sensor. Incredibly powerful chakra emanations, especially those of high S rank tiers are capable of blinding the user for a short duration. Summary: Pulses of chakra reflect off every surface creating a detailed map upon return. This is due to the time delay between the outgoing and incoming signals Sources of chakra that are mapped come back in colors according to element Pings travel at standard electromagnetic speeds allowing for outgoing and returning signals in the microsecond spectrum one full second must pass between each pulse leaving the user in the dark between pulses. Pulses equate to E rank chakra as only a small amount need be sent into the environment Upkeep on this ability is 1 B rank worth of chakra per post Maximum range for this technique is 50 feet This ability is triggered by small muscle movements behind the ears. Powerful concentrated Chakra presented in most S rank Jutsu has the potential to blind the user Owner: Yonaka Kuuri-Hyoujun
  5. Name: Wires of the Living Blood Class: Personal Rank: S Size: Number: 10 identical wires Thickness: 3/10ths inches, 7.6 mm Diameter: .07 inches, 1.82 mm Length: 100 Ft, 30.4 Meters Weight: ~ 2 lbs, .9 kg Appearance: Unlike other wires the living blood wires resemble chords, this is due to the intricate design of the wires themselves. Made up of eight singular strands of micro-wires they are then meshed around themselves over and over to achieve thickness and sturdiness. The secret however lies in the center of the corded wire, which in it beginning was hollow. The interior of the wires are filled with salt water before the wire is completely sealed on both ends. Though the water only enhances the weight of the wire's initially it also creates a unique environment both internally and externally. By injecting Ice elemental chakra into the wires an individual is able to create a semi solid interior to the wires, when the wire's move or the chakra moves inside of the wire the salt becomes a catalyst allowing micro crystals of ice to form, these will then vibrate in tune with the steel, aluminum and brass that were used to fabricate the thin wire mesh and enhancing the durability of the wires themselves. Due to the unique process of creating the wires the outer surfaces of the wire have taken on a dark black color that does not reflect light. After the process of creating the wires is finished the creator imbues an immense amount of chakra into the wires. Due to the crystallized center and the unique process of creation the wires absorb the energy and begin living. This allows the wires to gain the ability to understand what amount of energy they need to survive and repel damage. Specialties: Due to the unique form and creation of the wires they do not function like normal wires. Unlike the average wire which can be bent or kinked out of shape the living blood wire will retain its shape at all times, added to this they are slightly higher in durability normally. When chakra is sent through them the wires become capable of negating damage to themselves, The chakra necessary for this ability varies by the attack or jutsu used upon them and must equal the rank that the wires must negate however it can only draw up to one S rank amount of chakra per post. This ability is always active, and draws a D rank amount of chakra from the user, However if the user is unable to supply the amount of chakra to the wires to prevent damage then a C rank of chakra must be used to seal the wires at the point in which they have been cut. The seal is used to stop the main core from leaking out and the wires to die. This process leaves the other half to wither and die. The wire is able to distinguish the rank of the jutsu or how much chakra it necessary to negate damage. This is where the wire gains its namesake, once the chakra is inside the wire will digest the chakra, the mesh will bulge and contract in a heartbeat like fashion that gives the illusion the wire is an intelligent creature, however this is simply an effect of the chakra manifesting itself in the wire and beyond its abilities it is a simple organism; also this gives away the time when it is and when it is not active. The wire is also able to draw chakra from the user, allowing the user the ability to either allow the wire to negate damage or deny it his or her own chakra. Unfortunately the wire will forcefully draw a C rank of chakra to mend its own wounds. When a wound is sustained to one of the wires it will immediately break any connection with its host for one post while it mends itself, during this post it will thrash around like and injured animal. All wires of the living blood act as a single creature with the exception of mending. A C rank must be used to mend each strand, otherwise to negate incoming damage the wires act cohesively. Despite the seemingly limitless potential these wires cannot take a direct S rank Justu head on. By their very nature these wires will move to escape an S rank technique and can only deflect a a smaller portion of S ranks should they be glancing hits. These wires can create a safe area against lethal S ranked jutsu that create Area of Effects. List of Abilities Retains its shape due to increased Durability Creates a chakra nullification signal that negates all damage to the wires at equal cost to damage that would be received up to A rank and S rank Area of Effect Jutsu Capable of sealing cut off sections Slot Cost: S Owner: Yonaka Kuuri-Hyoujun Previous Application: Wires of the Living Blood
  6. Art of the Shinobi Style: Informal Setting: Outside Lesson: TBA Credits: 3 Instructor: Yonaka Kuuri Hyoujun Yonaka held the flyer for his first official class in his right hand, something about it seemed unreal. A westward wind picked up suddenly causing his hair to dance gently. The long silver strand on his right side acting like a feather as it danced separately from the other strands of hair. Yonaka's Azure eyes left the page taking in the scenery of his first classroom. The forest just outside TSU had become the optimal place in his mind for this encounter, Just as Yukari-sensei before him he planned on giving his students both the philosophical and actual experience necessary to survive in this dangerous world. The green foliage surrounding the chuunin made him stand out greatly by contrast. His white and black garb were obviously foreign, yet the way he stood in the small grass covered clearing made him seem almost essential. His experienced eyes scanned for his students that would arrive at any moment, and a coy smile sat firmly on his lips. This was going to be fun.
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