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  1. I like that under this suggestion the Territories of the loser go back to their original owner after the vassalage is done. I like the idea of SP Sabotage Buffs, but it needs tweaking. I don't especially like the kage and kage assistants having more buffs. First, because it adds an unwanted level of exclusivity to wars when we want participation. Second, because it would help villages who have strong kages and kage's assistants and would hurt villages who don't... Here's what you could do instead. Give an automatic buff for anyone in an ANBU squad. Then you could give added buffs for squad's who've reached certain benchmarks in assault and defense points. Which would be awesome because we've been waiting for those to mean something. Exactly what those benchmarks are could be worked out. Authiel has a point. With the suggested system, those who want to war and can win wars aren't going to be able to declare war on anyone. The only way they could be involved is if, like Gengar said, they abuse the system and work out some shady deals. Yea, losing wars sucks, but if we're going to have them, they shouldn't exclude people just cause they're strong. Here's a suggestion that has come up before that I would still like to see implemented: I'd like it if rather than having to fight wars entirely inside villages, if territories were involved. If say, each territory has 100-200 SP that needed to be destroyed to capture. Any home village kills in the territory would heal some SP for that Territory. Then you could set the village territory SP to something like 500-1000. This would add a level of strategy to the game, but another added benefit is that it would make it easier to include players who can't win battles, but want to participate. It would also help weaker players participate in war because now instead of waiting in a village for a minute to destroy 1 SP while hoping that someone doesn't bot you, now your opponent might have to move around their territories trying to catch you. (Note: you'd still have to stay in the same space for 1 min, not saying you can just move back and forth within the same territory....) On that note, I'm most likely not interested in participating in any wars until botting has been properly addressed. It's pretty commonly known that Nellis, Gengar, and other players used a javascript add-on to their browser to refresh the page to automate the sabotage process. I'm pretty sure I heard that Gengar even admitted to that. The same type of Javascript bots have been used to auto-attack people. Catching players who use these is very difficult, but preventing them from using these bots isn't incredibly hard. You just need to understand how they're using the bots and then use the PHP server to dynamically change the code of the page.
  2. Yea, sorry new guy. Content related suggestions aren't accepted.
  3. Yea, I've got to agree, we don't really need to encourage people to stay in battle longer for any reason. If you wasted absolutely all of your pools before going into battle, that's your fault for not planning ahead. Tbh, unless you're training a forbidden jutsu, you've got to try extra hard just to completely empty your pools anyway. I like to keep it simple, every 6 hours (with EJ capped pools), I can train one CP based offense or defense 20k times and one SP based offense or defense 20k times or 1 CP based general 2k times and 1 SP based general 2k times. Then still have plenty of pools left over for fighting people and AI. Denied.
  4. I'm sorry, you're right. I ignored the point about telling new players to check the kage orders. I think there's already a logbook order that says to check the kage orders (if people actually read those). I'm not against that idea either, but it could just be simpler to have the first logbook mention checking the kage orders...
  5. 1) You don't know what my countermeasures are, so don't just assume that they will be difficult to implement and easy to work around. Although, I guess I won't ask you to believe me since I'm not gonna offer you proof. 2) You have to remember that eventually the people who know how to make bots (or the people who pay them for their work) will have to come to a point where they realize that they're wasting a lot of time and/or money on a game that really isn't worth the trouble. 3) Even if the anti-bot methods only work temporarily, if you are able to find concrete proof that some users were using them, you're able to ban them. Even if someone's able to make a bot that cheats the new safeguards, there's not point in using that bot if you just lose your account in the process...
  6. So Tael, if you were a prison warden and one of your prisoners escaped, by say climbing over the fence, instead of posting a guard to watch the fence, instead of putting barbed wire on the top of the fence, instead of using spotlights to make the fence more visible at night, you'd rather try and make the world outside the prison suck so much that the prisoners don't want to escape or make the inside of the prison so nice that they never want to leave? Because that's pretty much what you're saying TNR should do. I agree that it's impossible to make a publicly accessible server completely hack proof. However, you can make things so secure that hacking is incredibly difficult, especially for one person working on their own. Additionally, you can improve the detectability of security breaches. Right now, the issue of players using the scripts described in this post is that they are incredibly simple to make and even easier to share. As far as your definition for bots vs tools goes, my guess is that the auto-attack bots we've been talking about would fall under your definition of tools. My guess is that players who use that script have it set so when they press a keyboard key, it loads the combat page and clicks on the top available Attack link. It doesn't work unless the user presses the keyboard key. If Nellis uses something like this, he may agree with your logic, which could be why he denies using a bot. Even if he doesn't agree with your definitions, the rules don't specify that the above described script is illegal. I think it should be, but the rules don't say that it is.
  7. Wolfy, you'd be a much more complete web programmer if you'd learn some javascript. It doesn't take anything close to a complex script to do all of this. The same browser add-on and scripts are very likely what is being used by the players constantly being accused of bot attacking. Currently, there isn't anything built into TNR to track or prevent this sort of botting (unless the fact that my in-battle items seem to switch order randomly was intentional). Imo, TNR needs to update the rules to better define what types of 3rd party tools are and are not legal. For example, ragebars use javascript to circumvent the slow navigation of the site. These are considered acceptable, but now you're talking like a script to select an attack and submit the battle form is not acceptable. I don't really see the difference. I personally think that scripts that auto-attack other players should not be allowed, but there's not clear direction in the manual forbidding those, and the mods have absolutely no way of proving that anyone uses such scripts. These bots are so simple to create and pass on to others, it would be ignorant to try and deny that they exist. These are likely the type of bots Yaseen was selling (if he was truly selling bots), and it would make sense, since the game really started lagging bad after that. Aet has noted before that bot usage could easily be what's causing the high CPU usage on the server, and Terr's mentioned how he thinks having such large combat history stored in the server cache could also be a contributing factor. If players are using these bots, then they'll have a ton of AI battles bloating their combat history. I've already approached Pana about offering a solution for how we can track and prevent the use of these bots. Hopefully, in the near future, something will get implemented.
  8. How about we allow kages to issue village notifications? That would give a little more freedom and creativity and could accomplish the same goals and more. I actually think this idea has already been accepted although I haven't heard anything about it in a while...
  9. Shikayaru

