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  1. w0t

    Mobile layout for TNR

    The game renders just fine on a decent 2 year old smartphone. You Sir, need to upgrade.
  2. w0t

    The Law Offices of TNR

    Sounds like a basic draft for what a Moderator should be. Except these "regular" people would have nothing going for them to keep them honest, no one to answer to, like actual mods have. So it's like Demo said, I'm not just about to trust the kindness in the average player's heart to solve "my" problems in an impartial way. The way I see it, if people have a situation they could use some moderation for, but a mod thinks the situation is beneath them or they have no spare time, they could always resort to their respective village Kage. Kages are supposed to be these elderly, village leader figures (yeah, I lol'ed too) OR they can grow up and solve the issue by themselves. Not saying it is a bad idea, just that it wouldn't really work on such a young community like TNR.
  3. w0t

    The Ban Game

    Banned for not having a signature. Wait..
  4. w0t

    The Good Old Days

    x2 for WAWA. xD Worst memory of C2 goes way back to the day it begun. Starting over from 0... again.
  5. w0t

    Comment. Old vs. New

    Core 2 promised much, and in some aspects it delivered, but in overall, it falls short of Core 1. It has a major design flaw, it is unbelievably and painfully slow. In every aspect. It takes too long to train, too long to move, too long to fight. If I were to cap my SJ's offense, defenses and general stats to their unimpressive caps, it would take me 554 days. Factor in the amount of overpooling and you're looking at no less than 2 years. IF I was considerably active. And then there's jutsus and whatnot. Right... The rate of encounter while travelling is absurd for something so USELESS. Fighting on C1 was blazing fast, and that kept it fun. Fighting someone on my level only took 3 turns. If I was a strong Commander on C2 I would avoid battle like the plague. +5 minute fights? Right... I always thought of TNR as a text based action rpg. And C2 turned it into a text based grindfest rpg. A very boring one at that. A game is only good if it's fun and that's clearly no longer present for me. And that is my view on 'Old vs New'. For any idiot that has the urge to tell me not to play the game since I don't like it, I already don't.
  6. w0t

    An oldie ranting.

    Ass Mo! ~ Both Core 1 and 2 are equally bad/good. Some C1 flaws were corrected in C2, but new ones were born in their stead. Of course we, the C1 generation will always prefer the older version. Too many memories not to. The problem with TNR is the same as it was years ago. Terr doesn't know how to balance the game. And it doesn't seem the admin who is supposed to, does either. xoxo, Old buddy.
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