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Found 5 results

  1. Deragon


    I find weapons and that idea of merging weapons together or with materials to be quite confusing I would like staff to add to manual a list of weapons avail in game with their info and how they can be made or where they can be found , it will be helpful too if staff can tell the damage and accuracy of each in percent % so players can know the differences betw them. it will be also great if there 're few special weapons that can only be bought by Rep s , some of which can take the characteristics of the users' bloodlines with extra damage.
  2. So, given the cancelation of the GM overhaul in its former state, as evident by its fancy new cancelation colored text, i think its about time we adress, some of the current inadaquencies of the repair system, especially given light to the new durability requirements for other offenses. Repair in its current form is extremely unintuitive, cumbersome, and lacks the basic information for armor and weaponsmiths need to parse through damaged items to repair the intended clients materials, /as you all know/ this is going to become a MASSIVE issue when litirally ever user in the entire game will have repairables up for their jutsu. Now in the past, ive suggested a very simple UI OVERHAUL which solves the majority of issues, which was instantly shot down under "Hue hue GM update hue hue" It being axed, and this new influx of repairables, makes me believe its the perfect time to press the issue. This, is not enough my friends, not enough THIS is the future
  3. Suggestion Outline: Honestly I don't know where to start on this one, but something needs to be done about the length of material crafting times. At present it is my understanding, that Weapon durability drops as follows: Each use of a Chuunin weapon jutsu deducts 1-2 points of the durability. Each use of a Jounin weapon jutsu deducts 1-3 points of the durability. Each use of a Special Jounin weapon jutsu deducts 1-4 points of the durability. And Armor durability works as such: Every Genjutsu used against a you deals 0 durability damage to armor Every Ninjutsu deals 1 point of durability damage to armor per turn Every Taijutsu deals 2 points of durability damage to armor per turn Every Bukijutsu deals 3 points of durability damage to armor per turn. At cap, Battles between users is supposed to be balanced to conclude in 10 rounds, as such an EJ user fighting at endgame can, per fight: Damage their weapon(s) by 25 Durability Damage their Armor Against Nin: 10 Durability Damage their Armor Against Tai: 20 Durability Damage their Armor Against Buk: 30 Durability The highest weapon and armor durability items in game are as Follows EJ Village Armor : 425 Durability (21 Fights Endgame) EJ Village Weapons: 450 Durability (18 Fights Endgame) Repair kit crafting Times for The above: Armor Ultimate Repair Kit Craft time: 915 Mins OR 16.25 Hours (60 minutes + 915) Items crafted: (2) Materials needed: 3 Radiant Leather= 45 Mins Armorsmith, 750 Mins Weaponsmith 2 Steel Enforced Leather 5 Mins Armorsmith, 55 Mins Weaponsmith 2 Studded Leather Straps 10 Mins Armorsmith, 30 Mins Weaponsmith 2 Hardened Leather 20 Mins Armorsmith Weapon Radiant Steel Repair Kit Craft time: 135 Mins (80 minutes +55) Items crafted: (2) Materials needed: 2 Radiant Steel Bar 0 mins 1 Titanium Bar 0 mins 1 Steel Enforced Leather Straps 5Mins Armorsmith, 50 Mins Weaponsmith As you can see Set of EJ Village Armor : 2,550 Durability (126 Fights Endgame) 2745 Minutes of Crafting to repair set once. EJ Village Weapons: (15 Fights) 135 Minutes of crafting to repair Twice There is a MASSIVE time investment difference between the two, with both being fairly unreasonable. Let's assume we have a fairly active raider, who gets about 150 kills per week. Let's say that they are also a Weapon User, and only fight people at their SF 1/2 of the time. Let's also be fair and assume damage done to armor is always spread out evenly. 600 Kills in a month Counted as 270 battles to factor variances. Requires weapons to be repaired: 15 Times = 1080+150 Minutes Requires armor set to be repaired: 2 Times = 5490+120 Minutes As you can see, this realistic data set, based on a middling raider at best, would require they have a combined effort of well over 100+ hours PER MONTH to maintain their gear to continue raiding. Assuming that they themselves are doing a portion of the crafting for their equipment, Armor costs 93.5 Hours of game time, and a Weapons cost 21 Hours of game time. What would change: Durability would be raised, or crafting times would be lowered to allow people to maintain EJ-Rank items while maintaining a real life, or at the very least the ability to raid in the game they're making items for. At present the numbers necessary to maintain EJ items are unreasonable, and well beyond the scope of an individual to maintain. Hell, I'd go as far as to say that if someone took on the roll of front-loading the materials they would hardly be able to raid, especially if their play-time or schedules are limited. If the game is going to be balanced under the assumption people have access to these resources- then I shouldn't need to say it, but they need to be made realistically accessible to manufacture and MAINTAIN. All of the numbers posted in this thread were for the assumption of an average, MEH EJ raider. The numbers for someone actually going HAM at EJ increases those numbers by even further unrealistic levels of time to maintain. I don't have all the answers here, and I don't know what numbers being changed would really be fair or realistic. But even so, I know that 45.7 HOURS of crafting to repair one set of armor is wholly unmanageable, unrealistic, and unfair given how long it lasts. And 15 Fights at full durability is way too quick for weapons to break at Endgame. How it would change: See Above How it benefits us: See Above Why it matters: See Above EDIT: My god its worse than i thought, it was brought to my attention that radiant studs and plates are 125 minutes not 1 hour 20 minutes as i had originally thought, numbers have been adjusted to reflect the actual current craft times, which, honestly, they make the outlandish 9 hours for a repair kit that i assumed, seem REASONABLE compared to the current 16 HOUR ordeal.
  4. Suggestion Outline: I would like to suggest that you should make the weapon depending on the stat it is using (Ex: Brass Knuckles uses Bukijutsu and Taijutsu since it uses fists and it is also a weapon.) What would change: The Weapon System. How it would change: The damage the weapons does will change depending on the Stats its using and how high the stats is. How it benefits us: It would make it more useful Why it matters: It matters because it should affect the weapons since Taijutsu is about using fists and the brass knuckles for example, also is basically fists but has knuckles and it also uses fists.
  5. Personally I think that getting Weapon BLs give people a disadvantage at this stage. While everyone else can save up ryo for houses, buying reps, or whatnot weapon users HAVE to spend their ryo to buy weapons in order to raid and use jutsus. Non-weapon users don't have to deal with weapon durability or having their inventory space filled up with weapons and things. It just seems like Wep Users have to invest more when it comes to PVP/MVP/Training and it seems imbalanced at this point where everyone should be starting off equally. Wep User Costs = Ryo for weapons + Ryo for training + Pools + Inventory Space Non Wep User Costs = Ryo for training + Pools Now I may be missing something but what do weapon users have that can balance this disparity? And don't tell me jutsus are cheaper for wep because it's still hard to train a level 1 jutsu that costs 40k when you spend 18k every so often for weapons. Edit: I'm not suggesting that we remove the current system but maybe we can do a sale like the one we did for Professions because it really makes the game harder with current prices. How can we save up for a Profession or a Home if all our money is being eaten away by expensive weapons. v_v
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