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    You can.. I just don't want to resolve to that. And I will take up a stand on this. While crafting, you're forced to stay asleep. The higher the crafting recipe/the more resources you're processing, the longer it takes to finish it. While in that state you can't do anything productive. While gathering you can also: raid defend train do missions do errands spar do BA trade etc (there must be more..) Does it equal having a house regen? Maybe not. But to me it's balanced.
  2. Heresy


    To answer one of your previous questions, there is no way to cancell crafting. So if you happen to start crafting without thinking, you might end up delaying your missions or overpooling. Not trying to say it is equal to loss of regen. Just trying to shed some light on the disadvantages of crafting.
  3. Heresy


    Update due tomorrow. One thing, I envisioned this thread to be a debate on professions as well as info gathering. So unless it turns to a whine-thread, I personally do not mind if someone voices their disconcerns, provided that they are also giving points to discuss for other readers.
  4. Neither Rifraf nor Small tiger cause any armor dura loss anymore when encountered on the map.
  5. Heresy


    Thank you. Updated~
  6. Heresy


    I have begun updating the OP. My only problem is that I am missing required exp for a lot of the recipes. I'd love to fill all those '?' up with data so if anyone has the time to copy-paste the details of the recipes along with exp needed, I'd be grateful. Regarding weaponsmith. I will keep the simple copy-pased layout until someone provides me with detailed descriptions. I'd like it to look like the armour craftsman layout. And I appreciate screenshots, but if I need to add 20+ recipes by hand, I'm sorry but it's too much hassle. I hope you understand.
  7. Heresy

    C3 Jutsu Thread

    Genin jutsus cost very little pools. I'd suggest getting them and using them on weak opponents while raiding.
  8. Heresy


    Wow! And here I thought the thread was dead... Thank you ever so much for all the info and for the sticky! Will be updating the OP much later today (1am here at the moment) or tomorrow.
  9. Heresy


    Thanks a bunch. Updating~
  10. Occupations: You lose your occupation when you leave the village. that should be mentioned. wonder if it's the same for professions. Alba-edit: Added.
  11. Yesterday and today I managed to kill the rats there. Before that I never did in the live game. I have absolutely no idea why. Seems to be working now.
  12. Ah, that is because main was a transfer fomr C2 and alt was a new account. Sorry, compleely forgot about that. Must have checked the loyalty between 12pm and 20pm GMT then, hence the 2 day difference. Feel free to close.
  13. Uhm, what? o.o I can confirm that the location 22,12 belongs to Shine. And that there is never a rat present there.
  14. If I understand this correctly, even non-bl players have elemental weaknesses corresponding to the elements they were assigned with. Everyone has elemental weaknesses basically, even S-rank users. EDIT: Also, S-ranks don't boost element damage, they boost offense damage. So all jutsus, I mean ALL jutsus, regardless if elemental or not, will deal the same boosted damage. S-rank with fire and water will have the same boost to non-ele, fire and water jutsus if they use their bloodline offense. They just don't have access to the 'special' element jutsus like light/dust/storm/etc.
  15. Users wth S-ranks get random elements assigned to them. The bloodlines themselves don't boost any particular element and don't have any elemental jutsus, they boost damage of every jutsu used that matches the offense they boost. As an example: A-rank bloodline user's damage: non-element jutsu = 109,9% 1st/2nd element jutsu = 109,9% + 5% special affinity/bloodline jutsu = 120% in total (my numbers may not be accurate, can't find the source) S-rank user's damage: non-ele jutsu = 130% 1st/2d element jutsu = 130% bloodline jutsu = 130% (no idea if it's 130%, used to be like that in C2 as far as I remember) Point being, no matter what jutsu an S-rank user uses, as long as it matches the boosted offense, they will get the full boost. EDIT: A-ranks seem to have a slight advantage in endgame over an S-rank in the fact that with 4 offenses capped, you will still be able to deal boosted elemental damage regardless of the offense you use and so you are able to exploit defense weaknesses of other bloodlines. Unless specialisation prevents dealing 100% damage with an un-specialised offense. EDIT 2: Edit 1 is only possible if you have about 50 jutsu slots tho
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