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  1. UPDATE posting for the remaining TNR users to navigate around, because its not like anyone whos ever worked for TNR actually ever gave a fuck about us ^_^ http://www.theninja-rpg.com/?id=113&history_id=7391278 I went outlaw, the quest requires two aoe jutsus (and I still can't beat it?!) and if you go outlaw it gets worse because you lose your clan jutsu NOTE: If your a water Chuunin do NOT GO OUTLAW. You will NOT be able to complete this
  2. http://www.theninja-rpg.com/index.php?id=113&history_id=4152887 this guy just one hit his water EM doing the same damage i did. Why does his quest have <300k hp and mines has over 1mil? Why is no one responding like smd with this terr level service
  3. http://www.theninja-rpg.com/?id=113&history_id=5385462 so nobody gunna respond to this
  4. wow that was pretty heart felt. I share your feelings, I wished it wasn't 'noob' to socialize in the tavern... I regret the days we took for granted each others company and lurked the taverns instead of inputting our two sense. xD Best of luck to you mate
  5. So, the leader of the water clan hasn't been on in 30 days. Can you just play around in the panel or something and accept me?
  6. oh the clan jutsu... I changed bloodlines and am in the wrong clan right now. I'll try using Sacred Water when they accept me.
  7. Sorry, whats Sacred Water? I'm a chuunin I don't see that jutsu anywhere
  8. Username: Illl Location: Savage lakes, mistire, ect Priority: med Bug's Effects: When I try and complete the water EM quest I get damaged regularly and deal regular water damage How the bug happened/how to reproduce: I fight the Black Water AI and get ganged blah blah, my water amulet is equipped and all my defenses are at least 100k. I had to train my weak defense before I posted to make sure its not me just sucking.
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