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  1. In that case, since I prefer avoiding mentioning things like "With a Skill in X", just state that the user needs to quickly get out of the vortex's range or be drawn in. It's a more organic description than reducing things to explicit skill requirements. Likewise a strong character could feasibly resist the pull, it doesn't need to be stated but it's logical that they can.
  2. You don't need each jutsu to have Skill requirements. A D Rank Ninjutsu hardly needs the Ninjutsu Skill given how basic it is.
  3. The 'knockback buff into spinning buff' is an odd way to phrase it, especially since it's not a buff anymore. Just stating the the force makes the opponent spin is already enough. I would argue that resisting the vortex's pull would be a matter of Strength not Speed.
  4. Aww, thank you. It never came back really. 4.0 is amounting to one guy just making jutsu apps. Hard to drum up interest when nobody is willing to take the first plunge. 3.0 had much of the same problem; too many people watching on the sidelines to see if it does well rather than joining in and making it succeed. I'll probably always be around for those who want to join in, but I can't repopulate an entire forum with myself. Shame really, I know how much people loved TNF.
  5. The second paragraph is incomprehensible, just remove it.
  6. Just stick with the given weights, otherwise we'll start running into arguments as to what kind of ship and what not. Approved.
  7. The plane moving is fine, but it seems excessive for a C Rank. However you cut it about him not being an athlete and the 'power of chi', what that guy does is not normal. Now as to a progression. Since you want to lift houses as an end goal this makes quantifying lifting strength a bit tricky, seeing as C Rank gives you a tonne but a house might weigh hundreds of tonnes. You could try giving rough values like "can lift a boulder" or "can lift an elephant" but when even an elephant is 'only' 5 tonnes that leaves little to progress from. This is as reasonable as I can make it. C: 1 tonne B: 5 tonnes A: 20 tonnes S: 100 tonnes Note: I am using metric tonnes.
  8. I actually wanted to address this one since the original always bothered me. A Long Cast Time is a lot faster than the 3.0 version, perfectly usable in combat. That said I'm okay with that, but I feel that 20x the user's mass is more appropriate at C Rank; 50 was a bit much. This will still let you lift weights of over a ton and now you can do so in a practical timeframe. I was never comfortable with the excessive charge time on the original anyway, those kinds of restrictions always feel like something ridiculous is trying to be snuck past. With 4.0 I want to do away with that sort of thing and make everything balanced for its rank without crazy restrictions, and after some thought this isn't too bad so long as it's used as intended.
  9. The way this is written it's not clear whether it's just a pushing attack or a buff. As an attack it wouldn't need a Duration, as a buff it would have a longer cast time and have Duration: Maintained. Personally an attack makes more sense to me, but I've approved it as a buff in the past so w/e.. The underlined section is unneeded, any upgrades can be addressed when they are made. Unless this is going to lead to something potentially dodgy, in which case yes do be upfront about it. Oh and, minor nitpick, the format is slightly off, you don't have to write Name: Reitekiken: Chikei, just Reitekiken: Chikei.
  10. Odd setup but it's in order. Approved.
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