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  1. OCC: Sorry guys but I learned to day that I will be away over the weekend whit out internet, and just a few days later I will be away over the Christmas, once again whit out internet, so I will take my leave before you have to take a long wait for me. Sorry for the sudden escape. Senru whatch the white haired boy that called himself Ra. ”White hair and red eyes, an albino perhaps?” Senru wondered as he forbid himself to stare at Rai. The other ones didn't seem to care the he was one armed, so he wasn't going to disgrace himself about caring about something as trivial as hair and eye colors. Yet he now saw a good chanse to get away from the others so he could carry on whit his training whit out seeming to impolite, he hoped at least. -Hello Rai, my name is Sairento, Senru, pleased to meat you Senru said as he considered the fact that Kima had failed to introduce himself. ”Well I will leave it to Yukai to introduce Kima this time too” Senru though whit a smile before he continued to speak. I'm terribly sorry, but I have completely forgot about my training. But since you just arrived Rai I will ask you to take my place, well then I bid you all a good day, it was fun hanging out whit you Senru said as he turned around and left before they could get a chance to disagree. -Exit-
  2. Sorry, I guess my inexperience as a RP:er is shoeing a little. I have been afraide to break the GM rule, so I haven't been writing Senru thucing Yukai. Hower I did believe I stated him trying to tuching him, but i guess i wasn't stating myself clear enough.
  3. OCC: I don't mind you joining in but I will be giving Yonaka a chance to speak in the matter before I let Senru notice you. Also sorry for the short post (and yeah my pots is short to begin whit) IC: Senru felt satisfaction as he saw Kima slowing down. Now he didn't have to worry about him interfering. Can't touch this, huhSenru thought as he dashed towards Yukai, completely ignoring Yukai's question. He was confident that he would manage to get Yukai and was feeling the sweeth taste of victory as he got close to Yukai. He leaned forward whit out slowing down, or at least trying not to slow down, in order to attempt to touch Yukai's shoulder. Then he quickly jumped and turned 180 degrees before landing. This way he would get a little distance to Yukai, but would still have a chance to see what Yukais next move would be.
  4. Senru was getting frustrated as Yukai was running around the tree. As long as he was running around something Senru couldn't abuse the fact that he, as the purser, would be able to take sorter routs every time Yukai toured, ans since Yukai was faster then Senru he wouldn't get a result any time soon if he let it continue like that. He had planed on forcing Yukai to the fence but that wasn't an option. Senru ignored Yukais laughing as he thought it was a taunting attempt. But when Yukai started to sing and tourn from now then Senru got some problem to remain calm, but he decided to not let him get the statisfation to see that hes taunting worked and instead tried to ting out a plan to force Yukai to stop running around the tree. Senru almost stopped in pure surprise when Yukai fell. â€ÂThis can't be happening, its almost to good to be trueâ€Â, as Sneru thought that he saw Kima running towards Yukai, altougth a wasn't sure why he was getting close to him he runed of at full speed towards Yukai. Payback for your showing of! he triumphing thought as he ran.
  5. ”So I'm ”t...” Senru thought as he watched the other two run away from him. As Kima chosed to be in the high ground Senru immediate disincluded him from the list as possible targets. He had hoped to chose Kima as a target, but he wasn't about to voluntarily put himself on any height. There for he had to go for Yukai, and he didn't like that. Yukai had alrdy showed him that he was the fastest among the to of them, getin close to him wouldn't be a simple task. ”Well I do believe that I am the one that can keep going for the longest of us,but it would be nice if I didn't have to drag this out that long...” Senru thought as he was keeping an eye on the direction Yukai had run of to. Although Yukai had hidden himself, Senru was confident that he could find him. There wasn't many places to hide himself on. When Senru had made up a plan he started to run after Ykai. It's simpel, but could work, especial on Yukai, if he's so naive as he appeared to be. I just hope it isn't considered cheating Although Senru didn't notice himself but he had forgot to keep his emotional guard up. The tougth of the game had actually made him quiet exited, and now he concentrated full hearty on the task to hut down his target.
