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    It is my job to kill all bots. Im on it right now
  2. Compare it to any sj taijutsu and youll see its power is definately lower. It only has one useful effect and its for one turn. Its a sj bl jutsu for petes sake, It should be better than what it is. Why would anyone in their right mind use that jutsu when abominations rampage is even better. you now just realized all sj taijutsu > wotd
  3. That would be cool but no admin will give clans that much power...i mean the power to give people extra clan points for a position is just crazy. Its purpose is just for the clan to know who has more authority over the clan. For example the higher ups have control over the lower ranks and can lead their own little squad and form strategies within that squad. The possibilities are endless
  4. Suggestion Outline: The clan leader is able to make x number of ranks, and name them (think WoW) Suggestion Specifics: the clan leader is the only person able to make positions and promote and demote. How ot would benefit: Clans will have more organization and fun. Right now clans are just a bunch of ninjas with three leaders with basically no chance of promotion. With this implemented people will have more initiative to raid to move up in their clan. You would be able to even make special positions like consigliere/advisor to inform the top positions on villages, to scouts that scout villages for enemies etc.
  5. Why is wrath of the dragon so weak? Its a sj bl jutsu but does less damage than jounin taijutsus, and its stun resistance is useless due to tiers being gone. And 1 round off increase...
  6. im the ice king no finn and jake
  7. Nah man I think luffy and smoker are equal still, theyre like rivals. Smoker is still a logia so he mustve gotten way tougher and more techniques than before. Well thats my opinion cant wait to see them duke it out though, and to see how strong colby got
  8. Dude theyre all epic now, I used to hate nami, franky and chopper but theyre badass too now lol luffy just keeps pushing the limits sanjis flying megazords and batman motorcycles and namis a freakin wizard now xD They are my fave crew hands down now sorry buggy
  9. I was hoping that didnt happen, I knew they changed the increase on normal jutsus but forbidden?! Its already hard enough to get the 5000 jutsu exp from lvl 100 lol ah guess thats why they call it hardcapping. While on the subject of forbidden jutsus, is zr ever gonna get upgraded because the armor boost and defense boost are still useless. CI is nice and updated but ZR is still weaksauce
  10. Does anybody know how long it usually takes to hardcap a forbidden jutsu if u battle arena spam it. Week, month, more?
  11. Like I stated before why not just make gate strike syphon the oppononents strength. Since all the arguements made against gs not becoming better is "ah well debuffing the oppononents strength makes you stronger" wtffacepalm I thought gs was a debuffing jutsu? the small power that you get from debuffing their strength is no equal tradeoff for having something like a willpower debuff jutsu (stw) where alot of people use willpower so the debuff is actually useful, PLUS the genjutsu user becomes stronger too. Since not many people use strength anyway I really wouldnt call this making gs op, I think it would actually balance out the pure wackness of it being a strength debuff.
  12. Some of us like to use our own bl jutsu
  13. i like seeing gate strike as neji's open palm style for some reason. It would be awesome if you could just use gate strike to syphon the opponents strength to boost your own.
  14. I agree, every other offense gets a awesome reduction that people actually use while tai gets strength.
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