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  1. OOC: Totally forgot to reply. xD IC: Senshi was struck by the fact his efforts paid off. He saw Shion collapse, stunned her self, gazing into him and past him unto the afterlife. He collapse just as soon as her blood dyed the snow and he saw his blade lunged into her body. He heard Harken only faintly, and nodded back with a bitter weary smile. He was not feeling well to say the least. He fainted.
  2. His foe was pulled towards him first and then she struggled for foothold, allowing him to draw upon her, dangerously fast. Cutting against reinforced wood, armor and wool, sparks flew and blood sprayed, a stream of sweat and steam enveloping the colliding beasts. Senshi pushed onto his arms to keep them erect and strong and biting. Yet it seemed to a point she would survive. She shouted back at his attacks, her voice reinforcing her defenses, not defining them. But he didn't stop. He ignited his spinning with more force. But as she rose, he decided to go with the next move. Amidst the heat and clashing, Senshi released one of the nekodes' mechanism. The three blades would detach and away from him fly. They would attach together in a spring and becoming a cunning slim shuriken that now flew away from both of them. His other nekode kept pushing against her still, and he used that a distraction from his now loose but wire-controlled shuriken, the string already build into the handle that remained on his fast. He spun to a the side of his launched attack to veil the vision of it from her eyes. And abruptly, the Hyougaan would jump away only for a short distance, halt and pull his wire hard. The shuriken would swerve and take a sharp turn and it would head for the back of Shion's head. The final blow. He thought.
  3. One hit, one hit was enough for Senshi. He didn't even care if it impaled or damaged his opponent. What mattered is that any would have encased her in some wire tight enough for a pull, and that had happened, even with the knocked weapons; their wires had reeled around the woman. The large wave of dark approached him, and as he felt repulsed by it, he knew he had to act. The next step was simple and effective enough. He clutched at his stomach and pushed himself of the snow just lightly, not needing to lunge high into the air. Then he began. "Museigen Boushi!" His limitless spinning would commence. Airborne as he was and linked to his target by fastening strings of steel and one shuriken stuck to her armor, the chuunin became an azure blur, a tornado of a beast that flew and revolved. He instantly equipped his nekodes and it gave his rotation fangs, fangs that became attrition at the side of the dark wave he now slid against. He passed it and towards the missing nin he soared, his wires coiling and collecting around his belt, denying the distance between them. It was time he cut into her with his own hands. Either she and the branches holding her became his anchor or he became her anchor as she would be hauled towards him in the wind. Either way he put his stamina into this technique, his strength a channel for his willpower to repeatedly crush into her defenses and then into her body.
  4. "Flower Storm!" Senshi filled the glade with his shout. Smoke had erupted from his hands as he summoned his party of nimble shurikens, all of his Hana's. He was going all out now. And at his current level, a full-fledged chuunin, he knew what was past a tough technique now he mustered with ease. So he called upon the chakra of his Mizu Jyuudan Shuriken no Jutsu and coated his beasts with it. All already latched with wires. The Hyougaan dashed suddenly towards the woman then he pulled back, sending his little flying monsters at her direction, each of them whizzing and zigzagging with speed that didn't seem threatening to someone of her level. Yet quickly the weapons would act different. They would rotate a good ninety degrees and perpendicular to the snow go, and they would plummet a little and hack at the frozen drops of water. They would hurry and they would melt the white flakes and get wet. And the wet would invigorate them and it would send them at blurring speeds. The team of black bats curved and flew now and they would reach the enemy in a flash, and they would round her and their wires would slither below and above, at her trunk and her feet and her arms. They would orbit, near and far then start closing in and tighten their strings, their grip.
  5. Senshi felt dazed, in a state of stupor as he came into his senses. Harken's voice muffled in the background, he swayed his head to the sides and unclosed his heavy eyelids with difficulty. He first saw the line of bright red forming a tail for him, and ten he came to his being dragged across the snow. He had no idea what happened and where they were. Then the launching of an animal across the air followed by stopping and a raging of explosions kicked his brain into alarm. He checked the source of blood and realized it was his left foot, completely engulfed in burns and lacerations. His hands were as well blackened and aching, scorched by the heated rock he had laid upon. Just the sight of the stomping Harken and his companion beast of a women meant the end for Senshi. He might as well give up, was his first chain of though. He couldn't do get up, run or perform seals. And Harken was hardly a match for those two. He had one last option idea. That was closest to suicide. He unattached his pouches and set all explosives for impact then leaned against them. He shut his eyes and played dead. His hands clasped through the pain into the sequence for Kawarimi. And that was his last act of desperation. Senshi would be replaced with one broken bough of a pine among the ones his enemies blasted apart.
