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  1. It's fun to drop by every 6 months or so to see who stopped in lol
  2. Yuki poo~ <3 So like, should I lose this bookmark for the new year? TNF rocked hard for about a couple weeks but it ended up falling flat on it's face. And I don't think it's coming back this time...
  3. Jutsu Scrolls RPC Name: Naito, Ekaterina Number of Scrolls: FÅ«in no Shirohigi [scroll of White Secret Techniques] x2 Level Up RPC Name: Naito, Ekaterina New Level and Experience: 17, 0/200 Old Stats: Ninjutsu D C Genjutsu D C B Taijutsu D C B A Seals D Strength D C B Speed D C B A Intelligence D C Endurance D C Stamina D C B New Stats: Ninjutsu D C Genjutsu D C B Taijutsu D C B A Seals D Strength D C B A Speed D C B A Intelligence D C Endurance D C B Stamina D C B Done
  4. My mistake, I overlooked the "Special Ability" part in the title. I'm still not used to this new format. Also, I'm starting to read this as a prerequisite base with all actual functionality constrained to derivative jutsu (holy crap that's a mouthful!) too. Also, I'm seeing a contradiction between what Chocharm is saying and what's already been accepted; 'cause a fighting style's already been accepted as a jutsu here. I've been meaning to ask how that works in terms of chakra consumption...
  5. inb4 "no Hyuuga techniques" (there's a bit of a stigma behind them; or at least there was) It might help if you give a post count for long the paralysis goes on for. Also A-rank Taijutsu stat as a requirement is a given. Nijuu Kanken Kanashibari [Twenty Vital Points Of Paralysis] might be a better choice ^^; Edit: Also, how many points need to be struck?
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that last (bolded) line completely contradict everything you just said before it?
  7. How so? If anything it should be nostalgic, I think. Also, hey look! Over there! It's Space! Hi, Space!
  8. So is this officially a thing? Do you get a few free globals when you level up, or is it still just training that gets you them?
  9. @Alba: Nope! Utilizing the elements is the realm of ninjutsu. Those 'Global (Element) Release Jutsu' threads are all ninjutsu. Your second option is to make Nin/Tai jutsu like the dude above me said, but as he described, you're still going to need that ninjutsu stat. I'm guessing that takes handseals out of the equation but I'm not completely sure; Nin/Tai is something new that came with the reboot in the last few months and I can't locate any rules on it.
  10. How does one go about adding global jutsu and special abilities to their rpc? It seems a lot's changed while my attention wandered during the past couple months lol
  11. Yeah, I missed the question you tacked on. Now this ability just seems really vague though. I'm trying to write a proper crit but can't because I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve with this. If it's to not have your jutsu interrupted, "concentration" is probably a better choice of words than "focus". I'm not sure how you interpret "break them down mentally". Also, check your grammar.
  12. In addition to what Ryou said, it would probably be better if you skipped all that fluff wording that could be applied to other things and just focus the ability on jutsu alone. Even then, this ability might as well be called "Spam". There's already no true limit to how many jutsu you can have 'active' at once, so adding this into the mix is just permission to be excessive.
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