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  1. RPC Name: Sumiyori Hideyoshi Number of Scrolls: 2 Level Up RPC Name: Sumiyori Hideyoshi New Level and Experience: 8 (0/50) Old Stats: Ninjutsu D C Genjutsu D Taijutsu D Seals D Strength D Speed D C Intelligence D C B Endurance D Stamina D C New Stats: Ninjutsu D C B Genjutsu D Taijutsu D Seals D C Strength D Speed D C B Intelligence D C B Endurance D Stamina D C Done. You can grab another element with those stats if you'd like.
  2. "I think I've found something too," Hideyoshi responded as he walked over to the area he saw the quail hit a wire, deftly picking a number of long leaves from a nearby tree as he went. He couldn't see the wire but that didn't mean he didn't know where it was, and all he'd have to do was follow it back to its source to find the trap that needed to be disarmed. Reaching the spot the young Genin would gently drop a leaf down onto the wire, body tense in case he needed to get away from the trap should it be set off. Considering the fact that a bird managed to hit the wire and survive he didn't think that the wire was electrified, and it would probably not get set off by a leaf brushing against it, but he'd rather be safe than terribly sorry. Assuming nothing happened once he dropped the leaf, Hideyoshi would take another leaf in his hand and gently reach out with it, searching to rest the leaf against the wire so he could follow it back to the source, his movements slow and tentative so that he didn't end up setting it off accidentally. He'd never hear the end of it from his companion if he did... assuming that he survived the ordeal. No, it was far better to take things cautiously and avoid making a mistake. Keeping the touch of the leaf gentle along the wire Hideyoshi began moving down its length in search for the trap mechanism, and should he reach the wrong end he'd simply go the other way until he found it properly (assuming that there were no setbacks). Once he found the device it'd be a matter of examining it properly for any way to safely disarm it, though he was fairly confident that his skill as a puppeteer would help in that situation. If not, he could always ask the young thief that was his partner for aid, but he'd rather not if he didn't have to.
  3. "Something close to my body would be useful, my chest or back so that I could work on a patient at the same time," Hideyoshi began, a frown marring his young face, "the problem remains in the fact that I would have to use my own hands to control the puppet in that situation too, and there might not be enough room for such a thing if I have to get close enough..." here he trailed off, a little frustrated at his own limitations and the inability to see what it was his sensei seemed to be able to in regards to the design. He tensed suddenly as he remembered something, and turned to look at the puppet that somehow contained the sentience of his teacher, a quizzical look on his face, "wait a moment Ishi-sensei, you said you'd teach me a new technique... if it does what I think it did then it could be a big help with this particular puppet." The master puppeteer had seemingly moved the puppet limb he had picked up without the need for chakra strings, and while it may have simply been an extension of whatever ability it was that allowed his teacher to place his sentience into a puppet, if it wasn't then it would be a huge boon for the budding puppeteer. A jutsu that allowed him to control a puppet without chakra strings would be perfect for this medical assistant puppet that he was trying to develop, as it would allow him to use his own hands in addition to the extra limbs granted by the puppet. He very much hoped that he was right in this instance.
  4. Silent as they seemed to interact with the Mayor's attendant through the use of notes, Hideyoshi would surreptitiously head off any of his 'partner's attempts to steal anything that wasn't nailed down in his immediate vicinity. It seemed like they were barely being tolerated even though the village had requested their presence, and the young Sumiyori was quite happy to be able to leave as soon as he could, the atmosphere in the village was just barely hidden hostility from the moment their hitaiate had been spotted, though he was sure to mention the attitude in his report when they returned to Yugegakure. Heading off into the nearby jungle the duo would take the trip slowly, looking for any of the telltale signs of traps being employed in the area. The evidence of expended traps was fairly obvious, rusted wire, bladed weapons embedded into the tree trunks, scorch marks from improvised bombs and flamethrowing devices... was that a giant beetle horn? Hideyoshi wasn't sure exactly what had gone on in this region to merit so many traps, but whatever it was it left those who lived in the area with the threat of death or dismemberment now that the trap makers themselves were long gone. "Do you see anything?" he asked Kitsu as he continued to look around the various foliage, disturbed that the usual bird and bug noises were all but non-existent around them. The jungles of Water Country were many things, but quiet was not a common one.
