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Found 25 results

  1. Suggestion Outline: Change DoT jutsu tags to have a base damage + Delay 1 duration 2 residual effect What would change: DoT jutsu would deal base damage like any other jutsu and have a residual effect, maintaining current values. Looking at dev this will only be an issue for Fire users going forward, but is still an issue all the same, i shouldnt be able to fully mitigate an entire round of damage of a fire user just because i used clear the same time as a DoT (Though it does look like a bit more base could be shaved off of fire as well) How it would change: An effect would be added delay 1 duration 2 for damage on the residual jutsu. Jutsu power would be adjusted to reflect the current tag, and residual tags will be adjusted for new lower base (Unless your able to have a base power jutsu that deals a % As an example: Velocity Force currently has a base of 330 + 22 * 200 = 4730 which then goes .925, .5, .5, (EG 4375.25, 2365, 2365) This base power would be adjusted to 4375.25, Or as close, since growth will be adjusted, and i don't know how you feel about long integers, for example 330 is 6.979674% of VF's total power in the grand scene of things, it may be easier (not better, but) to just adjust bas to make scaling easier given the situational nature of the damage output anyway Eg 375.25 + 20*lvl Residual tags would be set to 2365, 2365 basically .54% residual (Or about above applies here as well) How it benefits us: Improves stability, balance, and fairness of fights. Why it matters: No damaging jutsu should have a counter that produces 0 damage total the round it is used. Using a DOT clear and DOT on the same round, battles are a zero-sum game, every other jutsu type in game has a base damage value, and effects that can be counter-played to mitigate effects, having a system that allows a net loss for base power is extremely broken (Especially considering baseline is what should be being used to determine jutsu balance Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): Game play wise, none, this outcome of DOT Clear vs DOT jutsu will remove subsequent effects of residual and deal base damage the same as every other jutsu in game. On the back-end however it will require somone to make a decision on HOW these new values are determined, assuming there was some form of uniform implementation used to create the current values (and my god do i hope there was) a conversion formula will need to be made, to generate new values Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): It looks like things are going in sort of the right way on Dev in regards to how DoTs are handled, even if some other stuff is wonky and questionable at best, but that's not specifically what this is about, so ill leave it for another time.
  2. Username: Arphee (Everyone) Location: Combat (Cfh specifucally) Priority: Medium (High really) Bug's Effects: Its come to my attention during my breif absence people have found yet another game breaking bug during CFH, healing debuff isn't being applied at all or properly allowing people to severly cheese CFH combat scenerios via healing items after having already called for help. Got a DKO instead of a win documenting this, so thanks for that too. Gonna go back to not playing again now, cant play for litirally 10 minutes without running into the kind of Error that i dont like. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Use any healing item or jutsu during combat after having called for help Pudding, Proof in the, relevant portion in spoilers
  3. Username: Arphee (Hyuu also seems to be having a similar issue) Location: D rank missions broken. Priority: Medium Bug's Effects: Only Black Komodo and Battle Arena missions spawn, and when recieveing black komodo mission occasionally doesnt spawn black komodo encounter, in addition, all other D rank missiosn refuse to spawn even after 24 mission attempts over the course of this last week. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Happens at random to my account, black komodo is supposedto be a 100% insta spawn on recieving the mission, hyuu has only been able to recieve komodo and battle arena missions as well, but as far as i know he hasnt had the komodo not spawn, would be nice to have mission encounter rate / variation fixed back to the way they were.
  4. Username: Arphee / Any user Location: Combat Priority: HIGH Bug's Effects: CFH Rsf being miscalculated depending on order of submitted actions, as you can see SF is calculation properly the first tiem as evident in teh different SF's depending on jutsu used against me and damage taken in the screenshots, but then break, dependant on order of action submission of the CFH'd parties Video proof Screen Example 1 Screen Example 2 How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Cant CFH and have no acess to dev server to test, i would assume its caused by holding your action until after your CFH partner has submitted their action, all i know is its severely broken. Ive been against the idea from the start but cfh may need to be disabled, this, combined with the CFH pvp bug, and the CFH DKO bug that prevents people from getting losses, and its massive wide spread abuse by everyone is making things get out of hand, its like the snowman all over again, except worse because your feeding kills to two party, feeding jutsu xp to both parties, and people arent even getting losses for it. Would be nice if things could be looked at or adressed ASAP given the severity of the issues, and circumstances surrounding them with the current ongoing contest.