    Dev Q&A

    Summons are supposed to count towards team SF. That was intended to stop the nonsense that would go one where one person summons their summon and you are forced to or you would lose against an equal. This creates more strategy since your summon has the possibility of allowing your opponent to CFH on you. I cannot say for sure, but I guess I would expect the summon to count towards the CFH count. Either way, it doesn't really create any sort of disadvantage, just another possible strategy. As far as the SF Formula, I could swear I already gave this to you, but it would be beneficial to post the updated SF formula publicly, so here it is: StrengthFactor = [MaximumHP + HighestOffense + (TotalDefenses + HighestDefense - Lowest Defense) / 4 + (TotalGens + HighestGen - LowestGen) / 4 * 10] / 1000 Also, we made another adjustment for how this calculates based on your HP throughout the battle. Whenever someone enters the battle (starting the fight or joining a call), their team SF is based on MaxHP, but for those already in the battle team SF is based on Current HP. Example: Player 1 (SF 1000 @ 80% HP) attacks Player 2 (SF 600 @ 100% HP). Team 1 SF is 1000, Team 2 SF is 600. Then let's say for this example that by the time Player 3 joins Player 2 (SF 400 @ 100% HP), Player 1 is down to 675% HP and Player 2 down to 70%. Team 1 SF will now be 750 and Team 2 SF will now be 820 (600 * 0.7 + 400). We need to have all joining members to be based on Max HP because if someone catches you with low HP, they should be rewarded with a better chance to beat you, not punished because you can now CFH on them. We also don't want CFH to be abused by strong players taking damage on purpose so they can call. You'll notice that there is a slight advantage for Player 1 after Player 3 joins; however, if Team 2 would have called the strongest possible joiner, the fight would be an easy win for Team 2. We need subsequent calculations to use the current HP of those in the battle because in the example I gave, using Max HP would say that RSF was 1.00 and no more CFHs would be allowed after Player 3 joins. But it wouldn't really be equal if those same 3 players fought with full HP. Player 1 does more damage than player 2, so we need to account for the greater loss of HP for player 2 when calculating RSF. I was kind of distracted when writing this, so please feel free to ask if something doesn't make sense. Note: At the time of this writing, something isn't calculating correctly on the dev server. We'll fix it.
  10. I'm pretty positive it still works this way Aet. Except that instead of every time you log in, I believe it re-calculates every time you load a page. Anyway, I'll close this now.
  11. Shikayaru

