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  1. Dragons :: History :: Advertising and Affiliation Welcome to Lumota Weyr, the Seventh Weyr opened after the overcrowding plaguing Weyrs at the end of the Third Pass over seven hundred turns in the past. Pern's seven Weyrs rose to the fight when the Red Star once again came calling, and survived another dangerous half-century. Lumota, along with the other Weyrs, were once again ready to organize for the Fifth Pass, but the Red Star danced curiously out of range of the eyestone. In place of Thread, for fifty turns the stars seemed to fall. With the meteor showers, came more unexpected surprises when in the latter half of the "Pass," the Western-most Weyrs of snowy High Reaches, foggy Lumota, and sunny Fort, witnessed the Hatching of strange new dragon colors. A deep rift has torn between the Western Weyrs and the Eastern Weyrs, but with the Red Star once again making itself known on the horizon, the Weyrs are beginning to prepare. Skepticism runs high as to what will come, be it Thread or stars, but as the Red Star unmistakably dives towards its proper, sinister locus in the sky, all of the Weyrs can agree: Thread is coming, whether the Holds believe it or not. --------- Lumota is a DRoP RP geared towards multiple levels of players. We are a PG-13 Weyr Come join us for Lumota's Grand Opening! The first five members who reach 5 posts will receive in-game incentives and prizes. Many high-ranking positions are currently open for the taking.
  2. HOME | REGISTER | BEGINNER MANUAL | NOOB GUIDE [LINK BACK] CHARACTER GROWTH We use a currency system called Gems which you earn for every RPC post, every mission, every crime, activity rewards and every event you participate in. Spending these gems in the Shop allows you to purchase upgrades for your characters, such as stats, traits and jutsu slots, allowing your character to become stronger over the course of your entire RP experience and at a rate that you yourself control. You decide how your character improves, as well as when and where. STAT SYSTEM We are a stat-based roleplay. Every character begins with a set amount of stat points as a base for each level of shinobi and you can gain more via the in game shop. These stats are Strength, Spirit, Willpower, Speed, Perception, Endurance and Resistance. Each stat represents something that every RPC needs and uses, regardless of build or fighting type and each stat has another stat that balances it out. Strength to Endurance, Speed to Perception and so on. Cookie cutter builds do not exist, min-maxers beware. The only weaknesses here are the stats you choose not to increase. TRAIT SYSTEM Traits are skills and/or abilities a Ninja possesses that grants them an IC or OCC bonus. Our trait system allows one to increase aspects of your shinobi by choice in a way that allows you total control on how you build your character. From increased chakra pools to acting skills to even the ability to possess a legendary of your very own. You can ultra-specialize in a certain area or become a great well-rounded shinobi. The choice is yours. REWARD SYSTEM Have you ever thought that you did such a great job that you should deserve something special and only got a pat on the back? Well for those that do the work, we have a reward system that can give you some much needed extra Gems. These gems are rewarded to people for each and every NPC post you may do, for volunteering your time to help out the mods and keep creations clean, or fo pretty much any other approved activity that helps out Jinsei as a whole. NPC ANYTHING Everyone at Jinsei has the ability to NPC for anyone, anywhere, save for one exception. Event threads which need some level of mod to at least oversee them. You and your friends could easily knock out a mission or crime at your own pace without needing to wait for a mod to post for you. What do mods do then? Why they grade. After your thread has been completed, a moderator will grade your thread from a set scale and award you gems based on how well they think you did. Those who volunteer their services to NPC for others can also earn gems of their own, making NPC'ing very rewarding. DYNAMIC EVENTS The power to create and destroy a village lies in the hands of you the user, making every thread and every action on this RP count. If a village is under attack, you best defend it or else it might simply cease to exist. Every village is at unease with one another, and things like treaties and alliances are only as binding as the paper they are written on. The council of every village are able to be NPC'd by anyone with a Shinobi from that village, and make important decisions right along side their Kage. If another village is down on its luck, will you go on the offense and take their land for yourself, or will you extend your hand in aide. The community as a whole, represented by these council figures and the Kage must agree by majority vote. When a council meeting is announced, will you heed the call? YOUR OWN LEGEND Every character has their own story to tell, their own journey to go on. For this, we allow each and every character to own one Legendary of their own choosing. But choose wisely for once started down this path it cannot be changed. To date, we have Legendary Items, Pets, and Bugs. There are also Bloodlines, Celestial Gates, Inner Self, and Sage Mode. We even have a legendary feature that allows you to be something besides a shinobi (ninja) if you take the Legendary Origin trait. And for those who have a taste for the danger involved, we also have the Jinchuuriki which are given away at random via the lottery. CURRENT PROMOTIONS We want every new user to feel as if they have a good start when joining our communities. As such, every new user may create up to an A rank Missing Nin ranked character as part of our Missing NIn Promo in order to increase their numbers and power. Fair. warning. We are a intermediate to above site. We also have the ongoing Recruiting Rewards, that grants Gems per person refereed up to a certain amount. The rumor mill has also been spitting out bits of info related to a possible nefarious organization in the works, but so far little is known. For now~
  3. Pretty much sums up my stance. I'm finally starting to get in the mood to come back, but I think I need something along these lines to help. So I vote yes.
