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  1. Geeze if you keep destroying everything there will be nothing left!
  2. That sounds confusing o.O though I'm easily confused. Hope you are well Ivory have a good night!
  3. Well then I wouldn't recommend walking into a church building xp
  4. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers "I won't back down"
  5. lol Really? We didn't make it to church T.T Shower took too long O.o I doubt you would burst into flames XP
  6. lol well that's good ^^ Anywho I have to get to church going to the late service today blah I like the early service better. Hope everyone has a blessed day!
  7. Hrm we never finished the 3rd part of the test right? I have no clue how exactly to apply for chunin anyways. Once I figure it out I will apply!
  8. Zu - Congratz!! Being a parent is awesome... most of the time. Well until they start to talk back and ask you for all your money. But hey who needs money right? lol Lions - Doing well watching, Jack and the Beanstalk. I actually like the movie though I don't think it did really well. Kids are in bed and I'm looking at houses. Which is fun! (Cuz watching a movie I've already seen once would be boring if I didn't mulit task lol)
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