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  1. Cedzen

    Village jump "event"

    Lol tbh TNR has lived long past its shelf life and it is too under resourced for the kind of revival people been talkin about like the second coming of Jesus
  2. Cedzen

    Village jump "event"

    I mean the original issue I think was because people would flock to the village with the most regen but since regen is lolhigh these days who knows what the current rationale is beyond inertia. Maybe worth looking into, maybe not.
  3. Cedzen


    Sounds like a hitch in implementation, the design was pretty solid, CFH could only ever balance SP to within some defined range.
  4. Cedzen


    In my heart I was more of a fan of just going back to single combat The entire premise behind tying SF to CFH was to balance the scales regardless of rank, but there is no perfect solution, there never will be. I think we came closest to something workable in dev, not sure what happened since then...
  5. Cedzen


    Damn, SF was never meant to be this complicated...
  6. Cedzen


    It's been 22 months, the core is approaching the end of its natural life-cycle. Even Core 2 only really lasted through 2011 before dying off.
  7. Cedzen

    CFH question

    They're mostly a relic, though at the moment they're also a de facto competitive requirement so you can't really do without them if you want to be anyone worth anything. Also lol at "spying".
  8. Cedzen

    Jutsu List

    Blood Enchanted Eyes Bloodline Jutsu
  9. Cedzen

    Attacking first

    Most jutsu tags have a delayed X+1 deployment, with X being the current round. Very few tags have immediate impact and they're usually direct (e.g. %-damage decrease, %-damage increase) rather than the indirect buffs/debuffs (e.g. offense, defense, generals).
  10. Cedzen

    Attacking first

    Been random for years. This healing issue was a thing back in C2 as well. No way to control for it atm.
  11. The recoil adds some nice negative baseline which allows for higher positives. Though usually jutsu aren't fully exploited, especially when the damage-effects ratio leans towards the latter (hence why, besides the whole passive modifier thing, taijutsu is boss).
  12. Cedzen

    CFH numbers

    I still maintain the best solution is to remove MPvP and go back to glorious single combat.
  13. Lol, the regen cut was originally meant to prevent people from flocking to the strongest village but at this point I don't think it matters anymore.
  14. Yes, Faithy, spoken like a true Republican! Less regulation! Less taxes! More freedom!
  15. It honestly doesn't matter where people are at the moment, they will just flock to Samui on the basis of reputation. It's the capital at the moment, where things are happening (and apparently the most handsome ninjas if Nexilus' defection is anything to go by )
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