  5. So, given the cancelation of the GM overhaul in its former state, as evident by its fancy new cancelation colored text, i think its about time we adress, some of the current inadaquencies of the repair system, especially given light to the new durability requirements for other offenses. Repair in its current form is extremely unintuitive, cumbersome, and lacks the basic information for armor and weaponsmiths need to parse through damaged items to repair the intended clients materials, /as you all know/ this is going to become a MASSIVE issue when litirally ever user in the entire game will have repairables up for their jutsu. Now in the past, ive suggested a very simple UI OVERHAUL which solves the majority of issues, which was instantly shot down under "Hue hue GM update hue hue" It being axed, and this new influx of repairables, makes me believe its the perfect time to press the issue. This, is not enough my friends, not enough THIS is the future
  6. [8:31:08 PM] Rubeus Arphee Hagrid: I say [8:31:16 PM] Rubeus Arphee Hagrid: we add a timer to BH [8:31:19 PM] Rubeus Arphee Hagrid: were if you select a target [8:31:23 PM] Rubeus Arphee Hagrid: and DONT KILL THEM [8:31:27 PM] Rubeus Arphee Hagrid: within a set period of time [8:31:33 PM] Rubeus Arphee Hagrid: you loose your eligibility to teack them [8:31:36 PM] Rubeus Arphee Hagrid: until they are killed by you [8:33:15 PM] Rubeus Arphee Hagrid: so that people can only use BH to track their bounty targets theyre trying to kill rather than avoid raiders # systems as intended # ending exploits # moar activity # stop hiding # IM CLIMBING IN UR WINDOW TRNA SNACTH YO PPL UP All memes aside, and im serious about the above, i think itd help, while also being universally hated (Much like a lot of other decisions) right now it just sort of dies when certain people are on, and people just avoid them like the plague easily via exploiting BH, and ite easy when theres only 1 or 2 raiders you really need to worry about that actively play. But the above isnt why im really making this thread, theres something thats been bugging me for a long time now, and i kept putting it off, because suggestion forum is closed, and i didnt pay it much mind till after housing update. But PANA Y U NO BATCH CRAFTING!? I mean i know the plans for it, like actual craft que's multipel different crafts (Hopefully craft canceling as well, something much needed since that old exploit was removed) but there's an easy stop-gap-measure way of implementing simple batch recipies for existing low-time crafts But....Like in the meantime, and i dont think it would take too long to rush out but. Can we just copy paste some of the sub 30 minute craft times into appropriate stack / half stack variants with some X5 or X10 versions for people who are tryharding inbetween crafts rather than just putting something on before sleeping? Some examples would be Copper Rings (250) 10 Copper Bar 100 Minutes Copper Plate (10) 10 Copper Bar 100 Minutes Coper Plate (25) 25 Copper Bar 250 Minutues Copper Plate (50) 50 Copper Bar 500 Minutes Bronze bar (50) 100 copper bar 75 tin bar 125 Minutes Bronze bar (24) 48 copper 36 Tin bar 60 Minutes Steel bar (50) 100 Iron 50 coal 375 Minutes Steel bar (24) 48 Iron 24 coal 180 Minutes Radiant Steel Repair Kit (24) 24 Radiant Steel Bar 12 Titanium Bar 12 Steel Enforced Leather Strap 240 Minutes On the armor side of things Simple Leather Straps (50) 25 Leather 25 Minutes Simple Leather Straps (24) 12 Leather 12 Minutes You get the point, fairly simple to implement, maybe shave off a final percentage of the craft time depending on the size created Eg 5 Batch*.95 10 Batch*.90 1/2 Stack Time*.85 Full Stack Time*.75 Though thats just icing on the cake, implementing the batch recipies is a QoL neccesity though TBH xD EDIT: Oh yeah, and make it so we can perform small crimes on other villages and the neutral ramen shops as well please, its super sketch, and ulta shit the only way im allowed to rob people is stealing from my own kin, das not cool man, i dont want to rob me people, i want to rob the Samui National Reserve. not the nice ramen lady who feeds me! 3PERSONAL5ME i have morals! EDIT 2 errectericeru booogoruu: And for the love of god give us the option to hide friendly attack links! every time a nab comes in under me from my own village the asks me if im sure i want to rape them, why is ally killing even a thing? i mean you lose as many loyalty days as if you hopped villages for doing it, a buttload of diplo, and it serves no purpose WHY IS THIS A THING? x_x
  7. Username: Arphee Location: Combat with AI Priority: Med / High? Bug's Effects: Consumable tools are still being used by jutsu against AI during battle. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Use a bukjutsu jutsu that requires consumable like senbon, or shuriken, during combat with any AI
  8. Username: Arphee Location: Mission Screen, Logbook Priority: ( low) Bug's Effects: When quitting an A rank mission you have previously completed in the logbook, it will be removed from your list of completed missions. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Quit any A rank mission you have previously completed (Though assumptively any mission) then check your completed section of the logbook Error Codes: N/A
  9. Username: Arphee Location: TheNinja-Forum.com Signature editing page Priority: [Low] / [Arphee'sSignatureCritical] Bug's Effects: Alignment BBcode and IMG tags aren't functioning correctly in signatures when combined. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Enter text similar to the above and get results as my signature currently is instead of how the BBcode should properly display it as seen above.
