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  1. I am not sure is MUSH rateings go here but if it dosen't please move it to the aproprite area XD. Name: Naruto Mush: Rivalry Latest scene: One is going on right now lol Main site: http://www.narutomush.com/ About the site: Is run off a MUSH client and it takes a few days to learn but is a god mod proof system. You start as a Genin just out of the academy back in the time the leaf village was first created. The site is now in the time when Jiraya, Tsunade, and Orocimaru are age 9. History can be changed in this Mush though. The 3rd is not sarutobi. Canon characters can be born but don’t have to live the lives they did in the anime. Activity: 10/10 (Can find someone to make a scene with everyday) Average rp skill: 5/10 (It depends, you meet anything from newbies too elite rpers.) Development: 9/10 (They have a way to create custom jutsu and clans as well as all the five great nations are in. They have all the clans for leaf in and strict rules on how the shringan can be got. So only good rpers get the rarest abilities. You get rewarded by your peers on a vote system. Everyone in the rp votes when it is done and if you get a good grade you can use those votes to buy skills.) Friendliness: 8/10 (I have always been given answers to any questions I have had. I would suggest checking the +news and +help files before asking though. Your answer might be +news clan or something like that.) Rating: 9/10 Future: If activity picks up enough the 9 tailed fox part might begin soon. Also note that 3months our time is 1year game time. So 12weeks is a year in the game. One week is 1 month. HERE IS ADDIOTION INFORMATION
  2. Kazuaki watched and listened to the golem’s words. “Guess I have a lot to learn” he thought while putting his three shuriken back in his pouch. He watched as Yonaka and Veritas sat and talked then he looked up toward the giant statue. “Well what do you expect? I am lucky to be alive.” He walked off toward his home knowing that his dad was expecting him to train tomorrow. “This is going to be a long week.” [EXIT]
  3. (OOC: I know I already Pmed you golem but I also wanted to state that Yonaka doesn’t deserve to take the full blame. I saw the plan and knew it was really complex but went ahead with it anyway. So yeah... um I am guilty too. Also I think if we had wrote out what happened and gave you an opening to react more the plan wouldn't have come off as god modding. Or at least as a smaller god modd. Anyways I am going to shut up now and listen to what you want us to do ^.^)
  4. "Nagahiro-Sensei is a jounin, so she has other kinds of business to attend. That means you get to stay here with me kiddies until one of you succeeds. Be grateful for Dr. Matilda over there for showing up...she was...concerned for your health...Bwahahahaha!" Kazuaki just smiled at the golem’s words as the giant statue went to step on the group of students. Kazuaki pulled his left hand out off his left hip pouch and threw a smoke bomb at the ground in the center of the group. After that he did a back flip in order to dodge the giant’s foot. While still in midair Kazu pulled two more smoke bombs out and threw them at the golem one to the left and one to right of him. As soon as his feet touched the ground he ran though the smoke keeping a distance from the statue’s last know place. “Ok guys distraction done, now take him down†he thought while pulling out three shuriken incase something went wrong.
