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  1. The knee of justice was really meant to be a variation of this technique: Dainamikku-Entori [Dynamic Entry] Rank: D Requirement: None. Description: This is simply a flying jump kick straight at the enemy. Usually used as an opening or surprise attack. I adjusted the wording of those techniques to hopefully be more on par with their intended ranks.
  2. So... was there something I needed to do then?
  3. Well provoke has very obvious combat implications. It's meant to draw fire from allies and toward you in combat. It's the most basic tank function there is- draw enemy fire. Flirt is naturally meant to be non-combat. Building the type of repoir one would through flirting to the degree necessary to say, complete a mission, may take a much longer time than a single conversation. Such a genjutsu could allow a ninja to quickly and covertly acquire information from someone who might be too guarded to normally open up through flirtation alone. Really, it is meant to give the user a slight edge against personalities that might be resistant to "Natural" attempts
  4. Still, the entire purpose of genjutsu is precisely that- the manipulation of a target's thoughts and emotions. Most genjutsu seek to inflict fear or disgust. But other emotions are brought in as well. These are several D ranks in the same vein: Kaiteki Uta [Comfort Song] Rank: D Requirements: Instrument. Description: This technique lulls the enemy into a false state of comfort. Post Duration: 1 post. Dekisui O Wa-mu [Drowning in Worms] Rank: D Requirements: None. Description: A rather foul jutsu, the victim of this jutsu would find themselves covered in worms. Post Duration: 1 post. Kiga [Hunger] Rank: D Requirements: None. Description: The opponent is overcome by a sudden hunger and will be unable to concentrate fully because of this urge to find food; those who are weak against Genjutsu may even find themselves in a condition where they feel like they are lethargic due to this. Post Count: 2 posts. Kowaikao [scary Face] Rank: D Requirements: None. Description: The user covers their face with their hands for a few moments, and when they remove their hands their face turns into a grotesque being. Post Duration: 1 post. Nodono Kawaki [Thirst] Rank: D Requirements: None. Description: The opponent is overcome by a sudden thirst and will be unable to concentrate fully because of this urge to find liquid. Post Count: 2 posts. Look at me! Rank: D Requirements: none Description: After some handseals, the jutsu will make the target feel a sudden desire to keep looking at the user, also, to enhance the power of this necessity, while looking at the user the target will feel extremely powerful and calm, however this is still an illusion Duration: 2 posts -- Some do so via visual cues (The worms and scary face jutsu) But others merely do so through basic manipulation of thoughts and feelings (Hunger, comfort, thirst and the urge to look toward someone). Much like those, these techniques instill a feeling without an immediate compulsion to necessarily act a certain way in response. We also have C ranks that make people feel invincible or inspire them to fight harder. (Invincible and Battle Meditation, respectively)
  5. While I do agree, the point is more or less an ability that can guarantee they'll have the emotional reaction. The typefying really comes from the fact it is meant to be subtle- anyone struct by the genjutsu would probably assume it was just their natural reaction.
  6. Meteor Smash Rank: D Requirements: Target in Midair Description: The user leaps into the air, positioning themselves just above or beside the target. They then execute a downward strike that sends the enemy flying quickly back to the ground if it connects. Knee of Justice Rank: D Requirements: None Description: The user leaps toward their target, thrusting their knee forward at the last possible moment. The sudden movement of their knee combines with their own forward momentum for a more powerful strike. Against airborne opponents, this can be particularly effective. Post Duration: N/A Kung Fu Grip Rank: B Requirements: User must have a grip on target, B ranked or higher Strength stat Description: The user augments their grip with excessive crushing force, allowing them to perform an impressive feat of strength. This technique is capable of crushing through steel like it’s made of styrofoam. Post Duration: N/A 50 Strikes of Suffering Rank: A Requirements: 20 Vital Points of Paralysis, Speed stat and strength stats of B or higher Description: Expanding on the principles of rapid precision attacks from it’s predecessor, this technique executes even more attacks in faster succession. Only, these attacks do not aim to immobilize the target. Instead, they target the areas most vulnerable to pain and injury to deal optimal damage with each strike. Post Duration: N/A Falcon Punch Rank: A Requirements: Houshou [Crushing Fist] Description: The user delivers a closed fist strike of excessive strength, capable of launching enemies hundreds of feet on impact. The sheer force of this attack is awe-inspiring, being able to punch clean through solid steel. However, this attack is visibly telegraphed through an extended wind-up time for the punch, as well as a red aura that surrounds the user as they execute it. Post Duration: N/A
  7. Shuriken Corner Toss Rank: D Requirements: Shuriken Description: Using proper application of throwing technique, the user throws a shuriken so that it leans it’s weight to one side or another in the air. This causes the shuriken to make a single sharp turn, typically around a corner or obstacle. This can be useful for launching attacks from around corners. Post Duration: N/A Shield Bash Rank: D Requirements: Shield Description: The user delivers a powerful melee attack using the blunt side of their shield, aiming to knock the enemy away. Post Duration: N/A Parry Rank: C Requirements: Shield Description: A defensive technique utilizing a shield, parry allows the user to knock away melee attacks and projectiles to the side, possibly leaving an opening in close combat. Post Duration: N/A Reflect Rank: B Requirements: Shield, Parry Description: Building on the principles of Parry, the user expertly deflects projectiles in such a way that they go flying back toward their point of origin, possibly injuring their owner. Post Duration: N/A
  8. Golden Gates Rank: D [Gen] Requirements: The ability to open the first Celestial Gate Description: When opening the celestial gates, the user’s appearance visually changes. This manifests as a change in hair color to a golden blond (Even if the user is blond already, this is a brighter, more vibrant shade). Their hairstyle can also change, and their body is surrounded by a golden aura. Their eyes turn a brilliant shade of blue as well. This serves little purpose other than to make the user seem more impressive and possibly intimidating. Post Duration: Active as long as the Celestial Gates are opened and in use
  9. Provoke Rank: D Requirements: None Description: A Genjutsu typically triggered with a taunt or an insult, the target will feel rising rage toward the user, triggering a strong desire to attack them, Post Duration: 2 Flirt Rank: D Requirements: None Description: The target will find the user very attractive. This is even more effective if the target found the user physically attractive in the first place. Post Duration: 2
  10. Jouro Senbon Baku [Raining Needle Explosion] Rank: S Requirements: Jouro Senbon [Raining Needles], Umbrella Description: This technique initially looks just like it’s predecessor, but the difference is immediately apparent. The senbon used in this technique are Impact-Explosive Senbon, making the attack an explosive bombardment. Post Duration: N/A 10,000 Needles Rank: A Requirements: Jouro Senbon [Raining Needles] Description: After having performed Jouro Senbon, the user completes the needed handseals, manipulating the needles from their attack with chakra. This causes the needles to spring to life, launching from the ground to converge on a single target from all directions with even greater penetrative force than their predecessor. Post Duration: N/A
  11. Name: Precision Tag Class: Global Rank: D Size: About half the size of a normal exploding tag Weight: half an ounce Appearance: These look like ordinary exploding tags, but are roughly half the size Specialties: These explosives were developed with precision use in mind- they have a weaker blast and smaller blast radius than normal exploding tags, making them ideal for controlling the damage caused. These have the same functions as normal exploding tags and can be used for exploding tag techniques, but the power and cost are effectively one rank lower than normal. Slot Cost: None Owner: Global
  12. Neo Horizon is in a strange developmental phase OOC at the moment so who knows? I made Gai a bandless and my other two returning RPCs are both firmly missing nin. I'm leaning toward doing a pirate thing.
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