  10. Username: Arphee, Rune Location: Battle, Priority: [Low/Medium] Bug's Effects: Village bloodlines still take residual damage from jutsu, and don't absorb elemental weapon attacks from Jounin/EJ village weapons How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Used Velocity force on rune, and he absorbed the damage, the next few rounds residual damage, on round 5 i planned to use my EM weapon so i could do my wind rotation again, and the attack killed him despite being Wind element.
  11. Username: Arphee / Gengar Location: Combat Results Screen Priority: Medium Bug's Effects: You have been defeated - You have gained 10 experience point from this fight. - Your item Galewind Gloves lost 3 durability points during the battle. 145 points left. - Your item Galewind Coat lost 2 durability points during the battle. 218 points left. - Your item Galewind Belt lost 3 durability points during the battle. 194 points left. - Your item Galewind Longboots lost 2 durability points during the battle. 176 points left. - Your item Galewind Helmet lost 2 durability points during the battle. 128 points left. - Your item Galewind Leggings lost 9 durability points during the battle. 150 points left. - Your item Yari lost 4 durability points during the battle. 110 points left. - Your item Kusarigama lost 9 durability points during the battle. 8 points left. - You have been transported to the hospital in your home village. 3 + 2 + 3 +2 +2 + 9 = 21 As you can see over the course of an 8-9 round battle against a Ninjutsu user, my armor lost 21 points of durability The intended durability loss per attack is stated as follows Every Genjutsu used against a you deals 0 durability damage to armor Every Ninjutsu deals 1 point of durability damage to armor per turn Every Taijutsu deals 2 points of durability damage to armor per turn Every Bukijutsu deals 3 points of durability damage to armor per turn. This means during our combat encounter i should have lost 8-9 durability at 1:1 Jutsu used ratio, instead i lost what equates to 2.33 per jutsu used How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Just sort of happened during a battle since i got rekt i decided to actually read, and to my surprise and dismay durability loss wasn't functioning as intended, so far i haven't been able to look at weapon durability loss, but over the last week there were instances where extreme durability loss occurred on weapons as well (Had a Yari go from 150 to like 28 in three battles, under 20 uses, also broke my event weapon in a similar fashion when it was at 108 and i used 15-17 times (Actually went back over my rotations against the players i had fought in my logbook since i had checked it) So after the yari incident i tried to test it and went out and fought a few people using my scythe jutsu, and my kusarigama only lost 6 durability from 4 uses, so i had assumed i was a fuck up and made a mistake somewhere since i couldn't reproduce any durability issues, well, until now. Going forward , each time i die (Because screw getting sniped after wins) ill be taking copy-pastes of the full combat logs (Or at least hopefully will be since any key on ragebar is bye bye combat results) to help see if i can narrow down a cause for both Armor and Weapons.
