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  1. Thanks Afro, the genjutsu class my RPC is currently in should not last more than two weeks, right after that I wish to RP ordering the weapon ASAP.
  2. whoops I did not know that, the wording is off though. Very weak or extremely but the principle still stands, it is a conditional weakness so it does not equal to a general physical weakness like agility or strength. The background is not really optional if other helpers tell him/her to expand it. My apologies, but he/she did not obviously edit based on those critiques yet posted after, which it is assumed that he made those corrections.
  3. The render is a bit isolated and the colors do not match well, still a hottie though. 6/10.
  4. Unless you are part of a clan or ambidexterous you should not have dual bokken. Also swords are not allowed, only bokkens or some form of it with only 1 inch of blade. Remember to give parameters such as weight, length, and diameter of handle. Please give a weight to the steel plate on your forehead. Make it extremely low to balance out your parameterrs because it is conditional, either that or make it more general but just have it low or below average. Just add a little bit more, perhaps some aspirations? Good profile, nice description of appearance.
  5. The air was becoming more dense and the room was becoming more humid. Koodori just sat anxiously waiting for the upcoming tribulation that Sinse would challenge Koodori with. There was a gossamer line between Koodori's patience, the fervent that was resonating from his aura was gradually increasing like a time bomb waiting to explode. His focus was abruptly intervened with by Tadashi's response followed by the approbation of Sinse, "That is correct Kougi. A genjutsu can target any of your senses so what would be the best way to defend against them? The best way is not to block off all of your senses, but to know what the Genjutsu is targeting." Fortunately, before Koodori could violently react, Sinse had once again caught his attention. "Koodori.... why don't you come down here for a second."demanded Sinse. Koodori of course without hesitation and his sangfroid demeanor walked up smoothly and collectedly towards Sinse. He noticed that Sinse put an empty bucket in front of him, Koodori tightened his fist in bracing himself for the upcoming attack. Soon after Sinse finished revising a scroll that was set on the table, he performed certain handseals. The horrific image that was displayed in front of Koodori was inexplicably frightening. Despite the lack of innate ability of Sinse in the field of Genjutsu, it was enough to rattle Koodori. He shapeshifted into an old hag with ripped clothes and pale skin that was so decomposed it appeared that she had risen from the dead. On top of her dreadful appearance, she had an overbearingly disgusting stench, it smelled like dead fish mixed with sulfuric acid and rotten gore. Koodori stumbled on the bucket as his left foot was caught in it, he slipped back and violently pushed the desk of the kid that was speaking to his bag. Koodori then out of reaction just took the backpack of the kid and regurgitated the small portion meal that he had for breakfast. Koodori wiped his lips with his wristband as he looked at Sinse with disgust. "So what senses do you think I targeted. I want you to describe what you saw to your fellow students." The casual response by Sinse irritated Koodori even more, and he thought he was the petulant one. First, Koodori looked at the boy that he almost vomitted on and spoke words of apology, "Sorry man, I didn't mean to do that, I will clean you bag after this stupid class. "I saw an old witch that smelled like a zombie mixed with fart...the sense affected were smell and sight..."responded Koodori as he shifted his attention towards Sinse.
  6. I do not know if often will get accepted because that still shows that it is conditional. Okay this is what I found.
  7. You need too add a description and more to the background also space out each paragraph and bold the titles for organization. The toxic blood made me laugh, before Neko, Rupert, and James come, please change it, if your blood is toxic, you would be dead, also adapting to weather is not high endurance.
  8. This makes it conditional as in when you want for it to be a weakness, just put autistic and you can RP when to consider it. I know there are poison symbols with that color combination, you will have to personally ask for someone to put a pic of an animal on it as the emblem or you can simply just describe the symbol and leave it like that.
  9. As expected, the immutable bantering by Koodori would soon put him in a troublesomed predicament. Two students entered the room, one was slenderly built but had a very furtive demeanor while the other one was just a little kid that sat down. This was so tempting to feed the conceitedness of Koodori, but he was actually assuaging his seemingly hyper self. Koodori was becoming more observant, ironically it would be too late for his anomalous ways, in fact, the only option was to cajole Sinse into not aggrandizing the consequences. Before Sinse would go on his rather calm wrath on Koodori, Tadashi, answered the simple question. "Genjutsu is the usage of chakra to control the chakra in the target's head, this allows control over the target's senses." Koodori expected that from Tadashi, one thing he learned was that Tadashi was not stupid by any means. A rather interesting revelation to say the least, from Tadashi's analytical ability Koodori surmised that he was intellectual in general knowledge, seemed premature, or maybe it was just an easy question. "We are going to learn how to defend against genjutsus, and you get to be the test subject of the day.Now the wrath was unleashed, Koodori could just frown on the inside but appeared determined for the challenge on the outside. "I think we should stop speaking in Nagarian since more foreigners have joined us, and Sinse you should know that by now...I crave challenges..." Koodori noticed even more how anomalous the other students were, apparently one was speaking to his bag. At this point forward, Koodori would not acknowledge them unless they had to interact and lets face it, he was directly challenged by Sinse, who else will he be paying attention to?
