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  1. We have this idea of awarding people badge's, depending on the number of total posts they make on tavern. A thousand, 2k, 5k, etc. We're not entirely sure if it's feasible since it would need a counter for that somewhere and it may be too much info, idk. But yeah, the game's activity is directly tied to tavern activity, I'd say. Do you guys have suggestions to actually improve the tavern's system? The ping thing might be a good idea. What else could be done to make it more attractive and easy to use? Global tavern just might be a thing to save us all D: Despite having been furiously bashed in the past.
  2. Albafica

    The Ragebar Dilemma

    TM's ragebar was the best. By far my favorite on C2~
  3. I feel the same. :c I miss active taverns, instead of discord servers...
  4. There's other people she can PM.
  5. Rewards have been handed out. Roogen has had 1 extra week added to his ongoing subscription. Thank you all who participated, enjoy!
  6. Let's say we have an event X in this template. Part of that event would follow this template, so although you could do the in-game part of the event as usual you wouldn't be able to complete it without the RPing. That's why not all events would be like this, so that the people who like events as they are now can still play the regular events. Rewards would be in-game, of course, such as they are now. The only difference in here is how you acquire it. Supercell and saru, while we could use this same idea for quests, territory battles and etc, that would alter game content and as such it would become an obligation - if you want to do quests/certain battles/whatever, you'll HAVE to do it like that. I understand not everyone likes to RP, so I'd rather not force it into anyone. As events are a choice, they are easier to experiment with.
  7. I had this idea for a while and wanted to know if there's user support for it to happen as it would take a considerable effort to plan out and make it happen. What do you guys think about reworking events and integrating them with the RP side of the forum? 01. How it would work? At first, in-game events would have traditional parts happening in-game (such as they are now) and parts happening on the forum, requiring players to RP. If there's enough interest, we could have entire event chains in this template. 02. Why would I want that? When you write out your character's actions, not only can you give it a life of it's own (personality, looks, everything) but you can also interact with your friends and with NPCs in ways that are pretty much impossible in-game. Think about completing event missions with friends, reacting to their reactions and truly working as cohesive groups that depend on each other, achieving your goals in new and creative ways instead of just clicking buttons for pre-made choices! 03. I hate RPing and I don't want it. This is an alteration to how events work, NOT CONTENT. As with every Event in game, it's completely eligible. If you don't want to do it, just don't and it won't alter your game in any way. 04. I like events as they are, what about me? Not all events have to be this way. We can have both traditional events that take place completely in-game, and other events using this new template. 05. Can I do anything while RPing? Within reason. If your in-game character has the bloodline Vaporia, for example, you'll be required to use the jutsus that are tied to that (i.e, not using stuff from other bls/etc, as you wouldn't in-game) and that you actually have on your jutsu list; however, there's no reason to limit the number of jutsus you can have tagged, for example. The intention of this isn't for it to become an OP fest where people can shoot lightning out of their butts, but rather have the chance to resolve events in new fun ways that aren't limited to what can be coded. 06. Who would judge what's good or not and run the events? The events would be run by the event team, as they are now. The only difference is the medium they would use. If you're interested in joining, please send us an application, which can be found on the forum. 07. I'm still confused as to how we would act this out. There's several good examples of RP missions in our abandoned RP part of the forum; while it wouldn't be exactly like that, it can give you guys an idea of how it could be. This is just the base idea, but if there's enough approval we'll start putting a real effort into making it juicy. Please feel free to make comments, ask questions and give suggestions!
  8. Nope. They'll never be acquirable through money. Events or luck, yes.
  9. Should be simple enough. Accepted.
  10. Albafica

    Trading Rep

    Won't happen, cause Terr won't get any money for it.
  11. Albafica

    Email Failure

    Emails are still NOT being sent from the main site, although the forum issue was resolved. If you want to recover an old passoword or make a new in-game account: -if you're trying to make an in-game account or recover your password- 01. If you already have an account and is currently trying to make an alt, just send me the details through your main, in-game. OR 02. If you do not have an in-game account (or a forum account); please send me a support ticket, stating your username and email attached to the account in need of validating. If you're trying to recover a password, besides the username you'll have to provide me proof of ownership, such as a paypal receipt etc. This is unfortunately dragging itself longer than expected, as we need Terriator to solve this. Please bear with us.
  12. I log in everyday, except on holidays. As Deragon said, do send me a support ticket providing your username and email and I'll activate it for you.
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