  12. Username: Arphee Location: Theninja-Forum Priority: [Low] Bug's Effects: When using the Preview function the forum doesn't mimic the actual form-factor of threads leading to very poor results in aesthetic formating, while text may fit perfectly inside the preview window to form neat paragraphs or lines of sentences, when the post is actually made, there is often text spillage necessitating a great deal of editing, to fix the final post reverting it to its intended design. Example: When veiwed on the preveiw page this text is well within the limits of the borders- so i would assume its okay and publish it, without questions worries but.... It ends up looking like THAT ^ Please make "preview post" display mimic the actual forum indent / margin. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Use the preview function when posting centered lines of text, then post. u_u going to go back to editing that article i just made to try and fix the problem x-x
  13. Suggestion Outline: Every time anyone uses the default layout to load any page on the site, the largest contributing factors to load time and bandwith usage are the facebook integration elements and subsequent scripts to support them, now i'm a big fan of the sign in with facebook functionality, so id never suggest the removal of these elements in their entirety, but the fact is they're a ball and chain slowing the site down. And even if they weren't, having them load every single page refresh, even when someones facebook is already attached to their account, and they've already liked the page is gratuitous and unnecessary What would change: Facebook's incorporated elements / scripts would be disabled /hidden (accessible via user panel) once you've connected your account and have liked the TNR facebook page. How it would change: Site would keep track of (if it isnt already) if a users account is connected, and whether the page is liked and disable the rudundant elements during page loads. How it benefits us: For starters it encourages more people to connect their accounts and like the page. It will also make the site run faster- most people at the very least use light layout to avoid the horrible load times caused by these scripts, but many more take it further to full on disabling of java, this would likely have a few people stop disabling those scrips, which means additional ad revenue as well. Im unsure if the ingrated facebook elements has any server load on TNR's side, but if they do thats just one more reason. Why it matters: Okay, so, real talk, due to the nature of TNR and the simplicity of its design, a very large portion of the user base, are players with limited Internet connections, often with bandwidth caps, or abysmal speeds by modern standards, some players are still using dial-up, and others even with broadband aren't breaking 1mbps. These facebook scripts data usage is higher than TNR itself, and slows site load time severely, while providing no purpose or benefit especially for users who have already connected their accounts. If we can shave 992ms off of the current 1.23 Second Display, 1.85 Second Load times just by disabling redundant content. If we can remove 63.69KB of bandwidth usage for users per page load when it serves no purpose. Shouldn't we?
  14. Suggestion Outline: Have the jutsu page detect jutsu levels and display / link to mastery when a jutsu's level exceeds 100, and hide the "Forget" link on jutsu over level 50 since they cannot be forgotten. What would change: The "Train" link would either A link to mastery when clicked or B display Mastery and link to mastery when clicked allowing for much easier acess to jutsu mastery. In addition the forget links would be removed in instances where they're useless reducing page clutter. How it would change: ^ How it benefits us: Three less page loads to reach the mastery training screen, its not much, but hey, its some saved bandwidth right? Why it matters: Mastery takes some doing to get to, being able to train from the jutsu list is a godsend for streamlined access, being able to use mastery in the same way. Towards the removal of forget, cant say its some huge game changing thing, but 6 bytes of data per jutsu, per page load could maybe add up over time? Its more about removing null / redundant links / information.
  15. Centered especially for Sleaze-sama ♥ Love you sleazy Username: Arphee (But everyone is effected) Location: Fireheart Forest / Map page Priority: [low] / [Medium?] Bug's Effects: Fireheart Forrest territory is being displayed as the vassal property of shine and red on the map while it should be gray and owned by silence. Scouting works as intended- But its been brought to my attention that VF gain status and other signifiers are ambiguous, hence this may be more than an aesthetic glitch. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Typical war system derping, just want to see some more sweet, sweet gray on the map for old times sake, Like the good ole days.
