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  1. I just ask because my clan has specific ties, and the Tanaka clan leader is a Water Country Diamyou. Of course there can be several political entities. But thank you for clarification. Though if nothing's changed for "older" political characters. Should we make individual profiles for them? As I'm seeing an increase of this. Moreso asking because I've been brainstorming a plot recently with this specific character....lol and it's my true reason for starting to RP here again.
  2. Will there be a centralized thread in the near future displaying the political dynamics of each country? and the people holding them? Would appreciate this, since it would be easier for users instead of sifting through all Jounin+ profiles to see who is who. Since there are plenty of profiles/RPCs linked to political influences, including my own that are now invalidated. Or are they? I honestly didn't think there was such high demand of these political powers.
  3. Anki


    OOC]] Well it is all deserved praise. =] And you followed with a beautiful post. Thank you NT. Poison. It was what this world was to her. So to cocoon herself in toxin was a fitting burial ground. It was to make sure that no one came after her. That surely Anki would crawl through hell's gates. It was a promise that escaped her grasp. Death...oh how she wanted him to embrace her. To fulfill her every desire and need. Death alone would know the pain, could endure such trials. Only him. Only Death. He was such a befitting lover. His fingertips wrapped around her wrist and pulled her further into his lair. The warmth of hell's fires lapping at her heels. Anki grinned wildly in anticipation. Seeking what Death had to offer. Oh how she had waited so patiently for him. How before she was greeted with the flash of white light, but her innocence had now been raped. Anki could only be held in the clutches of darkness, whispered in by the shadows. Pain. His hand tightened around her wrist, and she struggled. Pulling away from him. Fear dilated her pupils. Ghastly bodies traced her figure, grotesque ghost kissed her flesh. A rotted tongue forced her jaws apart. Skeletons pulled at her hair. A mass of bodies tore at her skin, and all the while she could only hold on to death's hand. The sadistic pleasure granted to her in life did not calm her in death. Anki became weak, keeping her eyes shut. Pulling her body into a fetal position, keeping her handhold on death. Could she run up heaven's stairway now? Palms pushed at her chest, pressing her against the grains of earth. Wounds became enclosed in mud, blades of grass plunged deeper into such open tears on her body. Pain. Everything hurt. She didn't dare open her eyes to witness the disembodiment of her body. Anki wasn't so crazed to watch her own limbs being pulled from their place. She wanted to scream. To cry out. To search for some strength. But her throat tightened, and no sound could be uttered. Another push on her chest and liquid rushed from her lungs. Spilling over her lips as she gasped. Lips parted she welcomed the cool breath of life enter her. Another press on her body, and water flooded outward again. Lungs quivered with the sweet taste of oxygen, of life. The sensation of touch raced across her skin, everything around her became more vivid. Peace. She did not open her eyes. Why? For she knew she would awake from slumber. Anki knew that her dream would fall to the chaos of reality. Streams fell from closed lashes. Anki didn't want to return to the horror of bodies. She was at peace right here. The gentle touch of wind caressed her skin. Tickling her senses as she breathed in. This moment held the woman in bliss. Anki didn't want to be awaken from such a moment. The kunoichi had stirred from death before. The kunoichi had awakened in a man's arms before. She had heard the cries of her name before, had been assaulted by the attempted to save her. Why...? Why was her life so valued...? Confusion swept over the forefront of her mind. She had always assumed it was the state of attraction. The vile skin-deep affection that plagued her whenever she was with another man. Or in most cases, boys. It made her throat tighten. Could she have misunderstood it all? Was she still a child? Ignorant of the world around her? No...no. She knew the world's cruelties. She had delved into it. Had killed, had been killed. She had tortured and been tortured in return. Anki had lied, and been equally deceived. There wasn't this fluff of protection. It was just the guise of corruption. Protect my assets. Protect my goods. Protect my heart from being broken... It was all so selfish. That was all it was. Shinobi produced trivial rivalries so that they have an excuse to protect something. And dare you not spill the secrets of one's village. Death is the penalty. I don't need a hero. That's what she kept saying. Anki had always pitied the man that thought he was some sort of knight. Chivalry was dead, and the men of today lacked eloquence and skill. Anki didn't need a knight. Yet she felt life's breath on her lips. A god's hand on her heart. An Angel's will for life. But Anki knew better then to think such thoughts...because it was a man before her. It was Renato. Tears fell. ...why? "Baka..."