  5. (OOC: Got distracted and family maters held me up. Sorry for taking so long @_@) "Ready or not. Here I come." Kazuaki’s expression turned to alarm as the giant’s fist flew toward him. “I am dead…..†he thought as the statue’s fist neared closer. The next thing Kazu knew a Hotsuba was launched at the golem and someone had grabbed his left ankle. Kazuaki was now on the ground and running with the boy he had talked to earlier. “He saved my life and this teacher isn’t going easy on us. If I don't watch my back I could die.†After they stopped running Kazuaki began to pull needles out of his legs and arms while listening to the plan. After getting all but a few that were stuck in his back he turned around to face the golem. “I hope these guys know what there doing†He thought as he put his double bladed kunai into its place and put his left hand into a hip pouch. Kazuaki took some deep breathes trying to calm himself and work though the pain his wounds gave off. "I trust you guys... don't let me down"
  6. (OOC:I thought I would add this in, no one catch me because Yonaka and I have an idea for it. Just wanted to make sure no one messed it up ^.^) Kazuaki watched in shock as senbon came flying his way. “What the…” he didn’t even have time to finish his thought before the needles were upon him. Kazuaki quickly pulled out his double bladed kunai while running toward the Golem at full speed. He watched as Yunaka created two clones and pulled out some wire. The needles were fast and even at full speed Kazu couldn’t avoid them for long. He ran right past the male student who had made the clones and set his sights on the living statue. “Ok I need to find a way to climb this thing, the rain doesn’t help much” Kazuaki thought while still at full speed. He stopped at the base of the statue and spun around to meet the senbon head on. “I hope my training has paid off” Kazuaki began to deflect some of the needles with his kunai but was no match for the speed at which Nagahiro-Sensei was throwing them. He began to feel a stinging pain that only intensified as more needles sunk into his skin. Kazu was trying to buy himself some time to think by deflecting the needles but the pain just served to hinder his thoughts more. “Gota think…. Of… something!” An idea struck him, “Maybe with my chakra control I can try and climb this thing or at least get to a rest point or something” It wasn’t much but at least it was better than standing there having lots of needles hit him. He turned back to face the statue as three senbon struck his back. Kazuaki ran again at full speed while charging his chakra. He began to climb up the golem but with the rain he constantly had to apply different amounts of chakra in order to stick. “Man, at this rate I am going to run out of chakra.” Kazu again ran into the problem of over using his chakra. Even with the chakra depletion looming over his head Kazu continued with his plan. He took more senbon in his back and the pain made him feel numb, he had never felt anything like it and his control began to fade. “Darn! I can’t keep this up, the pain is too much.” Kazu put one last blast of chakra into his feet to try jumping up to the golem’s folded arms. He was just in reach “Just… a little… more!” he shouted grabbing a hold of the golem’s left pinky finger. He was crying though the pain of the senbon and thanked the rain for hiding it from the other students. Then it happened, he lost his grip in the pouring rain. “No! I am going to hit the ground and the pain… I can’t focus my chakra though it!” Kazuaki began to fall toward the ground without intervention that is where he would land.
  7. (OOC: Um thoughts are italicized and words are bolded. Thanks Golem for letting me join the class ^.^) Kazuaki ran out to the training ground realizing how late he was. “I hope my sensei doesn’t kill me” He thought before slipping in the mud and falling just a few feet behind Nagahiro-Sensei. He slowly stood up letting the rain wash some of the mud off him. As his eyes began to refocus he noticed the class had already started and the teacher was hurling senbon very quickly at two students trying to climb a huge statue. On the notice to the class he had received it told that his sensei was deaf and he was wondering the best way to let his presence be known. “Well I don’t want to startle her so I’ll just walk over to that other student standing there.” He thought. Kazu approached Yonaka and introduced himself. “I am Kazuaki.” Not realizing the other student had been late he went on to say. “So what are we suppose to do….?” He turned his attention to the teacher throwing senbon while waiting for the other student to reply. One of the students seemed to have made it to the top while the other was blocking off the teachers attacks. “Their really good I’m not sure if I could keep up with this class." He watched with intent wondering when the sensei would notice him and what she did to tardy students.
