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  1. So I never complain, never say anything bad. If I fail in events, I fail. The one event I do manage to pass somehow and no prize. Idiocy. Was a nice event, but sadly no item for me huh. Bugger it all.
  2. Thx truebanks. Time i have so no prob there.
  3. Hey there. Have the prizes been given out yet? Sounded like it. Just curious as to where the list is of the winners. Want to see if my name is there. Did everything I was supposed to. Now wait yes?????
  4. Now i know thismightbe a repeat question, but was thisan event jutsu or something else. Just being curious. Any answers would be helpful. KinKaida taps into hidden reserves of some strange and unreadable chakra, her skin turning nearly translucent as immense energy, shining a brilliant golden light, courses through her body with every heartbeat. Channeling the chakra with expert skill, KinKaida brings forth the spirit of a friend and ally, drawing strength from their presence on the battlefield. KinKaida has been cleared from all status effects. KinKaida has summoned girocy1684. KinKaida heals 152500 health KinKaida will be stunned for the next 1 rounds
  5. DaMaGeCoNtRoL

    Stat Thread

    Hey guys. I am working on my defences now. I am a perm SJ and want to know if its better to cap one defence or work on them slow and steady, keeping about even. My off is capped and so are all my gens. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. just a small thread for those interested in saying their new years wishes. Mine. 1. More events and a better diet for me. 2. peace and prosperity. reply with your new years Wishes. BTW. Happy new year to everyone in TNR!!!(going away for the most awesome weekend.)
  7. Inbos was full. i Just got what you told me and I feel like a complete idiot. thx for all the help.
  8. thx for the reply TD. I wasnt sure what was going on.
  9. DaMaGeCoNtRoL


    Well I know this event is small but i just wanted to ask if it was over or not. I want to ask some questions about it but i dont want to ask them before the event is over. can anyone help me with this?
  10. hey again Well I just moved to glacier and I noticed that my regen isn[t the same as my alt My question does the loyalty bonus of +10% base regen make that big a difference. Regeneration rate: 334 (asleep) ALT SJ with 10%(loyalty bonus regen) No BL Two Story House(+12 regen) 252 days in Glacier Regeneration rate: 330 (asleep) MAIN SJ (no loyalty bonus) SY BL(i think +10 regen) Minor Castle(+25 regen) 4 days in Glacier I am just curious as to this. Not complianing!!!!!!!!!
  11. just wanted to know if this is a good jutsu or not. also are gens necassary for this jutsu or just the level of the jutsu?
  12. DaMaGeCoNtRoL

    Stat Thread

    Weapon strength: 420260.2 Taijutsu defense: 34919.2 Ninjutsu defense: 15780.6 Genjutsu defense: 68131.3 Weapon defense: 45858.6 Strength: 27027.5 BIntelligence: 30615.8 Speed: 194561.6 Willpower: 200000.0 Jutsus BDS MB PLD ATS my question is what should i do know. i am gonna finish capping my speed. My main jutsus is use dont really have intel and str. so should i start spamming wep offence or work on my defence. planning on staying SJ.
  13. DaMaGeCoNtRoL

    Stat Thread

    Hi. I have looked but couldnt really figure this out. I wanted to know what the % debuff is with BDS. i have mine at level 150. I have tried to work it out but i suck at maths. I have noticed that on S missions the Blob loses 60k wep and tai defence on the first round Is there anyone who can help me out with this?
  14. Health: 312290.2 / 312290.20 Weapon strength: 418780.5 Taijutsu defense: 9652.4 Ninjutsu defense: 15780.6 Genjutsu defense: 25372.4 Weapon defense: 45858.6 Strength: 6025.8 Intelligence: 8041.6 Speed: 124249.4 Willpower: 156305.2 I used BDS, MB and PLD. no pills and no shometsu. It can be done.
  15. that might be true but i dont think i gave any spoilers. The 24 hour period is common knowlege. and just know realized witch spoiler you were talking about. well thx anyway for the answers. ill just wait.
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