  5. Hideyoshi pulled out a number of wooden limbs from his bag, the relatively rough pieces of work obviously merely a prototype or 'proof of design' that would never be employed as part of a combat ready puppet. "So I've been studying to become a Medic, and I was thinking that it would useful to have a puppet that could aid me in that role. As you can see, I was going to go for a multi-armed approach, with three pairs of arms," the boy explained. laying out the trio of arms that he had crafted as the samples for his puppet design. The first arm that Hideyoshi placed before his teacher looked like a standard limb with a human shape hand, however closer inspection would make it obvious that the hand had been modeled somewhat differently than a natural human hand. The fingers were long and slender, with ball joints that allowed for far greater flexibility than natural. In addition, a second thumb sat on the opposite side of the hand from the normal thumb, coupled with the jointing of the fingers it would be apparent that the hand could grasp and manipulate multiple objects simultaneously. The second limb that he revealed ended in a thin appendage, a ball jointed 'finger' from the wrist portion revealing a scalpel blade several inches in length. This particular limb could also rotate out the blade to give the user a myriad of medical tools, including clamps and retractors. The third and final limb ended in a needle tipped syringe with a sturdy system that would allow it to inject whatever fluid he had within the body of the puppet., generally he planned for anesthetic to ensure that he could better help his teammates in the future. "I was thinking of making it out of metal for durability, but I'm not too sure how useful it will be since it ties up my own hands while being used. I also don't really have any ideas for the body of this puppet," the boy admitted as he turned to his teacher to look for his input.
  6. Hideyoshi was remarkably calm all things considered, the heavy satchel of medical supplies and tools on his back giving him a sense of confidence that comes from being prepared for any eventuality. Additionally the knowledge that even though they appeared to be a pair of Genin on their own, they had others watching over them in case something went wrong went a long way in keeping him from being quite as twitchy as his partner for this particular mission. Vivid purple eyes took in the signs of damage and death that came from the hidden traps that were spread out across the region that they were entering, the recent footprints the only indication that the road itself was safe. The villagers looked haggard too, their movements defensive and twitchy, on guard for the possible pain or death that might come from any direction should one of them be unlucky enough to set off the old traps that were in the region. "Even the birds and insects are quiet around here," Hideyoshi murmured, half to himself and half to his partner in crime as they entered the village, the ever present chirping and buzzing of the inhabitants of Water's jungles muted in this particular area. It was such a little detail, but it seemed to make a huge difference nonetheless. Choosing to ignore Kitsu's grasping of his hand, and thus precent either of them from being embarrassed more, Hideyoshi walked alongside the sandy haired youth towards the mayor's home.
  7. "Idiot! If you weren't injured I'd hit you for such a stupid comment," Hideyoshi responded as his face flushed red, though his words lacked the sort of heat to them that could have caused offense, "I meant from your perspective the why shouldn't matter because you're not going to die in a puddle of your own blood anymore." With that he huffed slightly, turning his face away to hide his embarassment at the other boy, Kitsu's, teasing. Waiting until his blush subsided, he turned back in time to hear the other boy's thanks. "Don't mention it, it doesn't matter." he replied, trying not to get flustered once more (or allow himself to become too friendly with the other boy after their initial meeting). "Food..? " the small boy murmured, feeling the weight of his exhaustion press down on him once more, "food would be good... but I want to rest first...." his back hurt so badly, and he was so low on energy, surely a little nap would be ok? Rolling over onto his stomach Hideyoshi inadvertently revealed the large gash across his shoulders, his head buried in his arms as his eyes began to slide shut. If only it would stop burning he could rest a little...