  4. Anki


    OOC]] Have I told you that you're amazing? <33 And it took me...forever to find this post in my hardrive x___X. But thank you for reminding me about the thread >] But you better keep your promise! BIC]] Boom At the sudden spark of murderous intent from Renato, the woman calmed. The maroon hues dulled to a murky brown. For one who yearned for the embrace of death, she couldn't sway at her killer's hand. It was inevitable. The odds were stacked against her. This was Renato Hinatase. With a bloodline superior to her intelligence, and a physique of a God. How could she match? What would make her even think so? A devious grin lit upon such gentle but bruised features. Renato would never understand her. Nor would she ever understand him. Shouldn't opposites attract? What a thought. Such a sadistic demon thrown against an over-emotional, over-talkative, over-grown heir. The stench of his over-privledged life made her ill. More then the power that he emitted. Yet they both were rogues. Lost in a sea of self-inflicted tradegy. How quaint. The woman's hand dropped when she did not feel the pleasure of his warmth. Just the awakened power of the Hinatase clan. It strained her to find her own power within his massive display. Anki stumbled. A foot placed forward to catch herself, and for a moment. Before the calm of the storm before her, she laid her cheek against his chest. The pulsing thud within his being stole a smile. "This is where we sever ties." So it is. The sincere display of affection of course would never be returned, and the wind shot upward around him. Throwing her to stand upon her own strength. Anki would atleast stand. A hand went to wipe away the burgandy spilling from her lips. "Kill Me, Renato." She glared back at him. Although she did not share the same murderous or even sadistic look he had. She couldn't see him move behind her, but had to assume so, but before her thoughts could process, an elbow slammed into her back. A look downward and she believed she saw the force of the hit reverberating through her chest. The power of it made her take a step forward to balance herself. "Torture me to your heart's content." There was no pleasure felt in the blows taken. The concentration of her chakra gave, and her foot fell into the water. Maroon irises widened, and she fell into the lake completely. Lips parted, instinctively inhaling for oxygen. Yet there was none. The first notion of fear was displayed within her pleading gaze. She felt...human. Powerless in the life of oneself. Witness to the destruction around her. What an honor it felt like, to have no super strength. To have the inability to mold chakra. To be weightless. To understand that war, battle, and tribulation were not a daily life. To know that life would push forward and blossom in the unknown. TO not have to train every moment to become stronger. Or else you were powerless to defend. But to defend what...? A village? A war profiting sanctuary? A household that bred soldiers to pit them against one another. This was why Anki could not understand Renato's alliance in his village. How could anyone? How could anyone participate in an arms race? Another gasp for air, and only liquid rushed into her lungs. Fingers rushed in unison, literating seals. "Biransei No Jutsu." The kunoichi's lungs emptied. And what came was concentrated toxin. Hiruko. With eyes clenched she forced chakra to her limbs, but her back arched upward. Her thoughts incoherent as she fell into a contorted hell. The pain in her chest shot through her body, and she resisted the need to gasp for air. With eyes closed, saline tears formed... as she succumbed.
  5. Anki


    OOC} NT! I love you long time till infinity! Wonderful post and a month+ reply! Mwhaha >] I so win at having late posts. Even though I've had this thing half-written about a month ago... BIC} He was ignoring her. Pity, and how irritating. She was suppose to listen to all his preaching humbug, but he didn't take the time to do the same? She might've been 'evil', but he was pretty damn rude.A brow rose when he skipped the subject. "Don't be confused. I left those villages voluntarily. They just can't handle someone being a freelancer. You choose to leave, you die. It's the loyalty bull." placing the hand he parried on his shoulder. "You're a damsel in ecstasy, just waiting for someone to give you what you want so badly." "Of course, isn't that everyone? Just waiting for their release? Their desire to be rewarded?" the woman placed a finger on her chin, and began tapping her foot on the water impatiently. "I mean really...all I want is for someone to kill me." she purred, tongue cradling the single word 'kill'. "I look at you, and see a woman licking her lips at the sight of pain, enjoying it like some sort of thrill. Anki giggled. "It's called masochism, you don't have to like it. It's not in a sexual way either, so you don't have to worry." The kunoichi let herself fall silent to the rambling buzzard walking around her. Oh how he had a bagpipe of words. She began to wonder if there was any end to him. Renato was quite attractive when his mouth was closed. Though she had to give him a couple of points for his witty lines. But it was only met with sarcasm. This world has rejected you "Well that's obvious." And the afterlife mocks you. "Mhm, I was a popular stand-up comedian back in the day." Anki's eyes closed when he began to walk around her. Keeping her attention on the way his body moved to and fro, cloth brushing against skin. She was surrounded by his words. A brow raised, "Lust over conscience? What an interesting assumption." she sighed over his mentioning of her 'afterbliss'. "And I thought you weren't the typical one night stand kind of guy. How sad." Another sigh, he was going into this deep philosophical crap. Preach. Preach. Preach. Then he rambles on about her not listening. Then he goes on about her promise she made long ago. Anki's eyes opened at that remark. "This is not the girl you met so long ago. She can't save anyone..." her jaw grinded against every syllable, each word guised in malice. Anki's eyes met him dead even, a less playful air within those crimson hues. Though what betrayed it was a wide cheshire grin beneath. A last dance, eh? "Lets not waltz though, the Tango has more fire. C'mon take my hand..." the lull of words seduced the very air around them, as the sadistic demon extended a hand toward the blue-wind Angel. "You lead."