  6. As Yukai took Senrus only arm and dragged him towards the other boy Senru was cursing for himself. He disliked being pulled. Jet he was presenter to the purple hair. â€ÂSo his name is Kima, huh†Senru was a but annoyed for being called Seyu, but he wasn't about to complain about it. He still didn't know if this was going to turn out to be a fight or not. Senru almost swallowed his tongue when Yukai suggested a game of tag. He was even more annoyed when Kima agreed. But since he didn't know what the quarrel really was about he decided that things might not be so serious after all, they seemed to be quiet frindly whit each other now, especially Yukai. â€ÂSince both of them agreed to this, it would be impolite of me to decline†has he thought that he took a deep breath, smiled and said: -A game of tag? Sure, if you both want to. We allow justu, any other rules we want to add? Senru hoped that they some how would decide that they didn't want to play, but since he didn't thought that would happen he was goint to try to enjoy himself.
  7. OCC: Sorry for the miss understanding, I will assume that the two of you have spoken nagarian all the time. Also, may I suggest a posting order. Simply Yonaka, Kiamaru, me. I think things will be simpler if we have a posting order. IC: When the purpul haired kid threatened the blond whit a kunai made Senru the conclusion that the purple hair was of a violent kind. â€ÂI will make sure I remember to be careful around that one†Senru was considering to just turnaround and leave the room when the blond suddenly moved next to him and greeted him. He's faster then me Senru thought, and he didn't really liked it. Senru was confident in his running speed, and disliked the fact that there was some one he couldn't out run if need be. Especially since he wasn't sure if this where going to develop to a battle or not. In his head he quickly made a resume of what he did know of the two kids. The purple hair react violently whit out any warning and is apparently training on bunshin no justu. The blond is calm, and fast. He almost seemed kind and almost... innocent. He Sneru was surprised that he wasn't taking offense at the blond as he was so close to him, but somehow that kid didn't made him feel unconformable. Senru told himself to not let his guard down. The kid did manage to provoke the purple hair enough to draw his kunai after all. -Hi there, my name is Senru, pleased to meat you. He said and made a slight bow. -What are you two called? Senru smiled and pretended that he hadn't noticed the quarrel between those two. If they don't want to fight they should have a good opportunity lay down their quarrel now
  8. OCC: hope you don't mind a third party joining in. Also I apologizes in advance for my spelling, that have never been my strong side As Senru entered the building he saw three boys standing in the giant room. Two of the kids looked really similar, â€ÂA bunshin perhaps?, either that or some one is using henge.†As Senru walked closer to them he noticed that one of them was trying to sneak up on the other two. â€ÂThat's some nice practice†Senru thought and smiled for himself. Fore a second he considered to make a sneaking attempt himself but decided not to. He didn't want to look like a copycat. Instead he just stood next to a dummy and watched as the blond boy approached his target. Senru had originally come to practice kunai trowing and had there for wore his black “working†suit. But for the moment he had completely forgotten about his original intention and watched the boys whit excitement. The blond was really close now and taped on one of the other boys shoulder, saying something at nagarian, at least Senru thought is was nagarian. He did once again consider to interfere whit the boys but decided to wait in order to see how things developed. The thought occurred to Senru that they might find it rude of him to just be staring at them, so he grabbed a knuai and made some distance the the dummy he was standing next to in order to get into proper trowing distance. He also used it as an excuse to get closer to the boys.
  9. I added the word skill behind taijutsu just as you said. Thanks for the help so far guys. I would really appreciate if some one could change the title, other ways it will get confusing when it get accepted.
  10. I changed the taijustu weakness to just bad taijustu, this way I hope to avoid miss understandings. It surprised me that the hemophilia weakness was still in the fig thing style. thought I had erased that before it was accepted. Is there anything more that need to be changed?
