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  1. It was annoying when people pat him on the head like a child. Akagi was a genin already, making him a legal adult in the village. Then again that fact was pointless as senior members could treat their juniors like juniors if they wanted. Still was annoying. Setting aside his feelings, Akagi learned of the two other members of the team from Yamagakure. The chunnin, Jozo would be leading and the one called Yin completed the three man team. Both natives looked more at home in the snow and dressed better for it than Akagi's adapted garb. Introductions out of the way, the chunnin showed the layout of the village and briefed them on the placement of the enemies and their targets. Akagi bristled a bit at the mention of 'spoils' remembering the last slaving ring he had been on. While this was disguised as an inter-village exercise promoting cooperation, Akagi had secondary orders to investigate this smuggling ring happening. Ever since the last instance of human trafficking had been occurred so close to the Sun Country's capital, a deeper investigation had been started by Kawa. Akagi's objective was to gather intel if this was smuggling was part of a larger plot. It meant being sneaky to the two Yama shinobi but he had accepted the mission with some faith in his abilities. "Preferably taking out the shinobi trained leaders quickly would lead to the rest of the group surrendering easier. Though that would not guarantee the safety of the prisoners. I am not convinced setting the structures aflame would help. What plan you decide, I shall help carry out."
  2. It was a bit hard to find the meeting place as a) Frost was foreign territory to him and everything looked uniform blanketed in snow. Thanks to a good sense of direction and a well detailed map, Akagi was able to find the meeting place but it did take an additional effort with chakra sense to find the rest of his team. Landing a distance away, Akagi hoped they wouldn't attack him on instinct. He did look a bit suspicious covered up more than usual. Being in a foreign environment, Akagi needed to done warmer clothes. What would normally be exposed to the environment in Rikuhi was now covered up with cloth to keep warm. White cloth wrapped around his face while his goggles covered his eyes. A white parka covered his whole body with Akagi's clan symbol sewn at the back. All in all in was a very suspicious get up which was why Akagi brought out his mission scroll to show he was supposed to be there. Assuming there would be no hostility involved, Akagi would raise his goggles and lower the cloth covering his mouth so that he could speak. "Apologies for my tardiness. Iwasaki Akagi reporting for the mission."
  3. I will personally try to not start a war. FYI, RPC has First Name: Akagi, Last Name: Iwasaki
  4. If this is a free-village mission then I can join as the genin ninjutsu specialist
  5. It was only shock that kept Akagi firmly rooted in place; and a little bit of nervousness. Despite what other shinobi might have thought, being in a clan did not automatically equate knowing how to compose yourself in front of a high executive body of any organization, much less your own very village. He hadn't even met his own clan's head and having your formative education in a "neutral" school didn't allow much interaction even with the previous Kage. True he had greeted the Taiyoukage personally before but that was back then when she was just Jounin Rayne Lucea. Plus emergency situations had a tendency to disregard formalities. For now, Akagi tried to mimic the crystals he used so much and project a perfect exterior while his insides felt like a sandstorm. Hopefully it would be enough to prevent him from committing and faux-pas in front of his Commander. "I have read and seen it but never participated in the sport, Taiyoukage-sama." Of course, Akagi had accepted her offer to play despite being a complete novice at the sport. It would take a really firm backbone to refuse your Kage. It didn't help that the Taiyoukage had allowed an almost anything goes rule, short of directly harming your opponent. That left the her with an even bigger advantage than Akagi could ever take advantage of. Despite whatever worries Akagi still may have, he still accepted the racket and ball. He had to put the remaining rocks he held in his pockets. If his Kage was planning to play with weights, then he could live with a few additional grams of weight. Akagi took his spot on the tennis court which had been there all along. He would have to trace back the path he took to get here again to find out where exactly in he village this place was. Thankfully the court was empty, though Akagi held suspicion that he wasn't truly alone with the Taiyoukage. There was probably an set of ANBU he couldn't detect lurking somewhere probably enjoying the show. Akagi nodded when his Kage announced she was ready, not trusting his voice at the moment. Trying his best to mimic what he had seen, Akagi tossed the ball in the air and hit it with the racket, sending the ball towards the Taiyoukage's side. It was very beginner attempt at such a sport.