  16. [uSER-NAME REDACTED] asked Sleazy to lock the other thread, but, honestly, ive gotta speak my mind here, and get this off my chest, im sure everyone knows by now, i care about TNR a lot, far too much at times, so please keep that in mind, and know that this thread doesnt come from a place of anger or salt, but love, compassion, and admitted disapoint Pretty shitty rules if you ask me, especially if "Whats the reward" or "Is it worth it" is the kind of question that gets you a long diatribe like that. I'd say when something is broke, or doesnt work, that the best course of action is to fix it, or at least have a discussion on the subject, but i've recently come to understand that just isn't the kind of place TNR is, were meant to grin and bear it with no say in the matter, and no voice meant to be heard. This event is clearly, and intentionally, and unbalanced trolly mess, and if i'm being honest, given the manner of the news post, and running the gauntlet well over 100 times now, combing through pastebins, and wasting millions of ryo, I say with certainty that it was INTENDED to be this way, there is no "Solve"ing this quest chain, there is no great mystery, or clever solution, only intentional trolling, unfair statistics, and unachievable goals. If you professionally, or otherwise, think that that is okay or justifiable, you need to seriously take a step back and reaffirm the current situation, you can quote the rules all you want, and you can say you didn't write them, but the fact is there is something greater than rule of law, and that's morality, and there is nothing moral, just, or fair about the current event. Its a rule to not talk about events? Yeah well it was a rule for blacks to sit on the back of the bus, and for women to keep their mouths shut and let the men do the voting. I care little for this sites rules, and why should i given the rampant unprofessionalism, so long as there is something broken, unfair, unbalanced, or wrong occurring, i will continue to point it out. Furthermore, why cancel said events, so what if everyone gets to complete them, so what if everyone gets to have fun, the community still needs to come together to solve them in the first place, it seems to me that the priorities amount staff are completely wrong. Events should be able to be completed by everyone, everyone should be able to take something from it, and everyone should be able to have fun, events aren't meant to be a launching board to torture players, and see how far the poor no-lifers addicted to your game will throw themselves at an AI no hints given for a .05% chance at an item that may or may not be intrinsically worthless. Create a narrative, tell a story, give people an experience, make something worth while like the veramore quest chain was, something interesting, something fun, something that everyone can get involved with, not this kind of aimless nonsense "Theres something hidden somewhere out in the 60,000+ tiles GO FIND IT MINIONS, that isnt fun for anyone, that isn't approachable. Take pride in your work ven, make a narrative, give people an experience, if an event doesn't stand up on its own merit, it has no value as an event. Hopefully this post doesn't come off as bitchy or aggressive, i don't mean it to, i'm just tired of seeing the "rules" thrown around, miss used, and applied heavy-handedly to all of the wrong things, I love this site, and i'm overjoyed by the work Terri is putting into it now that he's back, but the code is only part of the problem here, and we need to have agency in solving those problems, and an open forum to discuss them. Honestly i want TNR to grow, improve, and be better than it was in the past, but with the way things keep going, the shimmers of hope are starting to slide through my fingers. How in the world do we know if we should take time out of our real lives for an event if we cant discuss rewards? How in the world are we supposed to improve something we cant talk about? How in the world are we supposed to bug report events that are broken, when were not allowed to even understand how they work? How in the world will we know when were being played with, or if were being trolled? How in the world will me discuss the STANDARDS OF QUALITY that should be set in place if we cant discuss events? How in the world can we discuss the ethics or fairness of events if we cant discuss them? Doesn't every user have a right to enjoy events? Doesn't every user have a right to understand events? Doesn't every user have a right to know the tools necessary to complete their events? Doesn't every user have a say in whats deemed ethical for events? Doesn't every user have the right to the same rewards and reward pools? I'm always on the suggestion forum, typing massive messes of suggestions, throwing all of the numbers in the world at problems to solve them, but some problems cant ever be solved by math. We have a Content Staff, and Event Staff, we have Moderation Staff, and i honestly think its about time we add to that list, TNR is in dire need of a committee for Standards of Ethics, and Quality Assurance, we lack peer review, when its desperately needed. Rules need to be drawn for staff interaction with players, some level of professionalism needs to be maintained. The rules for players needs to re-examined, re-affirmed, in some instances clarified, and held up to mass scrutiny. Site direction, goals, and ideals need to be evaluated, with new standards drafted under peer review. Standards for quality and fairness need to be established for events, and feature development. And all the above, and more, should be subject to harsh peer review, from both AMONG and OUTSIDE of respective staff pools. I don't know who would head something like this, and i'm certainly not volunteering, but the fact is, it really needs to be done, no more fast and a loose, no more thin veils of secrecy, no more locked threads 0 discussion literal "idgaf" staff responses, no more April fools 2015, or 4/24/16 events. Standards need to be created, and maintained in all things from design direction to staff interaction, to acceptable player behavior and punishments. I just don't think i'll live to see a day it actually occurs :/ i dk what will be done with this thread, or how staff or player response will be, and frankly i don't really care about the response, this is for me for once, not some grand gesture trying to improve the site, or fix problems, just me using the forum as a a journal of sorts to scribble down whats on my mind, my hopes and dreams- and while yeah, i know, getting all DEAR DIARY on the forum is the last thing i need for my already iffy reputation, but i needed to say, and im willing to say it to the scrutiny of everyone. And no, i unfortunately wont be reading this giant mess in some cali-girl accent on a vocaroo, though i encourage everyone reading to read it in that voice for funsies. I started this whole thing with a line about caring too much, and im closing with the same line, when i see TNR like this, it makes me legitimately depressed, and if the site shut down 2 years from now, id probably cry like a bitch like when i heard Final Fantasy XI was shutting down- So this will likely be the last serious post i make about TNR for awhile, as i try to take a few steps back and re-evaluate what i'm doing here, or at least trying to do- so before i close, i just want to say THANK YOU, whole heartedly to the people legitimately trying to improve things, like Zie with Theninja-Tourney, Vestige with her FAQ, all of the people making wonderful threads in the social forum, Terriator for the solid effort that he's been making since his return, and Alba for being a level headed intermediary, and the closest thing TNR has to my dream. -BEARD OUT
  17. Suggestion Outline: Increase the stack size of ring materials to 250 instead of the current 50 stack limit. What would change: Item Details Name: Titanium Rings Stackable: Yes (50) Type: material Required Rank: Academy Student Base Price: 0 Ryo Crafted Durability: 50 Description: Rings of titanium. Would become Item Details Name: Titanium Rings Stackable: Yes (250) Type: material Required Rank: Academy Student Base Price: 0 Ryo Crafted Durability: 50 Description: Rings of titanium. How it would change: See above How it benefits us: Why it matters: Crating profession recipes at times require massive amounts of rings to be produced to progress, for example, to get from weaponsmith EXP 385 -> 400 to progress you need to craft 15 Kusarigama which use 40 Rings each, this means you need to make 600 rings, which under the current stack restrictions equates to 12 Inventory spaces, given how cramped inventory spaces are, this is a serious problem. Not to mention given that its a small multi-recipie use item it makes much more sense to follow the conventions of stud stacking versus normal item stacking like plates and rods.
  18. Suggestion Outline: Honestly I don't know where to start on this one, but something needs to be done about the length of material crafting times. At present it is my understanding, that Weapon durability drops as follows: Each use of a Chuunin weapon jutsu deducts 1-2 points of the durability. Each use of a Jounin weapon jutsu deducts 1-3 points of the durability. Each use of a Special Jounin weapon jutsu deducts 1-4 points of the durability. And Armor durability works as such: Every Genjutsu used against a you deals 0 durability damage to armor Every Ninjutsu deals 1 point of durability damage to armor per turn Every Taijutsu deals 2 points of durability damage to armor per turn Every Bukijutsu deals 3 points of durability damage to armor per turn. At cap, Battles between users is supposed to be balanced to conclude in 10 rounds, as such an EJ user fighting at endgame can, per fight: Damage their weapon(s) by 25 Durability Damage their Armor Against Nin: 10 Durability Damage their Armor Against Tai: 20 Durability Damage their Armor Against Buk: 30 Durability The highest weapon and armor durability items in game are as Follows EJ Village Armor : 425 Durability (21 Fights Endgame) EJ Village Weapons: 450 Durability (18 Fights Endgame) Repair kit crafting Times for The above: Armor Ultimate Repair Kit Craft time: 915 Mins OR 16.25 Hours (60 minutes + 915) Items crafted: (2) Materials needed: 3 Radiant Leather= 45 Mins Armorsmith, 750 Mins Weaponsmith 2 Steel Enforced Leather 5 Mins Armorsmith, 55 Mins Weaponsmith 2 Studded Leather Straps 10 Mins Armorsmith, 30 Mins Weaponsmith 2 Hardened Leather 20 Mins Armorsmith Weapon Radiant Steel Repair Kit Craft time: 135 Mins (80 minutes +55) Items crafted: (2) Materials needed: 2 Radiant Steel Bar 0 mins 1 Titanium Bar 0 mins 1 Steel Enforced Leather Straps 5Mins Armorsmith, 50 Mins Weaponsmith As you can see Set of EJ Village Armor : 2,550 Durability (126 Fights Endgame) 2745 Minutes of Crafting to repair set once. EJ Village Weapons: (15 Fights) 135 Minutes of crafting to repair Twice There is a MASSIVE time investment difference between the two, with both being fairly unreasonable. Let's assume we have a fairly active raider, who gets about 150 kills per week. Let's say that they are also a Weapon User, and only fight people at their SF 1/2 of the time. Let's also be fair and assume damage done to armor is always spread out evenly. 