  4. I may make an appearance...Raph and Kenny are being pretty persuasive.
  5. Leera trembled and clung to her husband as he presented her with his point of view of the most important moments of their relationship. Typically, it would have been a very romantic gesture. It still was, even now. But that wasn't the point of her deep depression. She had allowed herself to fall so deep into the darkness that she hadn't been able to consider Victor or her children. Yes, he needed her. He had needed her. And she hadn't been there. That was why she couldn't simply allow herself to fall into the way things had been. Of course, it would be hard to do that anyway, after losing a child. The child that had been a shining beacon to her recovering clan. How can you possibly overlook how absent I've been? How little I cared about how you were hurting while I dealt with my own pain, pushing you and Valiant and Alamea as far away as possible? Victor... The kunoichi mustered whatever little strength she had to pull away from the shinobi. Of course, the effect was nowhere what she had wanted. As soon as she attempted to step back on her own, her legs gave way and she back-flipped into the sand. She looked up at Victor through strands of copper hair, exasperated. "How can we possibly go back to the way things were? I'm not even me anymore."
  6. Leera's eyes connected with Victor's as he spoke. She took a moment to gather his words, then extended one frail leg. She took each clumsy step one at a time. Her legs weren't accustomed to carrying even her slight weight. The slight surf was almost too much for the weakened kunoichi. In fact, just as she took her third step, the surf swept forward, pushing her off-balance. Then it swept back out, pulling her along as she flailed at the surface. When she was finally in control of her own limbs once again, the kunoichi blinked. When had she ever been so clumsy in the water? She couldn't remember. The answer was, more than likely, never. She slammed her thin arms against the water, not ever breaking the surface. She had never been so frustrated. But then, she had never been so weak, even before she became an Academy Student. She folded her arms across her chest and pouted. It was an extremely juvenile act. One that Victor had rarely seen and always found amusing. She hated looking stupid in front of him, even though she was completely comfortable with him. Or had been, before everything had fallen apart. Leera pulled herself together and attempted to escape the lake once again. This time, she managed to succeed, one cautious step at a time. Once she was free of the water's grasp, she step lightly toward her husband. Her steps were hesitated and shakey. She stumbled over the last step that seperated them, falling into Victor and holding onto him for all it was worth.
  7. Leera recognized the voice immediately, and new sorrow filled her heart. She had failed him. Her simple role had been to be his wife, the mother of their children. How was it even possible for her to be an incredible kunoichi - a Jounin at that, and yet be so unable to bear their youngest child, or protect his heart? There were so many things that she was capable of, and yet she could not even do her simple task as a female. Her barrier failed as she extended her foot, the toes digging gently into the sandy floor of the lake as she carefully rotated herself to face Victor. There had been a time where merely seeing her beloved overrode every fear and trouble within her heart. And now? Now there was regret, longing. She had been so young when Alamea and Valiant came into their lives - their beautiful twins. That had been even before her soul longed for children, though she didn't regret them. But this time...her body and heart wanted a child. And that was exactly why she had not been permitted to carry this baby to term. Victor... Her voice was so soft, hoarse, full of pain and regret and every emotion she was carrying at the moment. How could he forgive her? The answer would be simple - he wouldn't be able to. And yet she knew this was the depression talking. Her own version of a demon. Feeding her a constant stream of lies and self-doubt. Her normal response to such words was to react with fire. And while she felt that it was only right for her to surround herself in her own flames...that probably wasn't not the wisest option before her. The kunoichi shifted slightly as she looked up at her husband. Was this even truly her husband, or merely another clone? He had taken to sending them often, rather than facing her depression himself. She knew it was too much to handle. He'd always had a sensitive heart. But she didn't want to deal with a copy. If that was all he could offer her, she'd rather have nothing at all. Seeing as how she was no longer in contact with her wires, she would have to test her husband some other way. She felt violent at the thought of him sending a mere copy to handle her during her first venture out in months. He had longed for this exact thing for so long...it would be a insult to not face her himself. If their relationship was coming to its inevitable close...she was going to deal with him face-to-face. So Leera activated Kouri Senbon. She wasn't worried about Victor getting injured. If he was the real thing, he would be able to take care of himself well enough. And she would offer him a faint half-smile if it actually were her husband.