  8. Hideyoshi simply allowed the other boy to go through the motions of being 'too tough for help' knowing that the blond would wear himself out enough to be treated before it got too dangerous for him. It was fairly obvious to the young boy that the blond hadn't had much 'positive contact' in his life based on his reactions to the gentle touching that was required to ensure his wounds were properly treated. Not letting any of this perturb him (partially because he was also incredibly tired and bleeding), Hideyoshi just went about ensuring that the rather serious wounds around the blond's wrists were well bandaged and would heal relatively cleanly and quickly, at least for injuries that were healed by someone who wasn't a full medic-nin. "Why?" Hideyoshi repeated as he sat back and away from the other boy, flinching slightly as he remembered his bruised backside and turning over to rest on his hip instead, "because I caused the injuries? Because we're comrades of this hidden village? Because I'm too kind for my own good? Because I can? Take your pick, it doesn't really matter, you should be ok now and that's what's important." His eyes felt heavy now that the adrenaline was starting to wear off and his back burned with the injury that it had received, but honestly he just felt like resting now.
  9. Hideyoshi watched with slightly startled suspicion as the other boy began walking towards him slowly, hands pinned at his side and a determined look on his face, but the closer it got the more obvious it became that he didn't have the same will to fight anymore. The smaller boy was rocked lightly as the blond leaned against him, dropping his senbon reflexively to allow his arms to take some of the weight of larger male, straining the wound on his back and causing him to hiss in pain. It took Hideyoshi a few moments to realize that the blond was crying on his shoulder, and a few moments more to see the severity of the injuries on the other boy's wrists. "I need you to sit down, ok," he requested tiredly, helping to lower the boy down onto the ground despite the fact that such a motion caused his own wound to protest loudly. The dark haired boy pulled out the tube of ointment he carried and gently lifted the arm with the worst injury, frowning as he saw the arterial blood that flowed from it. "Hold this wrist above shoulder height, and I'll get it cleaned up and wrapped," he said calmly, already rubbing the multi-function ointment into the wound, its anesthetic properties masking the sting that would come from the antiseptic, and the styptic helping to staunch the flow of blood. He took a length of the support bandages he wore around his lower legs and began to wrap them carefully around the injured wrist, tight enough to put pressure on the wound but not so tight as to restrict blood flow. As soon as the worst injury was dealt with he proceeded to treat the blond's other wrist, making sure it was properly cared for to ensure minimum risk to the person he had injured. With that task complete he finally ran out of steam, the adrenaline shock he had received at seeing the larger boy's wrists wearing off as he collapsed onto his stomack (his back and butt hurting far too much to lay on them) and closed his eyes tiredly, fingers curling in the sand of the training ground as he struggled not to fall asleep. "M'name's Hideyoshi by the way...." he murmured sleepily, deep breaths taken in an attempt to help regain lost energy.
  10. I would guess they'd effect whichever body or bodies are hit with the cue
  11. As the net was produced Hideyoshi realised he had to quickly reconsider his plan, mind racing to come up with possible scenarios that might lead to victory. He couldn't prevent his Kusarigama from becoming tangled in the net, however he could change how he reacted to the counter and try and turn it into something that he could use to his advantage. Bracing himself and holding his chain with both hands the small ninja tried to make sure that the kusarigama didn't get pulled out of his hands as his opponent twisted the net to ensure it properly entangled his weapon. With his current stance it would seem he was ready to engage in a tug of war battle with the other boy, however the second he saw and felt the blond put all his strength into pulling at the net Hideyoshi let go, hoping to throw his opponent off balance as the resistance the other boy expected to have to fight turned out to be non existent. At the same time he would pull out the braided wire and kunai, twirling it over his head and throwing it towards his foe in hopes of wrapping the wire around his larger body and trapping him. Of course this meant that he didn't have much time to dodge the incoming shuriken that had been thrown at him, the best that the black haired boy could do was try and twist to the side and let them pass him by. The slashing pain in his shoulderblades telling him that he hadn't been as successful as he would have liked, one of the shuriken scoring a horizontal line across his back. The blood stained his clothes, but he wasn't going to let that stop him from defending himself if need be. With hands shaking from pain and tiredness he pulled out six senbon and held them at the ready, hoping that perhaps the fight was over and he could end this without losing face. At this point most of his anger had been vented out and he kinda just wanted to have a drink and... well, not sit down, but get some rest.
