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  1. New blood. Faster process/implementation of changes. --- Not having those mentioned above killed my interests to RP in TNF. That's life I guess. I'm like this. Everyone is like that. I know. I'm such a bitter fruit. Spouting nonsense. --- I only wanted to finish Ishi's plot. But I never reached to that point. I don't blame anyone. But this is probably one of the biggest factors (aside from the ones I mentioned above) that killed my jive. --- I could have been a better staff member too. But I guess I'm just really a bitter fruit.
  2. Are there still any issues with the BL itself? Let me know so I can work it out. I'll have the History and Transplant section filled up... soon.
  3. *grumbles and mumbles* *lays pineapples for Aet*
  4. Updated. Noted that Stamina is not part of the clone's stats. Also noted that what rank of the jutsu the clone can cast is dependent on its current Nin/Tai/Gen. Ofcourse, this doesn't limit the clone from accessing all elemental jutsu the user has. Let me know if there are still stuff that needs changing in the BL.
  5. I can remove stamina if needed. Not that it anymore anyway.
  6. Ikimono Benkou. Forgot that one exists. A very versatile D-rank I might say.
  7. How are insects controlled in general? Puppets are controlled by puppet-specific techniques, with Kugutsu no jutsu being the base jutsu. But how about insects? As shown in the anime (specifically Aburame), in order to manipulate insects, the shinobi and the insects have a symbiotic relationship achieved via having the former's body 'infested' with the latter. The shinobi provides shelter and food (chakra) for the insects and in return, the insects do its host's bidding. I doubt a shinobi would simply manipulate a bee by simply shouting a command, aight? EDIT: Perhaps we establish a base technique/special ability/concept on how this is achieved.
  8. Just putting it down here for everyone to discuss. Kind of a waste since it was left hanging. What is in the presentation below represents my thoughts about the systems, as well as suggestions for improvements. Everyone is free to comment on any parts of the table, especially the red cells since those are the most questionable ones. What we have: Suggestion:
  9. Updated the BL's Activation, Core and drawback descriptions. Comments are appreciated.
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