  8. (OOC: Darn didn't read TGJ's post lol) “That would be nice to visit your mansion” "Well it isn't my mansion" Kazuaki thought as he looked up at the hospital clock and realized that he was already late for the combat class he had wanted to attend. “Man I gota get going now” Just then a man came into the room and took Ishi out. Kazuaki was a little confused but decided not to ask questions because the man that took him was very Intimidating. After the man left with Ishi a new student entered the room. "Oh ... Hi my name is Ace ... “ "This kid seems to know Jack well” Kazuaki stood up and extended a hand in greetings. “I am Lune, Kazuaki nice to meet you” After shaking Ace’s hand Kazuaki looked over to Jack. “Well I have a class to get to. I hope you get better soon.” Kazu waved bye as he left the room headed toward the shinobi university. [EXIT]
  9. Um.... 8/10 because I like the fiery red background and stuff but ahhhh there is a gun in the pic XD. So yeah with out the gun it is awesome. Ok my turn ^.^ *looks at his avatar*
  10. "Because I don't want to see the cruelty of the world. Kinda ironic since I'm a future shinobi." Kazuaki didn’t mean to change the mood of the room in such a negative way and was very happy to see Jack try and lighten it back up. “He is kinda funny†Kazu thought while trying to keep from laughing at Jack. Kazuaki was happy that he decided to check up on these two after all. “I guess you can find some good people in strange place.†He thought before taking another bite of his apple. Then an idea struck him. “Hey Jack, Ishi, I was thinking that when you two get better we could hang out sometime. We could visit the Lune clan’s mansion, mom would love the company.†He finished eating his apple and threw it in a trash bin beside ishi’s hospital bed. “So what do you say?†he waited patiently for their replies.
  11. (OOC: Sorry got held up XD. I didn't think you guys would post so soon.) "Anyway, it seems that you want to still have some business here. You want to ask some questions?" Kazuaki blushed when he heard Ishi’s remarks. He hadn’t really thought about what brought him to the hospital other than the fact that he was worried about their well being. “Well I did have a question.†Kazuaki said smiling again. “I was wondering if you were blind, but seeing you here I guess you aren’t.†Kazuaki had a puzzled look on his face. “I wonder why he covers his eyes then†He looked over to Jack, listened to his joke, and chuckled a little. “I guess the main reason I came here was to meet some students like me. I haven’t been in the university long and was hoping to meet some new faces.†Kazu now took a bite from the apple Ishi had throw to him before taking a seat in a vacant chair near the door. His right cheek was still aching even after a day of rest. “Guess she did hit me hard†he thought while takeing a bite of the apple again.
  12. (OOC: Thoughts are Italicized.) Kazuaki walked into the hospital a little excited. He knew that tomorrow he was in for a big day of training and decided today should just be for rest. He walked up to the nurse and smiled. “Excuse me could you point me in the direction of Kudo, Ishi’s room?†The women at the information desk scanned though her charts until she found the name. She pointed and said “Down that hall first door on the right.†Kazuaki walked off in that direction headed toward the boys room. “Man that battle I saw was intense; I hope he isn’t half dead.†Kazuaki had never really met the boy he was just interested in talking to him. “Well this is it.†He mumbled as he opened the door to Ishi’s room. Upon entering Kazuaki was surprised to see the other kid from the match in a wheel chair. “Guess they must be good friends.†He thought as he closed the door behind him. “Um, hello I am Lune, Kazuaki and I thought I would just drop bye.†Kazu smiled at the two boys before going on to say “I just wanted to make sure you two survived, it was a great battle.†Kazuaki waited for them to reply hoping they didn’t think he was some lunatic.
