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  1. Dokugiri

    End of Naruto

    Double knock outs are terrible endings. Is this really how you want naruto to end? http://youtu.be/_eiegMspozc?t=14m4s
  2. Dokugiri

    End of Naruto

    Well, at least sakura finally got penetrated by sasuke. Even though it was a genjutsu and not the type of penetration she wanted. lol.
  3. Chuunins aren't really strong enough to complete C-rank missions until they've reached about 20 million exp. Raiding should not be an issue with this much exp, unless you have an extremely slow internet connection. Helpful tip for getting PVP kills: You've got to be kidding. This is a PVP game, if PVP bothers someone, they should stay genin or not play the game at all. Never feel guilty for attacking other users, there is simply no reason.
  4. Dokugiri

    C3 Stats Thread

    Having a really hard time fighting against users with skybreak Dragon. Here are my stats rounded down, Taijutsu offense, 45k Taijutsu defense, 20k Ninjutsu defense, 40k Genjutsu defense, 40k Weapon defense, 20k General stats all above 6500 Even though taijutsu is supposedly the hardest hitting and genjutsu is the weakest hitting, and even though my affinity is wind, which is suppose to be strong against lightning, other chuunin at my exp. Level with SD are hitting me for 15k and I'm hitting them for 5k. Am I doing something wrong? Are they just ignoring weapon defense? I do fine against other gen users, for the most part.
  5. So even if you've trained village specific jutsu, you cannot use it if you're no longer a member of that village? Interesting.
  6. I might be way out of line for this, since I'm not event staff, but since several people have posted about "Not knowing what to do" I just have to make some points. What is the event about? Nobody really knows yet, most events are puzzles meant to be figured out as they progress. Way back in Core 1 there was a mirror event (I think one was called DivineMirror) and this could possibly be a re-hash of that. I didn't know what I was suppose to do with the shards! / I didn't know they were on different sides! If you had a shard, it told you in the description to who to inform, AND to inform them you owned "THAT" shard specifically: "Both the Robed Man and Iza promise you great power if you inform them of your ownership of this shard." If you PM'd vague statements, it is entirely your fault. From RobedMan's nindo: "I have discovered information on our enemies, may it guide you in bringing ruin unto them." None of the event characters nindo's hinted that any of them were allied. They are all separate factions and users shouldn't need to be TOLD information that is common sense. The only constructive criticism in this entire thread has been about the full inbox's. The first part of this event was not difficult, better luck in part 2.
  7. I am listed for all three, does this mean I get 3 points? Or will only the points for the side I choose be counted? It seems like that is what you're saying... anyways, I already made my choice. Lady Iza shall have my sole support from now on.
  8. Dokugiri

    Me and TNR

    From my start in 2006 I never intended to play this long. For whatever reason I decided my goal would be to become stronger than my sensei, and after I beat him, I could quit. However, my core1 sensei was solomex... and I could never catch up to him, I tried all the tricks in the book... like leveling Earth Shield to level 3,000 something.... but I could never beat him. As fate would have it, I would actually be the sensei of some pretty badass users... and they were able to do what I could not. Several of my students surpassed me and became much stronger and more well known than me. In core 1, it was Rain and Stacyz... they got crazy strong. Along with shadowninja111 and MisFitZ (R.I.P bro..) our little group ruled over the outlaws for a little while. Then rain and stacyz moved to Horizon and I went back to Silence to lurk for the rest of my days on C1. I created a new account for C2, my name was Soul. Again, I never amounted to much but a lot of my students became awesome and Uber. One of those students has already posted in this thread, so a big shout-out to Yachamaru! I hope to continue this trend into Core 3, I can't wait to reach Jounin rank and start taking on students again. It is after all, what so many of you have said, it is the social aspect of TNR that has kept it going strong for almost a decade. Cheers for Core 3!
  9. I wonder if villages will have any special affinity jutsu. Like Konoki having wood jutsu, but you need earth and water affinity to train it. Depending on what secondary you roll at jounin might determine which village you should join to take advantage of your special affinity. Probably not.
  10. Pretty sure Kyoubou Ikari is one of Silence Village only bloodlines. I don't know which rank it is though. Is your awake regeneration 110, 105, or 100?
  11. There is a certain degree of truth to your statement, but there plenty of players who make the best of what they role. I had no bloodline in C1. Then in core2 I aimed to get a little known gem early on, the C-rank bloodline Death Solstice. It took me 3 rolls to get it, but I had more fun with that baby then any A-rank would have provided. (To be honest it was OP as hell before the glorified balance team started their reign of terror nerfing and buffing everything ever other week.) The D-ranks in C2 were mostly trash, but I actually think that they will be useful in C3. They may not be all-around powerful.... but against certain elements I'd bet money they can be difference makers. Even though I had plenty of reputation for an A-rank bloodline in core 3, I still looked at all the bloodlines regardless of Rank, and went after the one I simply liked for it's name, offense, and affinities. It took me 8 rolls this time, but it was all reputation that had rolled over so I kept going for it. Which bloodline did I go after? The B-rank Quaking Turbulence. I don't exactly know what all it has going for it, but I'll make it work, that is what is fun to me. (Got my alt a C-Rank bloodline for dat legit +10 regen).
  12. Dokugiri

    Core 3 Q&A

    The single most frustrating, almost infuriating thing about Core 2 or 2.5, for me, was the way major updates occurred. It was fine if a news post said "Certain jutsu had a numerical update". Little, frequent updates like that were welcomed for balance. The problem for me was the overhauls. Whenever a certain offense developed a formula that worked, you could bet your mama's pajama's that the next big update would swap effects, elements, nerf, buff, flip-flop, re-name, and re-categorize your build into oblivion. Bloodlines having their jutsu and boosts swapping offenses should never have happened, and it did. I'm not saying things should be set in stone for users to abuse, but some aspects of jutsu and bloodlines should be off-limits to major changes, and I hope the "Balance team" or "Contant staff" or whatever the inner circle is calling themselves atm, acknowledges this. Edit: I suppose I need to phrase the above in the form of a question to be considered on topic. Will Core 3 under-go major, game changing updates all the time? (excluding 2014, I know things are always sketchy at first).
  13. Dokugiri

    Content Feedback

    Whats up with the new elements, is it just to diversify battles or was it actually needed for balance? I mean, Katon Seal used to be decent against VT users, but now it's lava instead of fire? Is that for all the BL jutsu? Same for Shiroi vs. Raikou and DD vs DS, it seems the element absorption will play less of a role now, and it was really nice for low rank BL owners to occasionally pull one over on the A-rank hordes. I'm up in the air whether I like it or not, guess we'll see how things go~ mainly just really happy things are getting done again!
  14. Dokugiri

    Content Feedback

    I've read the "specialization" news post at least five times and I can't figure out what it actually does. Anyone care to dumb it down for me?
  15. Dokugiri

    Content Feedback

    I didn't mean to start anything over my SY comment. I was just checking to make sure they weren't given special treatment... for instance before Promethean blaze was re-named and became fire, it was a shadow element jutsu. It was changed to fire, because apparently VT "needed" a forbidden jutsu with a bloated baseline. My PB is only level 73, and yet it dwarfs the rest of my jutsu. Tuning it to favor VT (considering how many fire jutsu already existed) seemed like clear favoritism.
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