  11. Hi there I'm not one of those experienced criter, but as I do know some of the things that usually get somented I tougth I would tell you that. Coments in
  12. I changed the materials. About the wight so is he missing a arm so whit a BMI calculator you should add about 5 kg for it (that's what a arm should wight?), as for the tajutsu weakness has he bad reflexes in close combat due to lack of training, he has no problems whit reacting to a trowed object, a explosiontag, etc. I have noticed that I was a bit in a hurry when I wrothe the titel, can some one change it to: [Rikuhi]Sairento, Senru[Revamp]
  13. Name: Sairento, Senru Sex: Male Village: Rikuhi Age: 13 Rank: Academy Student Length:139cm (54.5 inches) Wight:33kg (73 lbs) Languages: Rikuhuu (fluent) Common (fluent) Personality: A calm and emotional “steady ” guy. He usually is very polite and gentle, tough he have a tendency to make sarcastic jokes, he easily gets offended but he often just let it pass by. He usually don't brag or try to make a name for himself and although he often talk about emotions he seldom show he’s real emotions to someone he don't trust. He finds aggressive behavior “barbaric”.If he actually is confronted, he always try to run if he don't have a reason to fight. If he really have to fight, he fight as “dirty” and “cowardly” as he can. “True power comes from your mind and knowledge not your fists and sword.” (Senru's first teacher Karrura Rellia) Appearance: Senru is a small and fragile character and have been so sins birth. He's hair is black and short. He's skin is white whit a tune of brown, typical for some one that have been out door allot. He's chin is round and he have a long face. The nose is small and a little bit pointy. The eyes are brown and is located close to each other. The eye browns will, as a result, almost look like one big eye brown over both eyes. At the academy he usually dress in black. He where a black jacket white out a right arm and the hole for the arm is sued. The jacket is closed whit a few black buttons. The jacket have a piece of material over the buttons in order to make sure that it won't get stuck in something and prevent Senru's movements. At his right side he have folder closed whit a easy-to lose button that he have on almost all his pockets. On his upper right chest he have his only pocket that isn't a easy-to lose button. It is about five centimeters thick and is made of wool and rubber. It is special made so that it will be able to stand some light impacts. He also have a identical looking pocket on his left chest but its not “impact save” and is for putting important and useful items retrieved on missions. The jacket itself have no special mark or unusual seams. At the top of the collar is a zipper, whitch can be attached to a black mask. The pants match his pant in color and shape and is also whit out any markings. On its upper part it have pockets on both the right and the left leg. Senru himself refer to this clothing as his working clothes and he only where them when he is prepared to work. When he is in more public places and when he's not expecting to need to be fully prepared he usually where a one armed long shirt in the same stile as the jacket except that it don't have any pockets. The shirt can vary between white, gray, blue and green. The pants have two pocket where he usually have a few senbons in the right pocket (the number may vary) and one smoke bomb in the right. He also keep a black sheet in his left back pocket. He still wind steel wires so that they can appear from his left arm and the place where his right shoulder should have been. Sins he can't have the wire appear from his pocket they come out from his pants, at the opening (yes I can't find a better word) between his pants and shoes. Fighting style: First to say Senru is not a good fighter. He is mainly focusing on information gathering and spying. If he ever really have to fight he prefer to fight from a distance, trying to make it a projectile fight. If chance ever occur Senru will rely on tags and bombs in order to deal a huge amount of damage Physical Mental Main Weapon: Don't have a special main weapon. Senru is mainly using many many different tools; kunais, bombs, explosion tags etc. Side arms 1 blood pills 3 kunais (in a pocket on his right side, where his ribbons are) 2 kunais whit a pre-attached explosion tag type 1A (in a pocket on his right side, where his ribbons are) 1 kunais (in a “kunai sheath” right under his neck) 5 black cloth sheets (40x100 cm or 1,3x3,3 feet) whist a thin iron stick