  13. The rushing and dizziness he felt made Kazuaki fell sick and nauseous inside. He hadn’t even realized that they were outside his home. Kazuaki heard his aunt say something but couldn’t quite make out the words. The dizziness got worse and the last thing Kazuaki remembered before fainting were Yukari’s last words. “That spar was nice. Let's try again when you graduate from TSU.” Kai came out upon hearing Yukari scream out that Kazu was home. He watched as she walked off probably in search of her own son. He looked down at the unconscious boy and noticed a huge bruise on his right cheek. “Guess something interesting happened” Kai thought as he picked up his son and brought him into the house. Kai was hoping Kazu would wake up before tomorrow in hopes of finding out what happened. It was not to be, Kazuaki needed a full days rest thanks to using up both stamina and his chakra. The next morning Kazuaki woke up in pain. “What the….?” He thought a little dazed and confused. Then the memories of the spar came rushing back and so did Yukari’s words. He sighed as he got out of bed and stretched his sore muscles. “Guess the clan head would know better than anyone. I must take it one thing at a time and do it at my own pace…. but I will still live up to my expectations! I just won’t kill myself to meet them.” Kazuaki took off the grass stained clan shirt that he had fought in. He put on a long sleeved blue shirt and some dark blue jogging paints. “Guess today I better make up for the lost time yesterday!” he yelled with determination. Kai heard his son and came into the room. “How are you feeling?” he asked with a concerned look on his face. Kazu looked up in surprise it wasn’t like his dad to just barge in like that. “Fine.” Kazuaki replied with a confused look on his face. Kai smiled and examined Kazu’s right cheek. “Looks like Yukari-chan hit you pretty hard.” He said with a small chuckle. “How did you?” Kazu was cut off bye his dad. “Just a guess really, so tell me all about it.” Kazuaki began to explain the battle in full detail. He talked about how her speed could match his full when she was holding back and about the kunai that exploded upon contact. Kai listened intently and realized that the spar hadn’t lasted very long. He knew his son needed to learn to conserve his strength more in battles. “Well Kazu from the sound of it you had an interesting first real spar. I want to start training some more with you tomorrow.” Kazuaki knew by his dad’s serious look that it was going to be intense. At least today he could go to the academy and do something. Hopefully a class or maybe meeting some new students like him. “Yes sir.” Was his response before heading down with his dad for some breakfast. After eating he ran out the door and headed for the academy.
  14. The yoyo came out of no where and Kazuaki thought this would be it but surprisingly the yoyo just wrapped itself around him making him fall. Kazuaki was breathing very hard and feeling the fatigue from running around like an idiot. “Stupid low endurance and chakra pool.†He thought. He tried his hardest to move but he needed a rest. If he keep running and fighting then his body would collapse. Being stubborn though Kazu wouldn’t admit defeat. “I have my double bladed kunai and two throwing kunai left. Maybe one last attack.†Kazuaki tried to reach his right pouch but couldn’t open it thanks to the wire around his legs. He looked up at Yukari and his eyes said it all. He was exhausted and trapped and this battle was over. “I guess I haven’t really lived up to the Lune name.†he said with less spunk than he had when the spar had started. He looked away from Yukari wondering if he had lived up to her expectations.
  15. (OOC: Kazu didn’t know that you luckily aimed at him so he got rid of his clones. Then he thought you were coming to clobber him so he used Kawarimi and the last of his chakra. In the end he threw shuriken wildly, most hit the ground though and he is at his limit.) Kazu was again shocked by Yukari; she took the shuriken head on without flinching. Then to make matters worse she made her yoyo spin so fast that he couldn’t keep up with it. The wire was a blur and the yoyo was headed straight for him. “Darn how did she know which one was me?!†Kazuaki jumped back in order to dodge the attack. He soon realized that he didn’t need to when she pulled the yoyo back. “What is she planning?†“Well she knows which is me, I better release my clones to save the last of my chakra.†Kazuaki made a sign and the clones vanished in a puff of smoke. At that very moment his aunt threw a smoke bomb on the ground. The smoke covered the entire area and he couldn’t see a thing. “Man if this keeps up I am done for. Ok think I have just enough chakra for one jutsu.†As the smoke cleared Kazu noticed a figure running at him. “Oh man if she gets me in close range it is over.†He quickly made a few seals and then prepared for Yukari’s attack. The clone puffed in a bunch of smoke and then a kunai from no where plunged into Kazu. A huge explosion followed and all that was left afterward was a pile of splinters and bark chunks. Kazuaki was now behind a tree totally exhausted of chakra. He was in shock after seeing the explosion. “That could have killed me. Darn I am lucky I chose to do a Kawarimi.†Kazuaki now had the element of surprise on his side but was so exhausted he didn’t know what he could do. “Darn, I am so tired it is even hard for me to stand. I can’t give up I need to push myself.†Kazukai pulled out a smoke bomb and threw it at Yukari. He ran out from behind the tree in the cover of the smoke and began throwing shuriken. He wasn’t aiming or anything, just hoping some might hit. After he finished doing that he was so tired that his body was shaking just from standing. “This might be it, but at least I tried.†he thought happily.
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