  6. Jutsu Scroll RPC Name: - Iwasaki Akagi Level Up RPC Name: Iwasaki Akagi New Level and Experience Old Stats: Level: 18 [175/200 EXP] NIN: D C B A GEN: D C TAI: D C SEA: D C B A STR: D C SPD: D C B INT: D C B A END: D C STM: D C B New Stats: NIN: D C B A GEN: D C TAI: D C SEA: D C B A STR: D C SPD: D C B INT: D C B A S END: D C STM: D C B Done
  7. OOC: Sorry for the lateness. Things were hectic With the remaining awkwardness disappearing, Akagi felt more confident as Luv continued to introduce their newest companion. Apparently, the little thing was classified as a dragon despite its small stature. Though Akagi was never one to dismiss any possible use for any asset on the field, he couldn't help but think the pet as adorable. Adorable or not, it would certainly help in their mission. Their walk and talk stopped for now as they had arrived at their destination of their target: Kyoto. It was easy to get inside as no one really stopped them from entering. Even if Akagi had not known who they were looking for, Kyoto was very easy to spot. The bodyguards and eye-candy around him gave away his importance. Almost stereotypical for a wealthy merchant. It seemed they he had no problem spotting Akagi and Luv as shinobi as they were waved over. It was probably the dragon that gave them away. Akagi immediately regretted sitting down in front of the woman beside Kyoto. While Luv's attention on him would turn him the same color as his name, the other woman's was just downright creepy. There was no appropriate reason someone her age should be looking at him like that. Seeing as he had to distract himself from the "look" he was getting, Akagi decided to focus on the Kyoto and his question. Luv, for some reason, didn't answer right away which was confusing for Akagi as he thought she would be leading this mission. For now, Akagi would have to step in lest it seem rude to their target. "If you are aware of us looking for the flower then you are aware on how bad it is. Students have been afflicted with a poison causing death. Before they do die, they will experience pain which increases as we speak. As you might have guessed, the flower will be required to concoct an antidote." While Akagi may have explained it stoicially, inside he was a whirl of emotion. Nervous, because despite what some people may expect, he was not skilled in speaking to influential people. Worried, because a certain child was suffering. Annoyed because he would rather be searching for the flower by now and this merchant would no doubt cost more time than needed trying to get the information out of him. Hopefully Luv had finished her inspection of the seals (which Akagi was curious to inspect as well), and could turn her attention at the task at hand.
  8. The bloodline itself is not limited to replenishing. It can be used to go temporarily go past the user's chakra capacity limit
  9. I always thought soldier pills were for replenishing chakra not boosting. Though yes it is basically that ability. If you compare it to a soldier pill it does sound underwhelming Nah I was trying to get in as additional though it apparently won't be allowed
  10. Every pebble thrown by Akagi in the river caused a small splash and tiny waves to dance across the surface. Being a single point of impact, it did not last long and pretty soon the surface would still once more. Just as he was about to throw another pebble, a rock skipped across the Akagi's field of vision. It caused some confusion as Akagi knew he was supposed to be alone and he didn't detect anyone approach. It was either he was very relaxed or the person was really skilled at concealing themselves at the last minute. Before he could search for the origin of the rock himself, the person decided to make herself, judging the voice, known. Being quite familiar with older women wanting to play games (a story from the past), Akagi was about to voice his answer but the words died in his throat. Anyone in Kawagakure would recognize her, even before Kawagakure existed. After all, who what kind of shinobi would not recognize their commander? "Lu- Taiyoukage-sama!" Akagi bowed out of respect for the woman. White hair and aura that screamed leader, this was definitely the woman every Kawa-shinobi answered to. No wonder Akagi never felt her arriving. "I did not realize you would be using these grounds today!" Akagi should probably calm down as one could tell from the Kage's attire and posture that she wasn't here on business. Though that fact may have brought out more questions as to why she was asking someone like Akagi to play a game with her. It wasn't an order but only an idiot with a death-wish decline an offer from such a person despite how strange it was. "What do you require, Taiyoukage-sama?" Akagi asked with a slightly nervous tone.
  11. Okay removed Not sure what you mean. It is a capacitor based ability
  12. Oh sorry i forgot to update this part. I have already placed an "revamped" in my WIP thread. There should be the new one. It's mostly a Chakra battery type thing
  13. okay i'm in no hurry anyway. Post/Start when you're ready
  14. Sounds good. If you still want to do the Present-time RP also good. Post wherever and we shall follow Though is the wedding during the migration itself?
  15. Wasn't really expecting plot that extreme so I have no problem not starting a war. Character-wise, always looking for a sensei to teach him. Currently looking for a goal to actively reach beside ranking up. That looks like a reasonable reason for entry. If you're planning to train taijutsu you can try training him as well. Planned to give him some sword-skills later on and this might be a good reason to start. Would you like to do a "part-flashback" post? Like a short part of the each post would tell some history of the time before and/or during the founding of the village. Like what could have happened during the Exodus from Rikuhi and such. It would make things longer to write with two simultaneous plot-lines but I wouldn't mind.
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