600 Kills in a month Counted as 270 battles to factor variances. Requires weapons to be repaired: 15 Times = 1080+150 Minutes Requires armor set to be repaired: 2 Times = 5490+120 Minutes As you can see, this realistic data set, based on a middling raider at best, would require they have a combined effort of well over 100+ hours PER MONTH to maintain their gear to continue raiding. Assuming that they themselves are doing a portion of the crafting for their equipment, Armor costs 93.5 Hours of game time, and a Weapons cost 21 Hours of game time. What would change: Durability would be raised, or crafting times would be lowered to allow people to maintain EJ-Rank items while maintaining a real life, or at the very least the ability to raid in the game they're making items for. At present the numbers necessary to maintain EJ items are unreasonable, and well beyond the scope of an individual to maintain. Hell, I'd go as far as to say that if someone took on the roll of front-loading the materials they would hardly be able to raid, especially if their play-time or schedules are limited. If the game is going to be balanced under the assumption people have access to these resources- then I shouldn't need to say it, but they need to be made realistically accessible to manufacture and MAINTAIN. All of the numbers posted in this thread were for the assumption of an average, MEH EJ raider. The numbers for someone actually going HAM at EJ increases those numbers by even further unrealistic levels of time to maintain. I don't have all the answers here, and I don't know what numbers being changed would really be fair or realistic. But even so, I know that 45.7 HOURS of crafting to repair one set of armor is wholly unmanageable, unrealistic, and unfair given how long it lasts. And 15 Fights at full durability is way too quick for weapons to break at Endgame. How it would change: See Above How it benefits us: See Above Why it matters: See Above EDIT: My god its worse than i thought, it was brought to my attention that radiant studs and plates are 125 minutes not 1 hour 20 minutes as i had originally thought, numbers have been adjusted to reflect the actual current craft times, which, honestly, they make the outlandish 9 hours for a repair kit that i assumed, seem REASONABLE compared to the current 16 HOUR ordeal.
  19. Suggestion Outline: Changing from 1x bar + 1x rope to 1x plate + 1x rope is more than sufficient to deter people from attempting to farm the recipe for ryo, i have no idea why the additional 2 titanium chains was tacked on, that just makes it a logistical mess when attempting to level quickly What would change: Recipe would become Meteor Hammer weapon 45000 1 Titanium Plate 1 Rope 150 Minutes How it would change: Arbitrary chains would be removed How it benefits us: I wouldn't say it benefits staff, but its certainly tidier for the user base. Why it matters: I guess it doesn't really "matter" all that much, just seems like an oddly tacked on piece to the recipe that adds additional inventory clutter when a sufficient deterrent has already been implemented.
  20. Username: Everybody, Literally Everybody Location: Site Wide Priority: ( low / medium) Bug's Effects: Daily event didn't and hasn't updated on time, server time at present is: Game Time: 13th of March 2016, 01:33 PM This is 2 1/2 hours late already, as if recollection serves events are supposed to go up at 11:00AM server time. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Likely a timescale issue, the events have been happening a few minutes later each day from what i've seen EX 11:06 AM 11:15 AM Error Codes: N/A
  21. Suggestion Outline: Add additional information to players profile pages, some examples Lifetime SP destroyed Lifetime SP restored Lifetime SP activity Surgeon levels Total amount healed Bounty hunter level Total bounties collected Assist (CFH's that your team won) Etc etc What would change: See above How it would change: More statistics would be added to players profile pages for additional bragging rights, and more diverse types of competitions to be held by both staff and players, for example healing or bounty competitions. How it benefits us: Would allow for both more frequent, and more diverse player run events, which, will provide more game content, improve quality of life, and maybe even increase player retention. Why it matters: See above
  22. Suggestion Outline: HP restoration when not paying for Ramen, or being healed by a player takes an asinine amount of time, it takes about 5 hours to fill up capped EJ pools from near empty, recovering capped HP would take literally ten times the amount of time, over two days, which is pretty unreasonable, and i could never see some one actually doing it, you could litirally run errands and purchase ramen a magnitude of times before your HP would fill. What would change: HP regen would be increased by an order of magnitude (a factor of 10 in laymans terms] so that HP would recover at roughly the same speed as pools. Examples 800 Regen/M 800 Chakra/M 800 Stamina/M 8000 Health/M How it would change: See above How it benefits us: Game balance, and it makes things much tidier, it also works super smooth since Health caps are just 10X pool caps anyway Why it matters: Someone who drains all of their pools and looses a spar, with virtually 1 health and a couple dozen cha/sta, should realistically recover all three at about the same rate, if it takes 5 hours to recover capped pools, it should take a roughly equal amount of time to recover capped hp.
