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  1. Not supposed to get here until mid/late 2012.
  2. Need some animated fireworks for a New Year's project -- Resolution doesn't need to be good, single color is fine. Requirements: -Preferably ~300px wide by ~800 px high -Repeated animation that doesn't look tacky when refreshed -Preferred style: Fireworks shooting up and exploding. Will do one of several forms of payment depending on what you want, but I need this within about 36-40 hours.
  3. I'm not entirely sure if I should comment on this. But disregarding all the past with the makers, and evaluating is solely on its merit as a game, it needs work -- As a minimum requirement for something to be far better than TNR, all the existing features and interface need to be at least up to TNR's level. Then we can talk about it being better. More features != better game. Better features = better game. Edit: Made another account since it's been reset. "Your password can only contain letters and numbers" <- This restriction makes passwords, in general, significantly easier to crack. Common security standards these days require symbols, not disallow them.
  4. Sounds pretty nice, I'll look into that, probably after finishing up my AJAX framework. Just need to add form-submitting and support for various different auto-refresh divs.
  5. Bleach-unleashed is a browser RPG rather than a forum RP. Additionally it's made by k1ngscorp1o, for those of you who have predisposed opinions about his games.
  6. Good point. OOP patterns, frameworks, database optimization/planning, and a limited amount of network configuration/administration are on my list of stuff to work on. I suppose I should also quit dragging my feet and start really using PDO instead of just playing around with it.
  7. A lot of people say PHP is not good for making games, and that's partially true by itself. But if you're just getting into learning how to make web pages and not having a site with 100,000 users, you don't need to worry as much about using caches and compiling things into C to speed it up. Languages Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML) Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) PHP MySQL [optional but highly recommended]: Javascript You can find about a thousand web hosts offering full support for this setup for a couple bucks a month, which is fine until you need to start getting serious, at which time you can worry about something better. In PHP you're going to need to learn how to make web applications that get some data from an HTML form(let's say an attack choice in combat), do something with it(check the choice and calculate damage), and display output (Show the user and opponent's health, damage, etc). Once you can make those, you need to learn how to incorporate sessions in order to store information between page loads, and databases to store information -permanently- and between different users. And I'll come right out and say this, if you don't put some time into learning good programming process and practices, whatever you make will suck. Don't just buy a PHP book, all that will tell you is how to use PHP features. Buy a book on programming logic/design.
  8. Would be helpful if we could register... Otherwise this thread may be a bit premature?
  9. It -could- be a Genjutsu, but it seems more likely that it's the power Itachi implanted into him. It would kinda suck if it was, and then it got used up in this fight, and Naruto had to fight Sasuke without it. I'm kinda hoping Pain pulls some hax to get himself out of this. I mean, come on, he's supposed to control life and death, if he can use sheer willpower to break out of Kabuto's control for a second he should be able to do something o.o Oh yeah... And does everybody remember during Naruto's training, when the eight tails specifically told him NOT to use shadow clones? o.o Tsk tsk tsk...
  10. lsmjudoka

    Wanted: Layouts

    Hmm... Hunter could be right. I would still wait until you have something good to submit though. Anyways, here's a protip: View->Page source(in Firefox, although this feature is in basically every browser). Copy all that into a page, and bingo, you have a workable copy of TNR's look. However: Unless you're planning to do server-side scripting for some reason(not really related to layouts), free PHP hosts are often crappy/hard to deal with. If all you want to do is make webpages/layouts, webs.com will work. Or if you have $3-4/month to spare, you can get a usable PHP host. Typically unsuitable for high load though.
  11. lsmjudoka

    Wanted: Layouts

    Learn about HTML/CSS, you'll be able to figure it out on your own. Which once you have the skills to make a decent layout for TNR, you'll be able to do. Webs.com is a decent place to start, pretty simple. Just make sure when you sign up you choose the "HTML-only" account option.
  12. lsmjudoka

    Wanted: Layouts

    Make your own website and several good layouts for it, then try making one for TNR.
  13. lsmjudoka

    Wanted: Layouts

    Care to explain why you're trying to make a layout for a game that already has several layouts from experienced layout makers? http://w3schools.com You can learn HTML/CSS there. But don't bother with trying to make layouts for TNR until you've gotten some experience.
  14. There may be a way to trick phpBB into not editing out the closing tag. But it tends to edit anything it sees as HTML...
  15. PHP. The dynamic stuff on the pages(like the visible regen timer, logout timer, etc...) is JavaScript. Edit: Hello beat me to it. But it's not just HTML, the HTML is printed by the PHP script. HTML can't do logic...
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