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  1. As for post duration, that part is not needed. That is for genjutsu only. Also, it'd be nice if the limit of the jutsu is specified in the range section? Since it does have a range that it can only affect. Would this jutsu require an upkeep cost to maintain the link? Or is it once the link is made, you don't have to worry about it?
  2. Oh I see. I'm guessing you have to be in contact with the seed or the place you strike the ground to be able to be connected with and perhaps in the future control the network of roots?
  3. So basically if I'm reading this right this is a technique that lets you control plants anywhere within a couple miles?
  4. OOC: It's been five days. Should we just assume Crimsonblade's RPC goes along with everything and move on?
  5. Terminator: Love the Jags ^_^
  6. Jack

    Spy games

    As one of the guards answered, Kajo stealthily stored the pouch storing senbon needles and exploding tag into his Big Pouch under his cloak. From the outside and onlookers, he didn't appear to move at all. That was the beauty of the cloak that concealed his whole body. Now the evidence was gone. How could he possibly have caused explosions without exploding tags? But he still couldn't deny the fact that he was in a big pickle. The new shinobi who came and whispered something into one of the guard's ear only heightened his concern. Thankfully, he was good at hiding what he was truly thinking. "Very well." Kajo declared. "I will wait until the lockdown is over. I just need to get home to Konoki. My mother is sick you see, and I only assigned someone to take care of her for five days. Today is the end of the fourth day, meaning I have to get home by dawn tomorrow." After he explained himself, he quickly gazed at the gate and around it to study how it opened. After that, he would look back into the guards eyes and smile, waiting for his answer.
  7. Jack

    Spy games

    Kajo swallowed. Who knew a few explosions could cause this much alertness? Oh well, he'd have to learn. The more mistakes he made, the less mistakes he would make in the future. Fortunately, he didn't make the mistake of drawing suspicion to himself. At least he didn't think he did. He was just an innocent Konoi going home from visiting his friends. As he neared the guards at the gate, he examined them with more detail. These were the people he needed to bypass in order to escape Hyouga. He approached them with a look of bewilderment on his face. "Umm, do the explosions and the lockdown mean that I can't get out of here? I really need to get home."
  8. The genin waited patiently as the group's purpose was revealed through the intercom. Nothing seemed to happen. The large door did not open. It was obvious that they were being ignored. Drawing in a deep breath, Denchi looked around for somewhere to sit; he was tired of being on his legs. Just when he found a perfect place, the door opened. It was as if the people behind the door had something they didn't want to show anyone and finally managed to hide it before opening the protected and pressurized door. Weird. After the man introduced himself and finished speaking, Denchi walked straight to the suits. He didn't even bother to speak back, as the man didn't really matter to him. He was sent to finish a mission, not to make friends. Besides, what were the chances of him ever seeing Seguchi again? Taking his time, Denchi carefully put on the suit. It felt pretty secure; nothing could infect him. However, like the hospital's smell, he dreaded the suit's smell as well. "Umm, yes I do have a question. What exactly is the disease and what are the symptoms of it? Furthermore, what information do you currently have about it?" Denchi asked, words finally coming from his mouth. He needed to know as much as possible about the disease just in case. But perhaps the real reason he asked was his curiosity.
  9. If possible could I get a copy of the plot ideas too?
  10. Jack


    Orrr you can meet Zamate, Kajo. I'm looking for some quick posts too. It's your choice. :]
  11. I mean, when spying with this technique the user basically has no idea of what's going on around him. So it has its downsides to balance out the upsides. But I see your point too.
  12. I mean sight and sound doesn't give you that much of an advantage in battle. Shared Sight gives the target your sight, which in turn takes away their sight. That basically means the target can't see anything they want to. Your jutsu allows you to have sight from two different people at the same time, or one person and still maintain your normal sight and hearing. This technique disables both the user's sight and hearing, and all he gets is the targets sight and sound. It's like a reverse of Shared Sight, giving you the negative effects. I dunno, that's how I see it. *shrugs*
  13. Also, I feel like this is more of a C-rank ninjutsu technique. I suggest you either make it more powerful or downgrade the rank.
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