  6. It would take incredible strength from Senshi to focus on anything now. He saw haze and darkness and consciousness began to fade on him. What jolted his brain was not the words of Hazard, or the stench of burning sulfur and metal and rock, it was the intense shaking, and the shifting of platform underneath him. He was a shinobi after all, sluggish and without coherent concentration, but dying here was wrong for him, plain wrong. Then again, righteousness and wrong would simply burn to senders in this lava pit. The Hyougaan looked past the crumbling space at the small dark tunnel that remained yet unblocked. He had come from there, and he wondered whether Justin was there too. He began to crawl, seek out the yet stable parts of the wall and kinobori very slowly, digging his nekodes for grip and stability. Struggling and slipping, Senshi made it to the balcony Hazard had just been mounting, which by now was reduced to a small string of cracking floor and a bitten tongue that was before a bridge. The chuunin lifted his head and stared to the other side. He sluggishly wiped the sweat at his eyes and readied his chakra. He moved in haste to the ledge and shot the Suiton Mizzurappa he's been mustering for a while now to his back and below as he jumped. The forced propelled him right to the other side and he fell to his back, rolling onto the tunnel that shut behind him, cutting him off from the lava that poured and the rocks that crashed. He fainted, and would be out for hours.
  7. When the crate flew, Senshi had already realized what was that counter. And as predictable as it was, he knew now it was either death or fainting it. He could only think of Justin, and the success of his mission was no longer a priority. He sent five kunai prepared with tags in Hazard's direction, letting them plant in the ground between them both. And as they would detonate on impact, simultaneously would the crate's hidden objects. He really aimed now for the cover and smoke. And as soon as he was no longer visible he leapt back onto the void. Senshi would latch onto the wall of rock and activate his Museigen Boushi. Would revolve and hack at the solid wall, taking advantage of the deafening sounds of the tags. He would make enough room for himself to reside, and get in, fall and sit leaning back, facing the cascading lava. He took off the reminder of his scarf and stuck into the crooks and let it dangle out and he got rid of his jacket and he threw it into the pond. He hoped his plan would work. Should it not, then would Hazard come down to his place to finish the job? He wondered. And he thought, it was his advantage if such thing happened. Perhaps if he readied another Mizurappa and took him by surprise he would force him into the red death. He welled the chakra to gather, but knew not if he could concentrate enough for such feat.
  8. OOC: Tough fight. IC: "Shit!" Senshi swore over his heavy breathing as his existence, united with a steel monster, reverberated from the collision. He was propelled up, loosing grip of the grand shuriken. The inertia averted was so strong, he found himself plunged into the top of the rising smoke of hot rubble and dust. He was now plummeting, pulling his conscious together. Fire rockets were coming his way and a river of melting liquid his landing destination. Adrenaline rushed and eyes widened. Senshi instinctively found himself summoning Taka, his greatest shuriken, and riding it in another Shurikennori towards the exit, the one at his foe's side. Perhaps, foolish to be so direct, but that was his only option. The circumstances were against him. Should he make it, he could turn this place into the tomb of Hazard, should he not, then it would be close quarters. He found himself ducking, and losing height, missing the rockets barely, damaged by their released heat even further. He had to make it. However, a fire ball found Senshi's fluttering scarf as he closed in on his target, and set it ablaze. He lunged forward making the ledge with difficulty, cut of his scarf with Taka hurriedly. He stood there facing his opponent, panicking inside and attempting to calmly calculate the odds. Taka would be withdrawn and his Nekodes equipped. He then began to move slowly towards the exit, still facing Hazard.