  10. Damn...only a comitted member of Rikuhi has made this thread? No wonder the Itahase is so powerful, every village should do this, since the journalist ninja and newspapers are not out yet. I agree, a political system needs to be established in Seichi.
  11. The response that Koodori received by Sinse was well enough to not get himself flouted by Sinse. In fact, Sinse's attitude would have a salutary effect on the entire classroom, which as of now consisted of two students. Sinse was just doing his conventional stretches and preparations, when Tadashi decided to infringe upon the classroom with his transient appearance. Tadashi's eyes met with Koodori's as he said, "Yo how ya all doing?". One aspect that was not needed in the classroom was a straitlaced teacher, or so Koodori inferred. Jounin, specifically Nagarian Jounins, were infamous for their rigorous training and work ethic. Perhaps Sinse was just a different apple in the fruit basket, or so Koodori hoped. In his own casual and a bit lethargic way, he responded, "Most of the students are not here yet, but I want to go ahead and it this class over with. I'm dreading teaching it to you as you are dreading to listen to me teach you about. First off can anybody tell me what Genjutsu is?" At first Koodori reacted to Tadashi,"Quitter...what happened to you in the tourney?? I am just kidding, technically we won though, I beat Reigi when you and Flare were out of it." Koodori then noticed that Tadashi raised his hand to speak, Koodori chuckled a bit as he forgot that he still had to respect Sinse, and apparently forgot how he got scourged profusely by a meager clone of Sinse. Immediately after, Koodori departed from his virtual cosmoses and realized that he was in a genjutsu class. Koodori was obviously not focusing because he then slapped himself on the forehead, "Aww darn it!!! I know what I got wrong on the Genin exam...I should have brushed up on current events...stupid tourney...". Ironically despite his vapid mentality of the genin exam, he was still indeed a bit interesting, the competitive propensity would conquer Koodori. Koodori then shook his head to regain focus, and reluctantly asked, "So Sinse, what is the first thing we are going to do?". Typical Koodori, being impatient and selectively hearing things. It is funny, that Koodori just realized he was speaking in his native tongue with his Nagarian accent in the academy, it sounded like drivel to any foreigners.
  12. I suggest bold some titles up for organization, as you put in your notes, expand and organize your background. Please look at the RP apps guides. All comments are in Navy.
  13. Koodori was dissapointed from the grading in the genin exam, so he was begging for something to revitalize him. The sound of the bell reverberated throughout the hallways and corridors, to Koodori it was a sign of awakening. He knew he had to be resilient and continue with his sedulous propensity into every class, every exam, every mission, every day. Koodori elicited his wrinkled and sleazy schedule, one of the few things he did not have memorized due to the fact that it always changes. He glanced at the schedule and froze, halted his footsteps, heck nearly even his breathing. He noticed that the upcoming class was Genjutsu oriented. Once he regained thought, he digested this revelation as a challenge, little did he know that on this particular day, his complete mindset would be altered. This climactic day began with Koodori first gazing towards the classroom as he entered, he saw Sinse no less. The only jounin that he had firsthand experience with in his village. Koodori knowing that his schedule was irrevocable,(Well at least it is someone I know...actually that may be a bad thing...) mumbled Koodori with an aura of relief. Koodori's posture gradually changed to a happy one, in a very informal way he went over to Sinse and spoke the following words in the conventional Nagarian accent, "Hey Sinse, how's it goin? You are teaching a genjutsu class?? This must be a challenge for you as much as it is for me." It was not until later that Koodori would notice that it sounded insulting, however it was an inadvertent action. In a genjutsu class, even if it is Sinse, he probably does not want the teacher to be angered by him.
  14. The level of difficulty of the test was not very high at all, at least to Koodori's standards. He was not anxious nor eager to know what his test score was, but nonetheless, there was still a bit of curiosity. He did not at all study with great effort, and it appeared that it was not a regretful action. The test held little intrinsic value for Koodori, as it was already predestined that he would breeze through the academy rank. Nevertheless, Koodori still had the competitive proclivity of himself that he could not completely control. Koodori was casually passing by the halls in an indifferent and noncommittal position. His eyes panned the exhibit board just outside of the classroom, he was a bit surprised to discover that the grades were posted so quickly. Despite the hypocritical sangfroid posture that Koodori portrayed, this was one of the rare occurrences where he had an amorphous reaction. A mixture of disappointment and relief, he sucked his teeth as he noticed he was only third in the grades list with what he considered an average grade, a 90 percent. "Meh...it must have been the first two questions since they were the two most broad..."with that being said in drivel and a Nagarian accent, Koodori just walked away without further analysis. (Now all that is left is a class, hopefully it will be a taijutsu class, and then I will surely rank up to Genin, though I should do some more training...)this was the current mindset of Koodori, if a person that does not know him would just read this, they would think that Koodori is a megalomaniac and egotistical. However, that is not fully definitive of Koodori, just like every other human, he was unique and different, a mixture of characteristics. Apparently, being a bit cocky was just one of them. Unfortunately what would later come for Koodori would not be so easy and pleasant as just a mere Taijutsu class. Just wait and see, the next step will be the step of evolution for Koodori, foreshadowing what he would later become as a Genin.
  15. 1. I am not sure if it will be allowed, but you can try. 3. Okay.
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