  8. I know I haven't been obviously active, but I have been keeping an eye on things since I left. And, quite honestly, this is one of the main reasons I left. It was getting kind of really annoying to have people bash me for focusing so much on plot, but the story-telling part of it all is the whole reason I ever began role playing. So yeah, just putting in my two-cents, but some things really need to change.
  9. Leera approached the lake. Their lake. It had been ages since she'd been here. Since she'd even been out of the house. It only seemed appropriate for the moon to be high and full as she made her return to the world. The loss of their baby... No. She could not allow herself to fall back into that darkness. Valiant and Alamea worked so hard to pull her out of the never ending depression she found herself in after the miscarriage. They made her realize how far away she had pushed Victor. It was not normal for her. How had she fallen so far away from herself? She did a thorough scan of the area, making sure that she really was the only one around. Reni and Albion were more than likely trailing her, but they would keep their distance until she was ready. Leera even pushed her oldest partner away...but how? Reni had been her comfort even before Victor entered her life. How could the darkness even prevent her from touching their bond? The kunoichi knelt in the sand, absently scooping up a handful and allowing it to roll through her fingers. Nothing had felt real. Not in a while. How long had it been, exactly? She hadn't been capable of keeping track of the days, or months, that she found herself curled up in their bed. Alamea brought her food, which she barely touched. Victor probably slid something into what little she drank in order to keep her from simply wasting away. He really was becoming everything he had once set out to be. And she hadn't been there to share in it. She had gone back on every vow she made. Her mind slid back into itself. She was safe here. But she automatically activated Kirigakure and Sight just to be on the safe side. Her instincts had been out of commission for so long, how was it that she could so easily fall back into the same pattern? Her life felt like an eternity ago. Her memories...didn't even feel like her own. She thought back to the bastard child. The academy years. Meeting Reni and Albion. Her time spent with her beloved cousin, Zaulyl. Then searching out her father, stumbling into Victor. None of it felt like it belonged to her. Her own children were now compete strangers to the woman she had become. Her own husband...she could not even recall the last time she had seen his wearied face. And she couldn't blame him. Victor had vowed to do everything he could to protect her, to keep her safe. But of the matters of her mind and heart...there was only so much he could do. He had poured so much love into her over the months of her depression, with absolutely no results. No, she could not blame him for giving up. She had been so selfish, and yet could not see it. There was so much she had forgotten. So much she was out of touch with. One corner of her mind was constantly calling out her husband Victor... The seal that Zaulyl had given them was triggered, but Leera could not even recognize its intimate pulse. Nor the call of the rings Victor had given her so long ago. Leera removed her boots and socks, setting them to the side as she stood. Her feet never left the ground, leaving a trail from her boots to the water as she waded. A calmness overtook her as she entered the lake's gentle embrace. While she had a wonderful affinity to fire, she had long forgotten that it had been the second element she was able to control. Water had been her calling since birth, and she often forgot that it was the element of the most basic jutsu she used - the ones that typically made the decision between life or death. She quickly slid out of her attire and slid deeper into the warm caress of the water. This place was more a home to her than the house they'd built...even more so than Rikuhi. As she allowed herself to slide completely under the water, her mind drifted back to memory. Finding the Oda. Becoming the clan leader. All the weight and responsibility thrown on her shoulders. Only fitting for the Dragon Warrior. But how was a warrior of fire supposed to lead a clan of water? She shivered as she broke the surface for air. Her eyes focusing immediately on the moon as her arms encircled her small frame. Her months of isolation had only made her less of a person. Her ribs and spine could easily be seen from several yards off. Her face was hollow. Her eyes...she could no longer stand to look at her once-unique orbs. They were only a shadow of the majesty they had once been. Even the auburn locks that danced in the water around her was withered. The most frustrating point of all of this, to the kunoichi - it wasn't age that had caused any of this. The scar on her stomach glowed slightly in the moonlight, angry and calling to the memory she so longed to block out. One hand slid down, as if to touch the jagged line, but stalled just short of contact. She did not want this memory. She wasn't even sure that she wanted any of her memories, but this one specifically...she could not bear. She curled into a ball, allowing the water to caress and balance her. A soft whimper escaped. If only she could do the same. If only she could escape all that was the reality surrounding her. Her whimper became a scream. Her frustration building within her, too much for the weakened kunoichi to control. Her chakra built in relation to her anguish and frustration. Then there was another scream, and her chakra escaped with that. Bariajenteki activated of its own accord. Or was it? She wanted to be shielded - protected from the onslaught against her mind and heart. Of course, there was very little the barrier could do against this, but it was something. The shield anchored the kunoichi against the tide as her consciousness focused of the battle raging within.
