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  1. If you pm all 3 girls, you get 1 point for each girl. That's why the are called faction points, because they are tied to each specific faction, and each faction is 1 character. I have checked my inbox, but can't check lists on my phone, so will sort that out when I can mate.
  2. 1 point will not be the decider. If you sided with Robed Man, you can still win whatever it is we determine will be won. I still haven't 100% worked out how prizes will work, that depends on what mechanics we get in our new event panel, but 1 point will not be the difference between top reward and second. Anything is possible!
  3. I do not know, I was looking for Fou-Lou, probs explains why I found bugger all in my lists mate.
  4. I'll fix that up sanj, entry was done manually so typos are defs possible. Again, for the last time, RobedMan is not out of the event, nor are those that pledged to him, they just didn't win THIS ROUND. It's a multi-stage event. Yeah, sorry Agu but nothing of mine lists it and without caps of the PMs I can't just go off people saying 'No but yeah I totally did' else I'd never stop adding people who are claiming they did it all along when they didn't. Fou, you sure you didn't get any? Maybe one of the others wasn't replying but added you to the list, because you're listed as those two. Beyond that, as I said to Agu, I can't go off claims without anything to back them up, but I'll talk to the others, see if they remember anything about getting stuff from you on Kegareki.
  5. I have indeed rechecked a few times. What's up there is what I have, unless the other event staff have documents off to the side and didn't upload it, at which point they need to chime in not me. Only found a few more in Iza's doc because I scrolled down instead of hitting ctrl+a, and apparently didn't hit the very bottom, missing two. The others I have ctrl+a'd and run through checks to see if any new names are there, and I am finding none.
  6. If you got replies and aren't listed then yes, you are one of those people. And if it's on lightshot can you send me the link to it then? Many people have the shards but either didn't send the right message or didn't send anything at all, just having the shards is not enough for me to add you to the reward lists. This is why you should hold on to event PMs for at least until the event is resolved, to sort things like this out.
  7. The replies were sent if you got it right, then added to the table at the time you sent them. If you later sent a right one to an opposing NPC, unless we recalled off the top of our heads that you already had done it, we replied, then at the end I removed the duplicates. Okay, a couple of you are saying you got replies, but I don't have your name written down, possibly an oversight. PM me a screencap of the message and I'll work on sorting it out.
  8. You join factions during events. Chances will come again in the future. They were meant to remain, they take up no space so no reason to drop them. Also there were a few people we couldn't respond to because their inboxes were full. Is it possible yours was at the time? I didn't try again after failing once because I had to keep the inbox as empty as possible, so that might have been why? Also Phayde you're right, I have you in the pre-list doc, for some reason you weren't carried over. There's a couple more, I'll sort those out now. Added Sora and Phayde because you guys are at the end of my notepad doc, must have not dragged down far enough when copying it over. I'm checking for others I have missed but am not seeing any yet.
  9. No, they are most certainly still in the event, and people who have backed neither so far are still in the event, they just missed out on one point. Robed Man has 3 half mirrors, he isn't giving up just yet.
  10. If you have 1 point you have already joined it. Further decisions will come during future events. Also, the reason the list of RobedMan's faction is larger but he still lost is because not everyone PM'd RobedMan with all 3 shards. That is a list of everyone who PM'd him, but the actual ratios PER MIRROR were quite clearly in the favour of the girls. One of them was like 113 to RM 149 to the girl or something.
  11. I can't delete posts? Not a mod, just event staff. Maybe I said something I wasn't meant to? Conspiracy?
  12. I have them in separate lists, the duplicates for robed man are from merging the 3 lists for him. So that's not how I have it stored, just I can't post 3 spreadsheets here. And these are all the correct entries registered by the event staff during the event. If there are more then for whatever reason they weren't written down, and I would say refer to the first page as to why, beyond that I can't say.
  13. Yeah, enlarging is right up there in the list of things that must be done before next event, it's part of a whole suite of upgrades that will make things better. As for double names, the filter on double names was looking for exact matches, so any variance wouldn't remove it, you still only get 1 Faction Credit for each faction you pledged to. Also, RobedMan's list, again, in less pretty and there may be duplicates, but here it is anyway:
  14. I have everyone who PM'd RobedMan listed, just his faction was not the winning one. If you want I can post his faction here, though it's not set up as shinly as the others.
  15. I can do a recount, it'll take a bit of time, but if any names are listed in our winners lists and not here, I'll add them. Also, if you PM'd all of them individually, then whoever got the PMs first is the ones you were added to. So if you Iza got your PM then Robed Man got one saying you had all of them, you are listed for Iza and Robed Man.
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