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  1. i am loking for anyone to rp with just no sparing.
  2. Ooc: sorry i had a lot of stuff come up at once and could not get to a computer. IC: "Wow... this sucks. Can i at least not team up with blind boy. he's ok but if he can't hear you he's useless." Kei look around the room to ses Genshin and poinst at him. "Hey, you normal boy want to team up. I think my bran and you brawn might work out. best case we win or worst case we lose." "Come on" saids not knowing what to do next. Then sees Kimiko "Can i get my bugs back... just give me you hand." Kei reach her hand out to kimiko.
  3. "Wow, I mean i am so helpless without my eyes, I am going to break down and cry. I like i said early you fight one blind person you fight them all. I did need my eyes to see." Kei then stands still. "Hey it time for you guys to earn your keep. Where's blind boy body heat coming from. Kei stabs in the general area of sol. "Hey girl if you find another sword throw it to me or could you make a lot of noise." Kei throw a strike a where she told there heat & hit a heating vent. "look for a human body temp. You know the things you eat. better yet look for breathing & heat.Then the bug respond." with you there are six. the closet one it two feet to you left.
  4. Kei fall behind the blind kid useing the noise to hide her movement. She point her sword at sol's right kindey from one inch behind."Hey Sensai, does this count as a win he left his back open. HEY BLINDIY REACH ONE INCH BEHIND YOU RIGHT KINDEY. ALL YOU PEOPLE ARE THE SAME, YOU FIGHT ONE BLIND PERSON YOU FIGHT THEM ALL." Kei roll away from him then stands up away from him and speaks. "When I walked up to you...you fenched when i yeil at you. Then you did not notices my bugs the smell is noticeable, from where i was. You never got to touch or taste me so that out. That cover all five senses or do you still think you could fight me. I lied early...I am good at close range. I will let you hit me if it mean I can hurt you." Kei start to laugh to her self. "You really smart! for a blonde." She then wait for the sensai to speak.
  5. "Yeah...Can you say that in common" Kei said as she looks over to her team mate. Giving her a pat on the back puting her bug on Kimiko, with out her noticeing. "I bet, you just just said were dead in the water." Kei puts her hand on her head "This is just great!" Kei walk to the blind kid and yeils at the top of her lungs."HEY, SHOULDN'T YOU BE AT SOMEWHERE WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU! I MEAN...IF I ASK HOW MANY FINGER I'M HOLDING UP! WHAT YOU'LL SAY! TEN!" she said as she walk into his face. "Or...maybe you got some bloodline thing." Kei reach her arm out to push him back and lay her's bugs on him.
  6. "Well... I suck at close range with weapons." Kei turn to grab the wooden sword, then looks at here partner."This is a bad time to tell you but I am bad at fighting...with any weapon less then two feet long. Any way best of luck to you." She starts to think in her head."I wonder how long i will be able to keep to it up. If everyone thinks I cant fight that mean an easy win for them in there mind. That mean that the other girl will ware her self out, maing her eazy to pick off. If we make it to the next round. the best thing about me is i love to play mind game." Kei then start to recklessly swing her sword as she run to the boy's team. "Let's get going!" As she run she speaks to her pet bugs."When I get close to the boy's jump on them. I get another plan that will help me out in the long run. dont bite untill i tell you to." "O...crap I which one should I go for the blind kid or the the other one" She stops on the spot unable to make up her mind. leave herself unknowingly complely open.
  7. "O...crap...o...crap! Where was it 1211. Nope! " The girl turn to the one room with lights on. Then walks over to it. Kei walk into the room bare foot. Looking around the room, Kei sees her classmates. "HELLO...KEIKO KAIZEN HERE and I`m talking sataon and none of you know what i am saing. Great move girl your looking crazy...stop talking to you self out lould." "Sorry, about that! I am Kei Kaizen, I am looking for class"
  8. Sorry but the name is Kei not Ken. for the sake of starting heres the link to kimmy profile http://www.theninja-forum.com/Vbulletin/showthread.php?t=46202
  9. sound good to me ok i got to make a about how they meet
  10. the felmale thing was was just an added thing.
  11. I am look for my rpc to have a mentor. I don't care if you beat up on her or injure her as long as it not fatal or destroy things that won’t grow back. the other thing is that hopefully ther female
  12. "what just happen here. Well free candy!" She thinks to her self "What are you evil. she kill him in cold blood, you got to do something. call someone else but me." She then think about her bugs. "Hey go get some help." She looks at the girl "hey, he had the right to live no matter how under handed he was. there are people to take care of stuff like that for you." She then throws a senbon at the other girls hand. trying to get her to drop the bat. Kei looks at the area to see where she is. "I think she could really beat the hell out of me." she then knocks over one of the stands trying, to scare off the other girl. Ooc: on a computer that does not have "word" but makeing the best of it. Green= bug
  13. Kei is walk down thru the market place. " Why am i get candy for thoes brats. But, it not like i have a lot better thing to do." She looks around the places & wonders which is the candy shop. "That got to be it... there are to many kids over there, for it not to be." She walk over to the store & walks in & looks around to find what shes looking for. "This is lame, I wonder what do i find frist."
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