  10. Leera

    Testing the Ties

    Taylah took very little notice of things going on around her. Her grief was a thick veil around her, blocking her from the light that she so desperately needed. She did gain some information from the tracker and stone elf. She wasn't where she thought she was. This wasn't the home of the ones that would decide that Kenneth would be bound to another woman. She glanced up at the empty vial that he set on the table, and a shiver ran down her spine. The emblem on that vial was what she dredded. They were the ones that would take away whatever little glimmer of hope she had left. She wasn't even allowed that. Not even with everything that had happened to her in the past...well...she honestly wasn't sure how long it had been. But the prospect of seeing Kenneth...now...while there was time...She couldn't let that chance slip by. She knew it would only be a matter of time before they would have to report. Unless they intended on hiding forever. But Kenneth wouldn't do that to the people, not when so much had depended on him and his new wife and their unborn child. She rose, slowly and silently once the tracker left the room. There was a wardrobe off to the side, which she was thankful to find stocked with feminine clothing. Her nurse had kept clothing to a minimum, a necessity, though, for her healing. The girl pulled on an off-white tunic and leather breeches. She left her auburn curls flowing down her back and across her shoulders. She wanted Kenneth, and she knew she would still have to fight for his affections. She had to be just as alluring as she had been when he'd...discovered her. That was probably the most correct way of putting it. It wasn't merely chance that Kenneth had found her those years ago...but at the same time, it had required a great deal of luck. Her ivory hand wrapped around the vial, tucking it into her belt as she made her way out of the room. Her limbs were still heavy, and her gait was off. Obviously, she was still healing. It was mostly just recovery, though. She'd probably been unconscious for longer than she realized, and her body wasn't used to functioning as it had prior to the battle. As she entered the living area, she saw Kenneth through the archway leading into the courtyard that was meant to serve as a training ground. She stopped then, watching her husband as he went through the motions of his bladedance. But she noticed his timing was off, his strikes halted and awkward. She could see that, only because she was so familiar with him. To any other warrior, he probably looked striking and intimidating. To her...she told herself again that this wasn't due to any feelings he held for her. She'd been a necessity. And it stung to have to tell herself that. To will herself to pull away from any feelings she'd had in fear that he would no longer return them. She stood patiently, although she would look exhausted to any around her. She would wait for him.
  11. Leera

    Testing the Ties

    Taylah's own screaming brought her back to the world of the living. Her eyes burst open to a room full of light. Light? But it had been almost dark when... When what? She couldn't remember anything past Kenneth's kiss. Had they been saved? Or was this the otherworld? She started to roll, wanting to survey the area in which she found herself. Her limbs were so heavy. How long had she been unconscious. She didn't feel any pain, besides a dull trobbing in her head. She tried to recall the nightmare that had been the source of her screams - yet it evaded her. Where was Kenneth? He was always there to comfort her when she woke up like that. As she made her way onto her left side, her arm fell across her stomach, and she froze. There were white curtains and bright sunlight flowing through arches framing beautiful trees. But her mind didn't comprehend any of that. No. The only thought that crossed her mind immediately brought back the nightmare that hadn't been a nightmare. The baby... Taylah began to tremble, wrapping her arms around herself and rolling into the smallest ball she could manage. The trembling quickly turned into heart-wrenching sobs that shook her entire petite frame. Her grief was nearly more than she could handle. They'd been so happy when she realized they were expecting. Their baby was going to change so many things. But more than anything, Taylah had been looking forward to seeing a living symbol of the bod she and Kenneth shared. A child that shared their looks. She'd made a game of trying to figure out what features the child would have from either of them. No...no... But no mored. Her dream baby was gone. And of course she expected the worse. A miscarriage, especially one as life-threatening as hers, would almost definitely mean she would remain barren until the day she died. There wasn't a second chance. The loss of this baby meant the fall of everything their families had worked toward. And there was nobody left to take the mantel that had been placed on Taylah's shoulders. And she was certain Kenneth would find another wife. One who could give the world the necessary child. One who could replace her in his home and his life. Taylah wasn't worth anything to the world or him without that baby - without the possibility of creating another.