  12. Frowning slightly as the blond boy managed to dodge the worst of his attack, Hideyoshi didn't allow his creeping tiredness or disappointment to cause him to slow down or stop, there was no way he was just going to roll over and admit defeat. As the other boy lay on the ground recovering from the force of the suiton jutsu Hideyoshi pulled wire from the spool hidden in his hakama, cutting a six meter long section in swift motions with the specially designed blade attached to the spool for just that purpose. Quickly tying off one kunai halfway down the wire through its loop and folding and twisting the wire together he tied it off on the end of a second kunai, creating a braided length of cord three meters long with a kunai at each end. This particular improvised weapon was quickly but carefully folded into the upper portion of his kimono for later use. As the other boy began to rise from the ground Hideyoshi withdrew his Kusarigama and played out the chain between his hands. His rear was still aching with the force of the kick that had struck it, so he knew he wasn't going to be able to be nearly as acrobatic as he might have usually been with the weapon, but considering the fact that his opponent seemed to be close combat oriented it would probably be sufficient. Twirling the sickle end of the weapon around his body as fast as he could in a protective/ready movement, Hideyoshi created a few meters of space between himself and the blond, a zone that he wouldn't be able to enter without first having to contend with the whirling sickle that could come down and strike him from any angle at any time within its range. It also had the benefit of not requiring too much energy to maintain, as the momentum gave it much of its power. He didn't respond to the obvious attempt to toy with him, instead watching, waiting, and planning.
  13. Hideyoshi had been skeptical back when his father had first introduced him to his teacher in the art of battle puppetry, he trusted his father and all but what sort of teacher could a blank mannequin truly be? It had turned out that the man...puppet?... that was to teach him was still quite able to instruct others in the art, even if he was either an artificial organism or a madman (Hideyoshi had spent long hours coming up for possible explanations for the fact that he was being taught by what amounted to being a sentient puppet). Though truly, what better being to learn how to make and use puppets than a puppet itself? Today it seemed that his Sensei had chosen a more comical body to appear in, the wobbly eyes and mustache looking somewhat ridiculous, particularly with the top hat, but Hideyoshi had learned not to make assumptions based on the appearance that his instructor took. "Ohayo Ishi-sensei," he chirped in response as he put down his satchel on one of the nearby benches and turned to look at the animated puppet in what was meant to be its eyes, "I brought my usual puppets today, as well as the pieces of the wooden proof for that idea I had for a medical type puppet. I wasn't sure what you wanted me to do this session..." here he trailed off and shrugged slightly. He was far more at ease around his teacher than he had been those first few months, however sometimes it was quite difficult to deal with what was obviously an inhuman mentor.
  14. Hideyoshi straightened up as his opponent freed himself from the puppet's grip and began walking towards him, it seemed despite everything that he had thrown at him, the other boy was still going. He knew that he was running low on energy, and if he tried to face his foe in taijutsu alone he would probably lose. That meant that he had to try his very best to stack the deck in his favour in order to ensure that he could win. And if he couldn't win.... well, at the least then he could do as much damage as possible to the bratty thief. Gathering up his chakra as the blond got closer, Hideyoshi held out his left hand in a pushing gesture, making it a clear and deliberate motion. With the motion seen, Hideyoshi would be able to trap his opponent in his genjutsu, the aptly named Push which would make it feel like he was being forced away from Hideyoshi by some unknown force. Considering the fact that Hideyoshi had already demonstrated a Fuuton jutsu, he was hoping that would be sufficient explanation to not question what was happening. The moment that the blond was far enough from him to be safe, Hideyoshi would rapidly form the necessary handseals for Suiton: Mizurappa, a stream of water bursting from his mouth and shooting towards the other boy. If it struck it would probably knock him back into the wall of the training ground, hopefully causing more damage and giving Hideyoshi either the win or enough of an advantage that he wouldn't immediately lose in close combat. Panting lightly and drained of most of his Chakra, the Sumiyori heir would guard himself carefully to ensure he was ready for whatever his opponent would do next.
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