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  1. Pana

    Elemental quests

    http://www.theninja-forum.com/index.php?/topic/42902-read-first-bug-reporting-guidelines/ Please resubmit your problem in the above listed format. There is to much missing information to help you now.
  2. Pana

    Bloodline Roll Bug

    This is already there. There are 4 bloodlines in an offense, if you roll offense specific you get A>B>C>D. At that point the the cycle is done and it restarts at random for example B>D>A>C. Because of this end-of-cycle thing you can get the same bloodline twice in a row. One can't get the same bloodline twice within a Cycle.
  3. Database is up and running again. We'll release a compensation for the downtime soon.
  4. Server host is responsible for fixing our Database (not our fault) We should have made an announcement here as well (our fault) We currently can't do this in the News (database and all that) As stated in the above screenshot, TNR is currently down due to database issues. However, a large update is currently being tested here: http://www.theninja-development.com/ Check our Discord chat about the update as well as general TNR related issues here: https://discord.gg/GQ59Eas
  5. Most counters have already been said. No P2W additions will be added because it's something TNR has tried to reduce to a minimum (AKA bloodlines) for the longest time. Denied.
  6. If one wants to change their specialization they'll have to fork out 15 rep. This isn't a QOL, this is an "I don't want to pay" Not accepted
  7. Been nagging for one of those for over a year. Easy to do, hard to get done. Accepted, but requires Terr, so yeah.
  8. Pana

    Crafting sub-menus

    Craft-page could do with some improvements, this is an improvement. Accepted.
  9. Can you use both your AOE attacks? (Avaricious Depths and Sacred Water) and tell me how that goes? If it's not doable with those 2 I'll need to tweak the AI a bit.
  10. This has been fixed. Closing thread
  11. Should be fixed now, please confirm
  12. Pana

    Mission Timers

    I want everything related to "daily" to reset on the same time, but that isn't as easy as it sounds. So yeah, it's on the ever-so-long to-do list.
  13. Comment and discuss the Concept Art here. Keep anything but submissions out of the Submission thread please.
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