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  1. She waited outside for Shimozu just as long as she had to when he finally appeared with a tray of food. She let off a crack smile as she walked forward, just a short ways ahead of Shimozu who seemed to be moving to catch up with her as quickly as he possibly could. The tray was rather large, so it would cause her to assume that he spent most of his cash on one meal, how strange... Shimozu clearly was assuming that she was a heavy eater. Either that or he was a little meal piggy himself, although unlikely given his thin healthy frame work. Soon he asked if she would like a Bite on the way to the dorm room, a offer she quickly denied, "No thanks, the room is rather close, so their is no point in consuming anything at this moment when very soon we will have a more steady surface for that rather bulky tray of yours." As they prowled the dorm halls the duo got more then their fair share of awkward looks from the other female students traversing the halls. Kimiko walked forward ever faster before pausing in front of her room door and saying "Well this is home sweet home. Not the nicest place, but its mine! Not a roommate in sight." She says with a gleeful smile. Opening the door she entered and waited for Shimozu to enter so that she may close the door after him. She would quickly lead him to the table to place the large plates before the meal was proceeded. Right after that she sat on the ground in front of the prepared meal. So before we eat how about you tell me about your reasons for joining the ninja academy."
  2. nope not really. lost muse for the idea... sorry...
  3. Could I like just say I showed up late to class since you guys started.
  4. So yah, I would like Kimiko in this please and thank you
  5. Yep yep, what Tim said. anyway added that Puppet jutsu is needed so this should be ready for approval right. EDIT: IF you would like I could make it Sustained and not passive. And a D rank of Concentration and Chakra for every puppet this is used on.
  6. It is a puppet tech so yah Kugutsu is needed, and it is a passive so it is constant after the D rank is paid for each puppet linked with. So yes D rank each puppet.
  7. Name: Puppet's Eye Rank: D Type: Ninjutsu Fighting Style: Sustained Range: Long Element:N/A Village Origin:Konoki Requirement:Kugutsu no Jutsu [Puppet Technique] Description: Though the use of this jutsu a Puppet master can see all things though the eyes of their puppet(s). Because of this the user can operate the puppet(s) over a far greater range and no longer truly needs to be within eye shot of their puppets. Post Duration:Constant (D rank Cost) Creator: Chizu Clan
  8. Kimiko laughed and says " Okay then Shimozu Bakudan." She kept walking with him even after he asked if she was still mad, causing her to sigh "Oh come on... That was like what? Ten minutes ago? Time to move on! Either way, after I get out of the academy I will get them back, both of them, and your gonna help." She gigglied before saying "That is if you think we could ever prove a challenge to them." Kimiko then paused and pays close attention to Shimozu as he spoke of lunch. "Well, I thought you offered to buy Sushi? I mean if that is no longer the plan why are we walking together right now." She says with a stern look on her face. Although soon broke down into a giggle and says "Oh relax, I would be fine with anything, after all you are buying." She says with a wink as she walks along the halls once more and stops outside of the cafeteria. "I will wait here, okay?" She says shooting one more smile Shimozu's way.
  9. Kimiko was mostly silent in response to the silence of Shimozu. She was long since over the little slap, Timushii was her brother, and they were Chizu, they were meant to correct each other's mistakes... She wouldn't linger on the thought of such a trivial action and sighed a few times as they walked though the halls on her way to deliver the training swords. Then Shimozu spoke and Kimiko giggled a bit, "Finally... Finally you break the silence, I thought Timushii broke your voice box for a moment back there she said laughing on." As they approached the class she halted his next words as she made the hand off. After that was done she says "Well I would be happy to have lunch with you, so long as it's done in my dorm." She says with a gleeful smile, letting Shimozu know she was over the little sneak attack things. He then says something about stoping her causing her to break out into a full on laugh and says "Stop me? That wouldn't have worked with words, and I dare say you couldn't stop me by force either." She says before winking at him and remembering that Shimozu is in fact a boy, and those things got pride. "Oh ah, sorry... But yah lunch in my room then..." She then says "Well, what you wanna talk about on the way there Mr. Bakudan?"
  10. Kimiko stood her ground at the hateful gaze of Karuso, he meant nothing to her and she was not afraid of some heavily wounded freaky Genin. She stood her ground, ready to strike down this angry guy. Although he stopped for some reason to invite them to lunch, it felt like a trap, and she was unwilling to accept such a offer if that was in fact the case. Although he didn't frighten her, her brother's eyes did. She felt a chill, that stunned her to the point were her body wouldn't allow movement."Kimiko... How could you? To disrupt a sparing match like that... If you wanted payback you should have gotten it right before the spar, or waited for it to end. What you did is very difficult to forgive, so what you need to do now is take his tools to the location he previously intended, take the basket I brought as well, and go to you room and meditate on your mistakes..." Not long after she was slapped rather hard, causing her to step back a bit. She wouldn't protest against her brother nor would she speak against him as he spoke. She would await the words end and say"I will do as you ask brother, forgive me Karuso of Konoki..." She would take Shimozu's hand and rush over to the gear and Timushii's gift of food and take them in her arms before walking off to the Kenjutsu classes. She had the look of sadness on her face as she walked along the halls hopefully with Shimozu, awaiting his comments on the situation, or his worry of her.