  23. Suggestion Outline: Another set of numbers that have remained the same despite the drastic changes to progression-scale, time investment changes, ETC are the black market regen items which were based off of the old progression curves. What would change: Black market regen items would have increased regen amounts to reflect the new speed of progression and increased base regen. How it would change: Value would increase by a set amount reflective of the increase to base regen across all ranks, or be changed to a % value buff to base regen based on the original curve to determine rep regen values. How it benefits us: Makes purchasing regen from the black market more appealing (And more economical) and encourages more economic activity while discouraging inflation as older players begin to accumulate massive amounts of ryo from login bonuses by encouraging more frequent ryo for rep transactions. Why it matters: Black market Regen was never particularly powerful to begin with (Save for the very start of the core) 30 regen under the old system was a fairly decent boost, but not overboard- one of the many reasons why people didn't scream "pay to win" from the rooftops like the doom-sayers they are. But like my earlier suggestion on occupations (Which i hope is taken into consideration when determining the new values since i thought the only update was going to be on passive effects) lesser through to greater regen has been devalued by the new progression curve. It just isnt worth it, especially when compared to the PVP bonuses people can gain from activity. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): Potential community backlash and fear-mongering that TNR is trying to go 'Pay-2-WIn" even if its just a reasonable adjustment to account for the new progression curve.
  24. Suggestion Outline: Remember Occupation and Profession statistics when quitting Stat-gain occupations, and professions the way surgeoun and bounty hunter levels are remembered What would change: Players would be able to freely switch between stat gain occupations, special occupations, and multiple professions while retaining progression towards their other occupations and professions. How it would change: Players level data would be retained, upon switching passive bonuses for said occupation / profession would also change, and your daily timer for stat gain occupations would reset (Meaning you won't gain any stats on a day you choose to switch to another occupation) How it benefits us: Drastic improvement to quality of life, provides access to a great deal more content by allowing each player to explore all crafting and gathering classes, improves in game economy and crafting ensures access and availability of materials regardless of player count (and more importantly profession distribution) Why it matters: See above Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): None i can think of if implemented as suggested, no loophole to gain both occupation gains and use BH/S, and only passive bonuses for your current occupation / profession are applied.
  25. What would change The daily gains of occupations would increase to account for the updated base regen of the game, after the update the value of stat-gain occupations was demolished to a fraction of what it originally was, now even at capped occupation with loyalty bonus applied stat gain occupations barely shave a week off of the time it takes to cap over the course of 5 months. How it would change Occupation gains would increase to account for the new base regen mimicking the old time investment values. For example Old Base / New Base Regen Chuunin: 150/390 260% of old value Jounin: 200/495 248% of old value EJ: 240/655 273% Of old value (EJ is Irrelevant since occupations only scale to Jounin anyway) While occupation gains remain unchanged with a max of 60 in 2 stats for a Chuunin, or 3 stats for Jounin and EJ 120 Generals = 60,000/30,000 ch/St or 400 Minutes of old Chuunin base / 154 Minutes of new Chuunin base 180 Generals = 90,000/45,000 ch/st or 450 Minutes of old Jounin base. / 181 Minutes of new Jounin base Under the old system this was a significant gain, which has been hugely diminished making occupations near useless when compared to the potential PVP bonus regen gained from bounty hunting. My suggestion is to boost the occupation gains such as that they're equivalent to the average regen increase across all ranks (260%) OR the regen investment times. @260% Gain 312 (156 each) Generals =156,000/78,000 ch/st or 400 Minutes of current Chuunin base regen. 468 (156 each)Generals =234,000/117,000 ch/st or 472 Minutes of current Jounin base regen. @ Time Investment 312 (156 each) Generals= 156,000/78,000 ch/st or 400 Minutes of current Chuunin base regen. (Ironic its the same) 444 (148 each) Generals= 222,750/111,375 ch/st or 450 Minutes of current Jounin base regen. How it benefits us It maintains the games progression curve as it was intended to be, and makes stat gain occupations a viable choice again- something that actually makes you choose between stat gains or one of the special occupations severe advantages. Why it matters It balances an important aspect of character progression ignored during the updates, too often TNR digs into issues and attempts to fix them while ignoring all of the other systems that need to balance with the aspect they're tinkering with, often destroying game balance, and invalidating other aspects of play. Game design is like any other field of engineering, when you change one aspect of a system, you need to change and rebalanced EVERY system that it interacts with. I'm certain little thought was put into the devaluation of stat-gain occupations with the update given the other pressing issues with game balance, however, i feel like this is important, and incredibly easy to implement. Problems/concerns involved Taking the easy road of 2.6*current values may not scale as well with AS/Genin rank occupations.
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