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  1. In game name: Amedot Notes: Vector scalable images provided both in psd or AI
  2. What would change: User side nothing visible, server side improvement. How it benefits: Server cost reduced, instead of non stop work on a character to determine the regen the algorythm calculates the time difference from the moment the user went offline to online again. A one time calculation. Why it matter: Server stress reduced, possible speed improvement. Problems: None at this moment from my tests! Description: When the user logs out, the server saves the time when the user loged out and when the user logs back in the game, the server does a one time calculation to see the timeframe and adds the missing regen to the character. So instead of calculating every minute the regen it just calculates for how much time he or she was offline and adds the missing regen. Example: I log out for one hour, the server stops the regen. When i log back in, the server adds the missing regen (60 minutes *current regen).
  3. Location: Change Color Priority: Low Bug's Effects: Unable to change back to golden. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Was golden and changed between colors to see how it works. When I hit silver or blue it works but when I hit golden it makes my name fed-less.
  4. Ironwood essence and the wielder of it Proof! Final Version Accepted. Reputation points uploaded to AmeDot Also, really awesome work!
  5. Crazy_Angel


    Username: Amedot Location: Communication -> Tavern. Priority: low Bug's Effect: Sometimes the messages gets through sometimes it eats some words. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: I was talking with people in the tavern and suddenly the text went through only 50%. Message: Hello my name is ame nice to meet you. ----- After submit message: Hello my name is Side note: Apologies if this was previously posted.
  6. Crazy_Angel

    Me and TNR

    First time I started playing TNR was on C1 and tbh, I really can't imagine how time has passed by. When i was still a kid I was looking at the staff and everyone as VIP, super stars, hollywood people (teenage days xD) and was struggling to get in their field of vision, to get noticed, so I started learning stuff to be helpful for the tnr family only with the purpose to be in the family because I just wanted to know how it feels like to have so many friends that would hear you out and share the epic moments together. So terr I owe you big time for making TNR and thank you for sharing your tnr history with us, your speach will inspire many other people to follow their dreams and start creating stuff. I am grateful for being able to help TNR how I can and ofc will always offer my services whenever I can! xD
  7. IGN: Crazy_Angel Event Badge and Orders Also the scroll from the AS Orders is optional Event Badge SJ Order Jounin Order Chuunin Order Genin Order AS Order Proof The psd files.
  8. Crazy_Angel

    Battle Chat

    Suggestion Outline A chat feature that allows you to speak with the other player that attacked you or was attcked by you. Suggestion Specifics What would change: More interaction with the players How it would change: It would help in training (mostly) or to try different tactics with the other players How it benefits us: Something new that would increase the desire to fight. (Probably more players will come) Why it matters: Always speaking with the other player via PM's is rather difficult and annoying and also you might loose the round (time limit) if the message is to long or delivered way to late. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): If someone is chain killed by a player the risk of cursing/harassment raises, so a solution would be a report button in that chat. Also don't know if this was suggested in the past, but from what I saw on the rejected list and the other suggestions this was absent. A pic explaining the chat. P.s. Sorry for the bad photo editing, but it's purpose is to exemplify the feature
  9. Well final version from all the feedback
  10. Tbh I don't like this, even tough it would offer more "freedome of speech" but be rest assured that there will be alot of people who would abuse that. It would be awesome to make a list of words that can be used and words that can't, like Alba sayd in a previous post. That would somehow help the society know the limits that they shouldn't cross. This is my opinion.
  11. I also tried to delete the messages from my sent messages box and from everywhere else and it worked. To be sure I tried them both on Google Chrome and Firefox. No problem with deleting! Also I have noticed that the title image is acting strange only before logging in, after I log in it comes back to normal, almost. On Firefox the font is Times_New_Roman like and approx 62 and on the left side. (This happens only before logging in) After I log in the text moves to center with the title font that Kayume provided. Google Chrome view. After Login On Firefox after I log in the text is not centered anymore but on the left side. Before Login After Login
  12. • Username: Crazy_Angel • Alternate account: Angel_Loly • Rank: Commander • Years playing TNR: 6+ • Activity on TNR: 5+ Depending on school days. On school days 3+ • Activity on TNF: 2-3 • Short statement about why you want to be a beta tester: I have 2+ years experience as a beta tester on different browser games and would like to see if there are any layout/design issues. • Any additional notes about your qualifications or experiences that are not covered by the rest of the application [OPTIONAL]: I am studying computer science and have some programming knowledge. As a freelancer I am a digital graphic artist and I have my eyes formed to seek any minor/major problems about anything.
  13. Crazy_Angel

    Core 3 Q&A

    The status tracker was updated today, so they arestill in schedule, just didn't modified the 45%. My theory
  14. I also have this problem on my ipad, but I think it's just a re-size and re-position issue.
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