  11. Kimmiko only giggled as the boy's seemed to lose their strength at this point, and his back was to Kimiko and Shimozu; thus, the best chance she would get."See! My brother is winning! and he barely even tried, not a single deadly attack made, yet Karuso can't go on much longer, to many wounds." She whispered as she placed down four of the arrows and drew back on her bow as a violent look arose on her face. She once again whispered to herself, "An eye for an eye, you jerk..." She quickly let the bow snape and send the blunt arrow flying at an extreme speed from long distance at that one ultimate blind spot, right behind his head at the neck. Given Karuso's wounds and the location the arrow was aimed the blunt tip would likely hit him square, possibly knowing him right out. She could only hope it hit the mark because the battle was nearly over and that bolt would only assure it's end, if not turn her into the target. Although she was confident she could overwhelm such a drastically weakened opponent if that was the situation, but given his distraction with Timushii, fatigue, marksmanship skills and the targeted area, evasion was very unlikely, although she knew not to underestimate her brother, or this other boy.
  12. So I think I would like to join. I got nothing better to do.
  13. Kimiko only laughed as Shimozu talked on, he had thought Timushii used up supplies? He has yet to rely on anything other than three pieces of gear, he seems to be avoiding the use of deadly weapons at all cost. While Karuso embraces deadly force, even with fellow Konoki youth. Such a crude boy, was all that crossed her mind on the matter of Karuso as she watched the fight drag along. Then Shimozu spoke about his clan, it sounded rather fun to be a Bakudan, getting to play with fireworks and take part in every festival or party. Even if the clan was not built around Shiniobi culture it was still valuable to the Village and the country, and thats all that counts really. She smiled and said "Sounds fun, Shimozu, I would love to check out those ninja tools someday as well if thats fine by you." Although no time to respond for Shimozu would arise after the sound of a frighting explosion as he brother charged, she was worried for his safety but knew this was the best time to mount a surprise attack, at this point they had clearly been unnoticed so she stood up behind a tree and drew five ball tipped arrows from her quiver and waited behind the tree for her chance to snipe down her target, Karuso. "Quiet Shimozu, and stay down!" she says as she waits just a bit longer.
  14. Kimiko was more than impressed by the other boy for holding out in a fight with her brother so well. They were going toe to toe at the moment, and she could only wonder if it would be a appropriate time to get even, given the situation and the way this fight was going. They were so into it, could she really mess up such a brawl? Maybe she would wait for the end result she thought as she kept on watch. Although soon after her thought had passed Shimozu had answered her question. "Thank you... I try to be when I can, and you are right, they do seem so similar to each other don't they?" With a short giggle she looked back and said "Yep, look at how much they enjoy each others company, and how they seem to pull no punches. Its almost like beating each others brains in helps them get to know each other. Really it does not look like anybody is going to land a clean blow anytime soon either..." She watched carefully, knowing that someday soon she will have what it takes to compete with them, and possibly take those boys down single handed. she was no push over, and she planned to make that clear someday, so her brother would feel less need to throw himself into potentially dangerous situations for her sake. So that someday people will look to her for guidance and protection. "So, who do you have your money on?" Asked Shimozu. She paused for a moment to think and says "Honestly, I don't know anymore. That guy seems to be going for a quick finishing blow, while Timushii seems to be trying to break him down slowly... If you haven't noticed Timushii seems to have the guy outmatched in terms of speed, but his aggressive and rather straight forward attacks is forcing a drown out battle where Timushii seems to be using the most energy. So I don't see that kid getting in any clean hits on my brother but I can't image Timushii avoiding exhaustion as well as he avoided those strikes... So I put my money on to guys calling it quiets after their bodies give up on them." In a rather mellow tone she spoke of this, although unclear as to how much Shimozu actually heard given his follow up question."After the fight, would you be interested in lunch? I could buy you some Sushi if you care to share?" She laughed a bit and says "Why Shimozu Bakudan, are you asking me out on a date?!" She says excitingly before following up with "Kidding kidding, I love Sushi and would be happy to share some with you. So long as your buying that is." She says with a wink before returning her attention to the battle. to see Karuso pull out a scroll and fling the contents at her brother. Although his aim was rather, dreadful... Unimpressive really, the number thrown at such a rate was, but sadly he couldn't effectively aim those weapons... Whats with boys focusing on close combat so often now ah days? Oh well... Soon after the boy desided to speak to her brother, "You are an honorable fighter, I will show you why we Aiko are Konoki's best weapon clan." She chuckled a bit at the comment, since she had heard nothing about them previously they couldn't be that great, but oh well... Then the boy started removing his hoodie and whatever was under that, and although she wouldn't admit it, she was rather impressed by his body. She even blused a bit dispite the impending frown on her face and the insults she would say under her breath. Even the scar was rather attractive, but again that would go without admitting. So to take her mind off of it she turned back to Shimozu and says "Yah know, my Clan leaders say this generation of Chizu Ninja is the best in three generations. The clan has always had good money and many tools and unique jutsu, but none achieved as much as are generation in a while. For example, four young Chizu clan members took part in the World Tournament before the most resent one. Me, my brother, and two cousins of ares. My brother was a Genin and ended up tied for third with this frost country girl, While me and the other two were Students still. One of use lost in the first round, but then me and my other cousin fought all the way to the finals, and then I managed to win the whole thing! I also managed a perfect score on my Academy Exam, so once I have all my credit hours complete I will be a Genin! My brother also was the top in his graduating class, from what he said he bested most of them in single combat and he also got a perfect score on his exam, graduating at the very top of the class." "So in short, we don't play, we are fighting to stay relevant and we will not fail!" She says proudly before saying "How about your Clan Shimozu?" while watching the fight drag on.
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