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  1. Purchase, yes but honestly I'm one of those who would but can't. Active fed support is nice but then when it's expired it will not help either. PM mods/admins to preserve an account that's news to me even though that is plausible but who knows it could be done. Also, with this option players would never pm them mods/admins anymore. That would be correct. A banning-like system minus the unable to login. This option would also mean less accounts created and less id used. My bad. As what you've stated about people leaving and never coming back that would be possible but then again we could not be a 100% sure if it would really be a problem without testing it. If people decided to leave permanently then why would they preserve their account? This question is also directed to people contacting the mods/admins to preserve their accounts. To be able to see the real picture there are lots of people who purchased a rep and never returned creating a much bigger problems which is not the concern of this suggestion. Forgive me for this once more but just think of me as a close friend of yours who talks to you like that to make the statement less disrespectful. I'll edit that.
  2. Welcome back to me. So, as what the title is you could already guess what is this about. Suggestion Outline Well, basically the goal of this is to let people preserve their character/account due to the rules that an idle or offline account for x hours, days or months would be deleted. Suggestion Specifics What would change: Nothing in particular except that accounts could be flagged on vacation which means that the person will be on vacation and will not be able to login for x hours, days or months. How it would change: N/A. How it benefits us: Well, people will not worry anymore of creating another account whenever the ones they have created have been deleted due to inactivity. Why it matters: It will be helpful to everybody not just the users but to the database as well. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): As I have said before- Inactivy can be a problem sometimes. Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): Non so far.
  3. Leivanz

    Content Feedback

    I know that this isn't the place for suggestion but what if the battle system allows to selection, one from attacks (taijutsu/chakra/weapon/jutsu) and another from supporting items such as pills or other event items that does the same thing per round? Standard occupation is still not a very wise choice even at lower level. First, it takes time to reach a certain point where you'll gain that amount (60 on all general) whilst if you cap your pools and start training you main offense' main general to beat a C-rank Mission and so on and so forth is a bit faster. Secondly, special occupation uses your excess chakra or stamina if you're a sensei depending on what offense you are training. Lastly, an increase would be viable but if not then I would like to see a poll about it. Whether players do still use standard occupation at this moment.
  4. Leivanz

    Content Feedback

    Ignoring the edits as this is a feedback and we are free to express anything else given that it's inside the topic. I think everything here are already on the plan. Well, at the very least I've said what I wanted. It clears my throat, I mean my mind.
  5. Leivanz

    Content Feedback

    Standard occupations are like non-existent things now. Even with the 140 days loyalty bonus, with user leaving villages every now and then it still is useless. Being limited to a day only gain collection not like missions which can be done every 3 hours. Loyalty bonus should not be limited to 365 days. A Kage should need a village loyalty badge to be able to challenge and be a Kage. Limitation of soldier pill use should be increased or the healing percentage should be increased.
  6. It's a way to prevent botting and what-nots. Also, so you will be kicked in the butt every hour. That's pretty annoying. I know the feeling.
  7. Leivanz

    Jutsu Thread

    I know, well, that's not the point really. Let's just drop that thing. Another thing, Freezing Chill's description on the first page say 2-3 it needs to be changed to 2-4 as what the update says. Also, Ninjutsu has 2 non-damage jutsu whilst Tai has only one would it be better to remove one of those jutsu as they do the same regardless of the defense they deubuff?
  8. Leivanz

    power hour item

    A nice suggestion but some people also non-fed, has full inventory so the problem is still the same.
  9. Leivanz

    Jutsu Thread

    The above statement was quoted from the Manual. It is not clear as to what is 2-4 rounds. I just want to know if it includes the stun or not. So if it does, then it is wrong. Well, they need to clarify what is what.
  10. Pardon me for not understanding the suggestion. The title seems ambiguous on what the suggestion really aims. I think something like this already exist but if not then this would be a great idea. I'd say a couple number of seconds immunity from waking up from the hospital is a good idea for people that would encounter a sudden lag.
  11. It's a double edge sword. It shouldn't be touched. It serves well to prevent chain-killing, ally-killing and such.
  12. I haven't been to a TBA/BA so I don't know how they work. I'll try seeing it for my own one of this time.
  13. Leivanz

    Outlaw Surgery

    Suggestion Outline So, before everyone bashes the suggestion can you please hear me out for a moment. I know this types of suggestions have been made already and always, yes always, getting fired. The suggestion is to introduce surgery to the Syndicate faction. This is to balance the loyalty for Syndicate making them to stay permanently and not leaving syndicate for the reason of surgery. This will be different from the Villages surgery because this is an instance that would be activated just like AI monsters. Moving on the map, if an Outlaw encounters this AI he needs to beat it to be able to gain a certain amount of hp based on Ranks. This is only available once per day though it could be change if not enough. I'll leave the hp gain to them who knows best. A short history for this surgeon: He is an surgeon from an unknown Village who conducted research but was banished because his doings were against the norms, experimenting on living humans, resurrection of the dead and etc. So he goes outlaw and he continued his experiments. Suggestion Specifics What would change: Outlaws can now do surgery and increase their hp. How it would change: Outlaws can be permanent members of Syndicate without loosing the benefits he gained from the loyalty by leaving and joining a Village just to increase hp. How it benefits us: (as, in the game, not how it makes your TNR training/raiding/whatever easier) Outlaws will be more competitive in terms of battle and they won't whine anymore and another reason is, some people plans to go outlaw after graduating Genin so this would made it for them faster. Why it matters: (a real reason, not "it makes sense" or "everyone would love it") It gives everyone the chance to better chose Syndicate as a place to train, learn, interact and be an active faction.
  14. I want to add some things. There are many good points into this suggestion. It could make players spend time on this rather than just raiding, tavy talks or anything that already exist that needs player interaction. This could be a good way to train jutsus by making the enemies have a massive amount of health and would deal a percent based damage depending on the user's hp and giving the enemy the ability to stun the user for the win/lose probability. Edit: This is not about training jutsu fast. That is just some example.
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