sewed in one of the short ends of the sheet. In a pocket on his upper right chest) 1 light bomb (left leg pocket) 2 smoke bombs (left leg pocket) 5 explosion tags type 1A (on the upper left part of the chest) 2 rolls of 10 m (32,8 feet) steel wire, 3mm (0,118 inches) thick. (1.1kg or 2,43lbs). (Right leg pocket 1 black cloth mask (on the upper left part of the chest) total weight = 3 kg or 6,40 lbs (Senru's total weigth whit his inventory is 36 kg or 79,4 lbs) Element: Sunaton (Sand) Jutsus Henge no Jutsu Bunshin no Jutsu Kawarimi no Jutsu Background: Sample post: Senru walked down the corridor of the academy. He was just walking around to make sure that he would learn to locate all rooms if need be. He often walked by academy students. No one seemed to take any notice of him. Senru didn't made any attempt to make any contacts either. Right now he had hes mind focused on the signs above the doors. Suddenly a boy walked toward him. At least Senru thought he was a boy. He had long blond hair and brown eyes. He's skin color was pale and he was wearing a a blue worn shirt and white jeans pants. He had a curious look in his face and Senru thought that he was in his age. Hi! The boy said. The accent sounded like sati. You must be new here. I haven't seen you before and I thing I would have noticed. He locked at Senru's right, like he would point put that ha had something missing. One armed shinobis tend to stand out a bit, if you get what I mean. By the way, my name is Karaan, pleased to meat you Well this is a straight forward guy. Senru thought. Hi my name is Senru. By the way, can you tell me if you are a boy or a girl? It's a bit hard to see, if you get what I mean Senru regretted his words as soon as he had said them. People have taken offense for less, and now is not the time to pick fights Karaan didn't seams to take offense at all instead he smiled at him. Oh, I guess it's been a little long sins a last got a hire cut. I'm a boy as Karaan said that he stretched his hand towards Senru, his right hand. Either he is teasing me or he truly are as straight forward as he seams. I'm starting to like this boy. Feeling a bit entertained Senru took he's hand on the outside and shaked it. Karran had a pleasant smile and he made often use of it it seams. This guy would be ideal ti get information out of people, easy to trust as he is. But sins he dress and talk in a way that have the exact opposite effect he probably wasn't gifted enough to actually use it. It wouldn't be surprising if he hadn't even noticed his gift You seam to like black That's all he said, and the he just waited silently. Yeah, it's feels right the proper clothing to preform the art of shinobi in, don't you think? You might be right but a bit to old fashioned for my taste. In my opinion a shinobi shouldn't stand out to much. Senru was wondering if he did judge this guy as a idiot to soon. He maigth even be quiet intelligent. You have a point, but your clothes doesn't really suit the ordinary either, no offense Senru was quiet content white the tour the conversation had taken. Discuss the art of shinobi was always interesting. It's depend on where you live and whit who you have around you. At my home tow... Karran was suddenly interrupted as a girl whit all white clothes and long black hair putted her hand at Karran's shoulder. What are you doing Sariha? We need to get going or we will be scold. Karran's name was Sariha??? Karran, or Sariha, curtsied and quickly run of. So HE was a SHE too? Senru was just staring after her as she walked away. Now I'm certain, I where just being toyed whit Old app is here: http://www.theninja-forum.com/Vbulletin/showthread.php?t=21343
  14. The first thing Senru did when he entered the class room was looking at the blackboard. The rules didn't seems to be unrealistic. Senru quietly took a seat and looked over the thirteen questions. [/i]â€Â1-10 dosen't look that hard, but the 11th, 12th and 13th questions might be hard to answer. I have no idea of what they want me to write. I guess that I will just answer them honestly and hope for the best†Senru picked up his pencil and started to write. After he was done he quickly looked over the thirteen questions and, after making sure that he had made no mistakes, he handed over the test to the teacher. Then he bowed and took his leave. -EXIT-
  15. Onee after one did Senru's class mates leave. When only Senru was left did Satoke dismiss the class. That was a sudden end. Senru left his chair and walked towards the door. -EXIT-
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