  12. Leera

    Testing the Ties

    Taylah pulled back as her husband writhed in agony from the life-saving elixir. Kenneth could handle the pain, he was strong enough. She was already too weak to handle pain. Even before the attack. If she'd tried to take the elixir, she wouldn't have been able to survive the pain. But he could. He was one of the strongest people she knew. Tears flowed unchecked down her soot and blood stained face as she watched him writhing in pain. She knew it wouldn't last much longer. He was healing before her eyes. But her heart ripped even more as she realized he would never have his arm back. This elixir wouldn't be able to repair that, or the emotional damage he would have. Another surge of blood gushed from between her legs. Her arms hugged her stomach as she bent over, biting her lip to fight back the scream. She wouldn't hurt him anymore by letting him see her pain. She was trembling now, beginning to go into shock. But he was here. He would live. She curled into herself again as the elixir completed its job, and he began to yell. He'd meant for the elixir to heal her. But he didn't understand. She couldn't live without him. There might have been a chance, if she'd had the baby. It would've looked like him, at least partly. He was too enraged to hear the hawk when it screeched. Twice this time. As her eyes glanced upward, she saw it circling them. Then his arms were around her, and she felt a calmness set in. He was here. She wasn't alone. She nuzzled closer to him as she trembled. She had given up without him. But now he was here. And she was fighting, trying to stay conscious for him. Trying to show him that she wasn't going to give up yet. Not while he was there. Not while they still had a chance, no matter how slim, of getting to stay together. Her voice was soft, and broke repeatedly as she attempted to complete her sentence. Ken...Kenneth...the hawk... She was trying so hard to make him understand. her trembling hands wove themselves through what was left of his shirt, pulling herself tighter against him. Then his lips were against her own as she was trying her best to calm him with a kiss of her own.
  13. Leera

    Testing the Ties

    Taylah's head snapped up as she heard the hawk. Part of her recognized the brown-and-white creature as it circled above. But she couldn't place him. Kenneth had always told her the hawks were special, important. The birds weren't scavengers, so the fact that she was seeing one now, with all the events of the day... The thought of a rescue was more than repulsive to her. He was gone...without him...without a piece of him. She couldn't go on, not without him. She jumped as a noise beside her sent her hand flying to the dagger, the one he'd given her just in case. The one she'd ended that soldier's life with when he'd thrown her into one of the houses and slammed the door behind him, leaving them both in the dark as he approached... The memory was cut short as he crawled toward her. Tears welled up in her eyes as another, softer cry escape. She knew this figure. This was the figure she would recognize anywhere, no matter how injured he was. She whimpered as she pulled herself toward him, leaving a trail of blood across the ground. Her hands immediately went to his face, ignoring the vial he offered her. She knew what it was. But she wasn't going to take it. She brushed his hair out of his face, out of the mixture of soot and blood. Then she pulled her arms back long enough to pull off her overshirt, rolling it and using it to tie off his arm. There was no point in her going on without him. Without the overshirt to hide her figure, he'd be able to see exactly what she'd loss. The bump, even as little as it had been, was gone. This was why she felt so incredibly empty. Another whimper, as she took the vial from him, pressing her lips softly against his. Then she brought the vial up, pressing it against his lips, knowing he was too weak to fight back. She was close to gone, but not as close as he was. Between him...and the hawk...there had to be a way. But she couldn't go on without him. Please, Kenneth...please...I need you...
  14. Taylah surveyed the wreckage contained within the valley below. Her back was against the rubble of what was left of the defensive wall. The sun on the horizon was fading, the purples and oranges of dusk painting an ironic image against the smoke that rose from the village below. What was left of it, anyway. Her skin was pale, even more than normal. The green in her eyes almost completely faded to black from exhaustion. She felt like a ghost. Nearly dead. And worse, she knew she nearly was. Everything she'd ever held dear had been in the village when the attack came. Her family. Friends. She'd been rash, tried to rush in to save them. She held the scars of that attempt. The pool of blood between her splayed legs reminded her exactly of everything she'd lost in this attack. There were several open wounds and bruises covering her body, but this had been the life-ending wound. A sob rose slowly from the pits of her stomach. She wrapped her arms tight around herself as she bent over, the sobs rocking her as she held them back. She was petite to start with, but with the reminders of the battle covering and surrounding her, she was even more tiny and helpless than normal. A heart-wrenching wail managed to escape as her head fell back, tears leaving paths on her soot-covered face. She had nothing and no one. He'd been in the village. He'd probably thought she was still there, when she'd been out in the meadow working on a surprise for him. And now she didn't even have a part of him left with her. "I need you..." Her voice was soft and hoarse, saying the words only to the emptiness because that's all she had left.
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