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    I hurt myself today,
    To see if I still feel,
    I focus on the pain,
    The only thing that's real,

    The needle tears a hole,
    The old familiar sting,
    Try to kill it all away,
    But I remember everything,

    What have I become,
    My sweetest friend,
    Everyone I know,
    Goes away in the end,

    And you could have it all,
    My empire of dirt,
    I will let you down,
    I will make you hurt,

    I wear this crown of thorns,
    Upon my liars chair,
    Full of broken thoughts,
    I cannot repair,

    Beneath the stains of time,
    The feelings disappear,
    You are someone else,
    I am still right here,


    And you could have it all,
    My empire of dirt,
    I will let you down,
    I will make you hurt,

    If I could start again,
    A million miles away,
    I will keep myself,
    I would find a way.
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  1. Blazestorm, I know the jutsu I read and understand it, but I hate that it got hit so hard since it really can't be used well unless your pet well pees on someone first then you have to use chakra to form a big animal aka easy target then you use an awesome jutsu, but to lose power cause you fused with your pet then lose all jutsus? Come on. I understand someone wanted a fusion thing that could had been broken as Cthulhu, but this jutsu didn't need to be hit. It's like hitting a bottom tier player on a game and making them worst cause a top tier was broken. Been playing a lot of video games lately so forgive the game logic. That's why I'm making a different jutsu. I'm asking Itami help on this cause he did this new jutsu so I'm trying to balance it, but I still don't understand why twin headed wolf got nerfed when it was already balanced just stighly confusing about who's brain was in control which I was so happy to see that cleared up. My point being that a fusion between two things should NEVER make them weaker, only stronger. Look at every fusion ever that was meant to work, they all got stronger not weaker, but the problem was both people's lives were now at risk instead of one. In card games, a fusion between cards meant something stupid and over power was coming like Zero from yugioh or the dual fusion Pokemon cards. Now if what you said enkou would work better then I can make a rpc sheet easily. Lol y'all know I've made plenty of them in the past. But the jutsu thing I find should happen. You already are using your slots up for your pet, they only can get one element, and only b-rank at best (minus legendary pets) for jutsus, so maybe why not let the two use their full power? They are now of one mind, they didn't get dumber by fusing... Unless one was dumb then well you got me on that.
  2. The ninja stood there was his arms crossed. The sun over head as the wind picked up. His hair whipped around, with a look of extreme determination, anyone that would become his student would feel scared yet ready to go with this look. A slight smile crossed his face as a thought crossed his head. In his thoughts- The very look of me is nothing more than awesome. Yes I've made myself great, when my students see me, they will cheer, ready to begin a life of hardship with the power to face it head on. It's perfect! Back in the real world- Roy, Leo's 3 foot cat, walked over to him and noticed he didn't even see him work over. A evil grin crossed his face as he put his tails around each leg and then pushed his back. Leo tripped and slammed into the ground, his cool pose now over. Roy laughed as his owner crashed to the ground. In cat, Leo yelled, "what the hell Roy?! Why did you do that?!" Roy then yelled back, "Maybe if you didn't have you head in the clouds, you would had seen me coming!!!" The two both had their faces smashed into each others lightning could be seen arcing between their eyes. A fire engulfed them as it seem very anime cartoonish. Then the two just laughed as Leo just flopped on to the ground and grabbed Roy on the way. The two just relaxed for a bit as they waited.
  3. That's good I'll try to work that in Like I said if its a no, not a lost to me so meh ill just take it out Oh yeah same rules
  4. Most likely I just ask for my RPCs s/w with a slightly larger chakra pool from the cat being fused with him. I was just thinking out the box with that honestly. That's why I said its smaller, makes it easier to dodge. Still would have to pee on someone to make it work. If its a no, oh well. A-rank?
  5. Ok took out that some traits mixed though mental has to stay in since their minds fuse as well in this jutsu.
  6. This follows pretty much the same guide lines as double wolf and no more embrace, nothing against but meh. This is double wolf just the user is human shape, stays normal size and has to be done with a cat. It also means I can have both Leo and Roy in the same thread but doing different things or fuse them together if I feel it's needed.
  7. Just click Leo my rpc. It's his size, weight, body build etc but colors change and there fur added with cat ears and tails and claws and teeth. And it's two legged
  8. Well you should see what I am trying to do. When I first got on I tried to make a pet fighter, but it didn't really work, so I'm going back to my first goal and now that the forum isn't alien to me, I am going to try even harder. So this jutsu would be my first of a long line of pet style jutsus. So I am asking does this one seem alright with you or are there things you are worried about
  9. The two have three mayor differences 1- size of course 2- the user can still use jutsus 3- can only be used with cats not just any animal So I'm hoping those help it Seeing how you made the revamped double wolf, I would like more of your opinion on this
  10. I didn't see what you changed, but I edited it bit myself as I saw some mistakes I made Ah gotcha
  11. Oh I already noticed that this was changed from when I started. This is my style of that jutsu. The user is human size and not huge and keeps their humanoid shape while gaining animal parts. I also limited it to cats cause well you know me, I'm a cat person.
  12. Name: Man Beast Combination Transformation: Alter Liger Rank: A Type: Ninjutsu (Kin) Range: Self Element: N/A Village Origin: Nagare Requirement: Approved feline pet Description: Much like Sotoro no Jutsu [Man Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf], after performing a long series of handseals the user and their pet combine their chakra to transform into a form that looks like the human, but now has red hair with a few orange pieces with cat ears, tail or tails depending on the pet, the arms and hands have red and orange fur on them and the hand has claws, sharp teeth with two that are now longer than the rest, the eye colors are that of the pets. Theirs weight and height is that of the humans. The pets natural abilities transfer over into the new being. They become one single being and unlike before, their minds are now linked perfectly together. This means all mental strengths and weakness clash, while chakra pools are fused together as well. In this form, the user is capable of preforming Garouga [Double Wolf Fang] though it is much smaller but same strength and speed, but can used all their jutsus they know. Creator: Kaiser Leonhart
  13. Ok I see what you mean so I added it in Also as for weight, I based his size and weight off of that of a large adult male bobcat The adult bobcat is 47.5 to 125 cm (18.7 to 49 in) long from the head to the base of the tail, averaging 82.7 cm (32.6 in); That's why I added the tails length differently from the length as the Bobcats tail is will small An adult stands about 30 to 60 cm (12 to 24 in) at the shoulders. I made mine taller as it also was based on other big cats. Adult males can range in weight from 6.4 to 18.3 kg (14 to 40 lb), with an average of 9.6 kg (21 lb); females at 4 to 15.3 kg (8.8 to 34 lb), with an average of 6.8 kg (15 lb). So by using the bobcat, I'm right at the top of the scales for their size minus my weight is a foot taller.
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