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  1. YGOPRO(yugioh pro) is a program that is used for dueling and is automatic (think of yugioh video games). I've been using it for a while, and I haven't seen a situation in which someone was able to cheat. Here is a link to the program: http://percival18.blogspot.com/2012/07/ygopro-102b0-percy-abyss-rising.html The installation is pretty simple. To make it easier, we will also download Tunngle to make finding each other easier. Tunngle: http://www.tunngle.net/index.php?l=en&pg=downloads You have to make an account on it, but it doesn't take long at all. Once you finish, search 'ygopro' on the side and join the slot that says 'YGOpro'. Go to LAN, and then host a room. Others should be able to see and join, that is how we shall do this tourney. (Lightsworn monsters are banned atm for this, everything else is free game) The minimum amount of people we will need is 8. If more people want to be in, then we will need 16 in total, 24, 32, ect. But yeah, if you want in and have all the stuff downloaded, just post that you want to compete (if people want, we could make this a tag team tournament since this program is able to host those) Competitors One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight
  2. we are currently offering a moderator position AND a high rank for any GOOD coders willing to give our forum a nice look :3
  3. |Home| HURRY!!! We need Admin, mods, and high ranking characters! Avatar New Beginning's Plot Book One The Start of it All A drought spreads through the fire nation. It threatens to starve the whole nation. Crops whither and die, and livestock perish from the lack of grasses and food. The land was already pretty dry, for it was the dry season, but the drought made things worse. The fire nation, grows desperate. They need to feed their nation. With their hot heads and small hope they set out to find any clues as to how to stop it. Soon news reaches the fire nation. An Air bender ship has been seen all over the nation. Everywhere it goes rain clouds disappear and soon the drought follows. The fire nation sets forth for the nearest Air temple. They confront the nomads. The nomads try to reason with them but the fire nation tells them if they can't find the culprits that the fire nation will destroy all the Air temples and all the nomads. Desperate the Air Council sends as many air benders as they can to find the real culprits. Finally after weeks of searching they get a clue. One of the western air temples' airships was stolen. By a band of Earth mercenaries. The Air benders confront the Earth Kingdom. Things get out of control and the Earth King makes the first attack. The fire nation then start war with the Earth Nation. The Airbenders, even though attacked stay out of it. They just try to defend their homes. After the attack many have given up trying to reason with the other nations. The fire nation soon asks the water tribes to ally with them. The water tribes agree to go to war for fear that they will be attacked by the Earth Kingdom next. The Earth Kingdom is the biggest nation and continent. They hold their own against the water and fire nations. The war could go both ways. The Hēishǒu, the black hand has done well. They are the real culprits of this war. Their leaders want to take control of the whole world. Their leader has a plan to become the new Avatar. How can the leader do this? Is it possible? The leader is more than sure she can do it. It is up to the Avatar and the other nations to find out what is going on and how to stop the black hand. The Avatar is missing though. There are rumors that he is trapped in the spirit world after he meditated. With his body still here nobody can become the Avatar. Who will find him? It's up to you! What do we have? A cunning and exciting plot Friendly staff and members. We do NOT tolerate our staff acting like trolls. A new and unique organization Create your own customs as well as techniques All nations are open Site events at least every month Wars and Invasions Powerful Positions Active members ready to roleplay with YOU! Affiliate Button <div align="center"><a href="http://avatarbeginnings.forumotion.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://i54.tinypic.com/r2qpn8.jpg"</div>
  4. kenkura

    Universal Tavern

    i thought i saw something like this suggested before and it was turned down... ;~;
  5. well i'm on another naruto RP site and we have had a "time skip" after certain events. I edited this character so it looks a bit like himself when he was younger but i'm in a pickle. i just don't like the clothes on the charrie and i don't want people missing a thing in my sig that explains how he exactly looks so i would want you to change his clothing for me. And I want you to change the white shirt combo into a plain black shirt and have him wear the deer skin jacket that shikaku wears. I would also want you to put a leaf headband around his arm like Shikamaru does. and put a cloud headband around the other arm. if you do good enough in my opinion, i may give you 1 mil ryo but it is not a guarantee. also i'd suggest you not to attempt if you can't draw really well. oh and if you could scan it so i could just render it out, i'd REALLY appreciate it ;D
  6. I ban dragon because he is [colorful language] and [more colorful language] and most of all he is a [insert more colorful language] So that is why Dragon is getting [colorful language] banned :hippie:
  7. naah found out about it from an add on the site that magoda had ;D this one includes stats though like sp and hp and magic ect.
  8. You've played the game. Now change the outcome. [blockquote][blockquote][blockquote][blockquote] It’s the year 2009. A rampant infection known as the Apathy Syndrome is making its presence known in Japan. Random citizens have become victimized by the merciless contagion. But no one seems to know what causes it… However, there seems to be another force at hand, another realm of existence. It is much a mirror of our own dominion; its inhabitants much like us. Some we call our Persona. But there is one that plans to end this distinction between the two realms. By sending both into a new existence of complete darkness. Join us as we turn back time to the very beginning. Explore places, meet new people, gain social links, and acquire more Persona as it’s a race against time to right what these entities known as Shadows and presumably mythological gods have done and will do.[blockquote]!! Featuring a large canon list; comprising of every ATLUS game. !! Original characters welcome !!S.E.E.S. is back and in action, and accepting Persona-users! (Canon or OC) Or would you prefer Strega? !! Don't want to live the drear and angsty life of a teen? That's fine! We bump up the age limit and allow all persons of society! !! Quick and easy biography template !! Active community [/blockquote][/blockquote][/blockquote][/blockquote][/blockquote] ___ oh and could someone join as kanji, i need meh bromance :hippie:
  9. click on the banner to get onto the site We're having a prologue of a saga that is coming up soon, so i would suggest you join now to get the most out of your rewards. note(s): tell them that Ken told you about it this is a STAT and ROLE PLAY mixed together site
  10. hmmm I might join...,but could you change the skin if you could? sorry but i'm picky xD
  11. kenkura

    Persona Awake

    you know how long i've been looking for a persona RP site? thank you thank you thank you!:thumb:
  12. None I...I don't have a bloodline. We fight using pure training effort other than natural talent. Others mock us saying we are weaker, but not having a bloodline makes us stronger. We train with determination in hopes of surpassing the others. Sorry but this one needed to be made D:
  13. 4/10? Personally i don't like how the colors look :/ Rate this one:
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