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  1. I'll be blunt. The RP is dead, nothing more, nothing less. Though it had a good run from 2006ish-2015. The popularity of Naruto, along with TNR was always tied to the interest of this rp, so it comes to no surprise now that neither Naruto nor the TNR game are the hot commodity they once were, that the site would lose interest. Nothing is glaringly wrong with this forum RP. It's just not pulling in new RPers to keep the blood flowing.
  2. All good hun. Just making sure everything's alright.
  3. I never understood why manga from Japan takes so long for them to make. You go look at the good comic book artist in America or the Manga artist in Korea and all of that stuff is colored and super high quality and they are also releasing on a weekly or bi weekly schedule just like these Japanese artist. I don't recall the last time I've seen a manga piece that made me really go "Wow!" when I look at it, and then I read stuff like sun rock ken by a Korean artist and the stuffs insane to look at. o-o
  4. RPC Name: Kenari Meno Number of Scrolls: 2 Level Up New Level and Experience Old Stats: level 15 Ninjutsu D C B A Genjutsu D Taijutsu D Seals D C B A Strength D Speed D C B A Intelligence D C B A S Endurance D C Stamina D C New Stats: level 17 Ninjutsu D C B A S Genjutsu D Taijutsu D Seals D C B A Strength D Speed D C B A Intelligence D C B A S Endurance D C B Stamina D C Done
  5. I thought it was funny that Aet was an admin when I came back a week or two ago, I remember back in time when he cursed the role in the chat threads.
  6. I'll change both of those. Can I make the charge ominous? As in what she is doing is mysterious or at least isn't obvious.
  7. A trip of a couple days wasn't exactly exciting, most of the time was idle travel with only the occasional minute event happening to quell the boredom of the long road trip. Likely it had ended sooner rather than later without issue before arriving in the ruins of the old village. "Damn, this place... looks like crap. I have a hard time believing this place has gone to the woods so quickly, what kind of power it must have taken to keep these trees from engulfing this place in the past..." Keke would mutter to the group as an off handed remark before observing that her group was already hell bent on getting the mission done. "I would've thought they'd like to rest for half a second, but nope, on to the next step, just like that." Keke thought as she quickly followed behind to catch up to the group as they entered an unspecified building. Keke would position herself closer to the middle of the group. Unlike the other two who excelled in close quarters, Keke was the least suited to fight in any sort of enclosed space and thus the most vulnerable in the current environment. Her destructive power also wouldn't be of much use unless they had a need for it and seeing as the sneaky bit was the approach the group had decided to take, she would follow suit without complaint. Keke was never known for being incognito, but it was easy enough to muffle your own sound as you walked, and unless you directly ran into someone it wasn't likely that they would be discovered. At least, that's what Keke hoped as she kept her eyes peeled for anything that seemed off or out of place.
  8. I'm on a boat. I'll post late tonight or tomorrow.
  9. OOC: Skipping order because I'm not exactly doing much besides talking and introducing Keke. Also cleaned up the language. Forget this is PG-13 forum. Also misspelled her name, Kenari not Kenori, my mistake. As Keke was moved out of the academy, she felt a huge burden lift from her shoulders as her mood drastically improved. Even so, she couldn't help buy feel a bit off put by their contractor. She had no reason to suspect anything of him, but something just felt off. She quickly brushed it by as if it was nothing more than a minor dislike. As Hakuei mumbled to herself, Keke was able to hear bits and pieces of what she had said before responding herself. "A job is a job, but I wished he had at least given us a bit more background on these terrorist. What do the papers say about these guys? Motives? Estimated numbers? Strength?" Keke tried to look at the papers with a glance, but from her angle it was too hard to distinguish what was written. "Oh right. As you probably heard, the name's Kenari Meno, Keke is the name I'd prefer, but I don't hold it against people for using my full name. I was hired because of my insight into the art of explosives and demolition, and while that's true, it's selling me a bit short." Keke would say as she place her hands behind her head in some sort of lame stretch with a light smile on her face.
  10. "Ugh..." A grunt was all that was audible from outside the room. It had been many years since Keke had come and gone to school, even if this was all new and sprung up from the past ruins, it was still a school and that was enough to put Keke into an uncomfortable mood as if she had no reason to be here. "Kenari Meno reporting." She would add as she opened the door, oblivious to know if she was cutting someone else off or not. As she got a good look into what she could only assume was a classroom, she found it, like much of the new school, to be up to date with modern accessories and high quality furniture. "Not too unexpected." She thought to herself before surveying the other players in the room. One played the secretary role quite nicely. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and some nice fake tits all packed into a small package. She was probably beeping her boss, or at the very least got her job because of her looks, but that was conjecture. Unfounded, but all the more reinforced in Keke's mind. The other two seemed to have a past history, one's pet was humping the others leg while being reprimanded in a rather coy and mild response by their master. Keke had to smile at that humorous scene, but let it go rather quickly as she took her seat and waited for further instructions. She could wait on learning about the people she was likely going to be working with until after the blonde bimbo was done giving out instructions.
  11. No, only those who have the advanced hearing special ability.
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