  9. OOC: If I was easy, it wouldn't be so fun. ^-^ Actually I have to thank you. I need this to get better at illustration and you're giving me priceless material. IC: Well, Senshi didn't expect it to go very smoothly. Dai was no camouflaging weasel, and neither was himself. His attacking wave was almost nullified when the opponent's might behind his makeshift shield opposed it. He, however, pushed with his chakra and the force of his water, and the splashing streams all over began to become white hot vapor around the enemy. A crate was then plunged towards the chuunin. Reacting, he had to put his technique to a stop and roll forward. That's when the enemy fell back to the bridge, and with a shout instigated his counterattack. A loud "kai" made things clear. There were explosives. And by the time Senshi realized it, his shuriken had already missed and was headed his way. Perfect. He thought. His azure eyes gleamed. And as Dai neared, all he had to do was bounce up and let his beast take the lead. He manipulated the wire and allowed the shuriken to retort, and as he fell he landed right above it. His grip tight to its handle, he spun it with vigor and charged it once more with inertia. "Shurikennori!" The Hyougaan announced. Simultaneously the explosion took place. However, he was already flying across the gap, the river of magma roaring beneath him. The propel from such violent eruption behind him supplied him with more speed, yet the heat was unbearable. His shielded arm rose to defend his face, and he squinted out of accumulating tire and agony. But this was battle. He snapped out to scan the situation in the possible fractions of a second. He was gliding and his foe had just been slammed into the wall he now closed on to. He thought it his chance. With a twist from his fingers, he veered his flight path and choose to whiz right by the man's body, he aimed for the neck, to behead him right away, or if not possible to gash him in the chest. His flight would then be halted and he would land onto the platform.
  10. OOC: Thanks. ^_^ I been practicing. The lack of a scanner sucks though. =D And sorry, lol, just realized I forgot to draw his cleaver. ===================== IC: The moment Senshi picked up news about the last member he regretted being too hasty. They were now on to the fact some stimulus lingered about. He had to act according to plan or deviate a little. Nonetheless the leaving of Ryu was both a bliss and a misfortune. He wanted rid of that weak link soon as possible. Perhaps he meant to do it before engaging the dark-skinned Hazard. However, he thought it less of a threat that the Hyougaan now left them together secluded in this large arena. The heat distracted Senshi quickly. He hated it. The fact his target was now moving closer towards the entrance assured him though. Soon he'd be able to corner him into the tunnel and force him away from the unbearable heat. Initiating his actions, a different idea popped into Senshi's mind. A simpler , perhaps more assured solution. He'd have to bare the toll of heat though for a little longer. Not too long, hopefully. With a quick hushed puff of smoke he summoned Dai. And with strong determination he let the beast fly, away, across the lake, where it would curve back in a Boomerang Shuriken technique in a wide arc and head for Hazard's back. A wire lingered linking both user and metallic familiar for later use. He had also made use of the low humming of boiling magma to suffocate Taka's wheezing. Hurriedly before the shuriken's flight was too apparent, Senshi dashed out between entrance and foe and sped into a jutsu, his Suiton: Mizurappa. Water would help ease the singe of the charred air, but better the force of such stream was meant to push the man off the ledge and into the sea of red death. If that failed, he still had another attack coming.
  11. Senshi cautiously walked by the wall of the small tunnel. The heat bothered him immensely. Sweat beaded on his face, and he pulled his scarf looser. He crept out onto the extending cavern, amazed by it at first but then quickly adjusted to the situation. He noticed the lava pond, a grimace painting his face promptly. His ears then picked up Ryu's hisses across the chamber. He quickly slid behind the piled chests and scanned the two figures on the other side. He saw an extending bridge of rock from his island to the other over the simmering red liquid. Then he identified the scrawny shaky character of Ryu, talking hesitantly with the other. That was a turned hooded body setting on one other crater like the ones he himself leaned against. Perhaps that was the shady companion of this gang. It was a good opportunity to take him down then. Senshi wondered if he could take both out easily, or that if he even managed to do so would he would lose all chance to track the last member of this group. He sighed soundlessly thinking that the remaining one would be toughest to assassinate to begin with, and he didn't know where his partner was. Nonetheless, it was time for action. Senshi slipped one of his shurikens into his right grip. He picked one with least sound, a three-pronged. He then sent the project into the tunnel. That would let it fly all the way through and bang into a far spot, emanating a light clank. He then observed and readied him to react. A hand touched his scroll.
  12. Senshi spun and passed through the door quickly. It seemed his partner had already went ahead of him through the door. The chuunin shut the room's door and let the corpses be for the time being. He then followed into the passage carefully. There might have been a split in the pathway that they got split at. Soon enough the Hyougaan was nearing the source of heat. His discomfort level rose slowly.
  13. Hmmm sure. I guess something like that is fine. I'll post soon.
  14. Hehe what I'm saying is I want to complete, but am I allowed to?
  15. Wait... if you do care, then sure, I can continue it. I could use the credit. But is that even possible? What are we gonna do with Hito's character?
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