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    I'm 6', and I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am also trying to get a rp up and runnin'.
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  1. Ack. Not Blending. It's good, for someone who's new, but you still need a lot of work. Nice try though. Blend you renders into the background more, and the text doesn't look good either. 2/10
  2. That's nice, but the colour choice is over done. Needs more contrast, and more depth. Other wise, it's pretty good. 6/10
  3. 6/10 It's an alright tag, but it seems a tad too blurry/grainy for my taste. Overall, it is good though, but a biased ranking from me.
  4. Nice usage of c4d's and it looks great. Not too much of my taste, b&w, but it's good. 7/10
  5. Your tags border is different, but not to great. Style and layout is great, but there seems to be no flow or blending of the render. 4/10
  6. Nice avy, I'd put it at a 5/10 because it's not all great. It's still a good try though.
  7. Phluff


    Yeah, didn't notice until after I posted. Can a mod close this thread?
  8. Phluff


    For some reason I can't login. Below is the message that it gives me right now. Error: An error ocurred while processing your request. the error returned was: 401.1 with the following error message attached: Login has been temporarily disabled. Please return later Click here
  9. It's ok. I've used this a lot as well. It is a very good technique.
  10. Hey Filip, might I suggest letting people know how to add more colour and flow. Not to be an ass, but the outcome isn't too good. It is decent for those who are trying for very simplistic tags, but for those who aren't it's not too great. Needs so splashes of colour, and definitely more flow.
  11. Thanks, I have more to show, if they're wanted.
  12. Just a quick note, there were only three or four that should have been. Thanks for pointing it out to me, but I didn't know.
  13. Ok, as I could not find my last showcase, seemingly deleted, I'll show you my newer sigs. I might show my older ones if requested.
  14. As with what you said, your's is also a bit too simple. 4/10
  15. Animation: No Size: 300 x 120 Character: Text: Black Mage Do you want a Phrase written? No. The Symbol: No symbol.
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