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  1. If we all watch the anime, this song should be known by all. One of my favorite Shippuden openings.
  2. Many of you from the forums know me. I left for a good long while as I started doing more things in real life as well as more working. I have come back but won't start rping for awhile. With the time that I have, I might just only return with one rpc for now. I'll be mostly lurking in the chats lol. Hi everyone!
  3. Its been awhile. This place has changed at least twice in my absence.
  4. Been so long since I've been here. Feels different. O.O
  5. I'm getting back into the mix of things Darth.
  6. Wow, I know I've been on fb too long when I try to like a person's post in the chat threads, haha.
  7. I wish my paychecks were more. I want my pc now! ugh.
  8. I think I will. I'll do rp threads from here that I liked the most and any that people suggest to me. Whether hilarious, amusing, or action packed with great rp detail.
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