  6. Don't stop though, keep showing off your stuff =]
  7. Neeka & Anki accept <3 If that is possible. =] Anki would hate all the fruu-fruu girly stuff, but Neeka would adore it. Thank you, lovelies
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    "Always on top, eh?" the kunoichi laughed, pulling off a dangling weed from her shoulder, letting her mind wander enough to watch it follow and slither beneath the calm waves. Anki sighed at his comment on not caring, and with a roll of her shoulders she let a smirk settle. Is that so? It seemed liike he didn't do that well of a job of 'not caring'. Renato seemed very passionate about this, and now what bi-polar disorder? He suddenly got disinterested because he knew he already would win? Bah, a cocky ass he was. "Blah blah no integrity, and you're Mr. Hero." she waved her hand about, rolling her eyes. "I'm so sorry that I couldn't be your typical damsel in distress." she paused, tilting her head and placing a finger on her chin. "Would you like to save me from some evil? Like every other pathetic boy I've met." Anki purred, taking a step forward, the water beneath becoming a pool of crimson. "Pinnacle? You're joking right? Don't flatter yourself. And you've only just realized that I've been using you? I'm so sorry Renato~kun." each word was guided with a sly step forward, until she was before him. A hand reached behind and retrieved a shuriken, gasping when she retrieved all six from her back. An explosion of red poured down her back from the open wounds, spilling onto the lake. "What's holding you back...? Some dead sibling? Lost and mutilated love? Some odd fantasy about your mom or dad?" She took another step forward, his scent intoxicating. The viral crimson surrounding the woman, the poison of her essence invading the holy blue underneath him. Anki frowned. She glared up at him, mockingly so. Because right now, if you push any closer, I'll take you in and lock you up for good... where you can stay disappointed till you wither away and die. Anki grinned, placing a finger on his chest and pushing him backward."I hold the key to every lock, Renato~kun. I. Just. Can't. Die. I can even walk through Hell's gate." "Now what? I pushed the red button." A kater shot out underneath her finger.
  9. They may not be your best, but they're not certainly your worse. You're becoming magnificent at coloring =] At identifying highlights and shadows. It gives a japanese feel to it. Have you ever drawn on a Oekaki?
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    None of the links work ;-; Anki weeps.
  11. Wow, I would love to see some finished works from you. They'd be no less then epic. I love the sketches and practice work so far >] And your new stuff is lovely. While link is kawaii~, I'm in love with your Saito. Keep it up <3
  12. It's difficult to critique this piece. Though I do love the color, I'm disappointed that you colored over the eyes. Both pieces give different meanings now. Yours gives a more relaxed, "I'm sleeping but sexy" look. While the original sketch has a rugged "grr" factor because of the intensity in the eyes. And I truly love the eyes. Some places it's abit messy. Like the highlights in the hair where it meets his chest. I believe you should've kept it white, instead of coloring over it. And the color choice for the pants is the same as the background/whatever he's sitting on. Some places it's hard to tell which is what. But tis lurvleh =]
  13. Anki


    Hey lovely, hope you haven't disappeared from us >[ Heart would be broken </3 Keep the updates up! Or a mob of raging fangirls will invade your home! >=[! -clutches her Kharadun fangirl doll-
  14. As always NT it's wonderful =] Keep updating lovely <3
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