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  1. *look all beady eyed at Azure* Do you really think we will ever get past the time-skip? Really? Q_Q
  2. I dunno. I loved master so think PHD will be kinda perfect for me. But who knows, we will see =P Anyhuu, off to bed I am. Sleep time in Tokyo.
  3. I errr... I suddenly vanish O.o I am in Tokyo working at the Norwegian Embassy^^ Well, only a trainee but it is fun for the time being. Later on I am hoping/thinking/praying for/about a PHD.
  4. *Brings out shovel* I'll get you out of there. Also, how be things going?
  5. I do agree with Lion. A new site sadly would not be TNF, no matter how hard it tries.
  6. Ohhh why will they not come back, those halcyon days Q_Q *Search for Aet underneath a bucket*
  7. I dunno, not that hard really =P And loads of fun^^ Perhaps I am just the travelling kind of person O.o Who knows.
  8. On and off for the past 4 years or so, so.... ye XD It is pretty cool. And things figured out I have been lurking about trying to find a place to RP again... Alas Q_Q
  9. *Flies of to steal all of Xyanide's Cyanide* Me? Good, very good in fact^^ Wobbling about as a trainee at the embassy in Tokyo and having fun in general.
  10. *Believes feverantly as he is caught in the butterfly net* See, I believe! XD It is just this place is usually so deserted. But anyhu... how's everyone?
  11. *Iz circled and nommed* EEK! I have been found out! XD And me who thought this chat dead. *Run in circles being circled and nommed*
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