    Reputation points

    I don't see Reputation points ever being transferable. Doing so would only result in Terr losing future revenue from the game, which he obviously is not interested in. However, I think there are other ways to fix this problem. Perhaps implementing something like a GM for purchasing reputation points from users. I.e. you offer ryo and it gets taken from your pocket money. At any time until the transaction has been completed by the seller, your offer can be removed and you may retain your money, but as soon as the seller has accepted the offer, that money is transferred. This would allow for a safer Rep purchasing system without needing mods and without making Rep transferable.
  12. Imo, a better option would be to lose the Check User button and just display the user's name. If we really need to be able to look at their profile, make it a link to the user's public profile. It's annoying to have to click the link to make sure you're accepting the correct offer and not having a 1-click option to return back to the previous page.
  13. According to Terr, the Bounty Hunter update has already been completed on the dev server. Feel free to test out the update there. The most significant changes to Bounty Hunter will be that the max bounty you can collect will increase with each level instead of every 100 levels and that bounties can no longer be set on someone with a bounty of 0 or higher. I agree that this suggestion is important as bounty hunting will be non-existent between not being able to track someone with a 0 bounty, not being able to track someone with a bounty too high for you, and not being able to track someone with positive diplo. If Pana doesn't get to this first, I will try to talk to him about this when I got off work tonight.
  14. Shikayaru

    Ramen costs

    I agree with this. There's almost no point at all to static numbers. It would be nice if Ramen shops were % based and then a final option to heal you the rest of the way to 100%. You could argue that everything but the full heal ramen is useless, but I'm gonna argue that in some cases, that is not true. Sometimes you might be raiding or doing a multi-AI mission or EM quest and need at least half your HP full to win the battle, but you don't have enough ryo on you for a full heal. Your only option without going back to the village is to spam the highest static heal over and over again and hope no one is tracking you while you waste your time doing that.
  15. Idk how good you are with CSS Terr, but this is what you want set to the element the posts are in. word-wrap: break-word;
  16. I'll offer some constructive criticisms then to make this not a complete waste: 1) This is the first time I've seen Zane Legend mentioned in a C3 event. As far as the story stuff goes, I'm kind of indifferent, I often don't really even take the time to read these anymore usually... 2) Not that it's a big deal, but there was some sort of query bug sometimes when the specter attacked. 3) It was a very difficult event for those with insufficient healing methods. This could have been fixed by making the event AI a little weaker. 4) This event is pretty much impossible for genin, but I'm not entirely sure that matters a ton. 5) For as easy as this event was for me, I am content with 300k ryo. 6) It would be nice if there was some indication about whether or not the two event items do anything as they take up inventory space.
  17. I just talked with Pana, he made sure that the belt cutters are not craftable, made sure that the level was too high to be repaired, and as an extra measure changed the rob rate to 1% with a max of 1% ryo stolen if successful. Nexi, if possible, please confirm that weaponsmiths cannot repair belt cutters anymore.
  18. Suggestion Outline It's pretty straightforward, but there's some room for discussion on the best way to do it. You could reward the top 5 war heroes with ryo, or maybe other things like PvP or something stupid like Shroud of Regeneration even or Pop Points. The whole point would be to give players an incentive to participate in a war, even if their village is losing. Edit: Another fun idea if achievements ever get implemented again would be to have an achievement for those who made the top 3 or 5 war heroes. Kind of like giving out a Medal of Honor, but we'll call it something else to protect from copyright infringement. With the losing villagers competing amongst themselves, there would be more players for the winning villagers to kill, making the war more fun for them, also allowing the war to end sooner for those players who hate war and want it to end faster. Edit: You could also make it that the top 1-3 for defensive kills, offensive kills, or net SP activity get the rewards. That could add another element of fun to it... Suggestion Specifics A more detailed evaluation of your suggestion, including: What would change: The top 5 war heroes from each village would get a reward at the end of a war. How it would change: We should either make it so that no rewards are given to either village in the case of a surrender, or a more complex, but maybe better solution would be to reward (say if the reward was ryo) based on the ratio of SP destroyed before a village surrenders. Ex: If the reward for 1st place was 200k ryo, and the opposing village surrenders when they've got 8k out of 10k SP left, then the reward given would be 40k ryo. How it benefits us: Gives an incentive for activity to both sides and ends wars faster. Why it matters: Activity is good...idk if I can honestly say that I think wars ending faster is a good thing, but whatever... Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): We might want to do top 5 from each rank instead to make things equally fair for all ranks, but then maybe with so few active villagers, it would need to be the top 3 from each rank. Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): I'd just like to note that I am not in the top 5 in my village and I am not one of the top 3 EJ in my village on the war heroes page...
  19. I just wanted to clarify before starting a bug report. Is this saying that the gains should be double or that they should be Normal Gain + 2? I just won a battle in a village and the battle summary page said that I got 1 pvp, not sure if my profile updated correctly or not, I'll post more info if I can find more out though.
  20. Suggestion Outline Depending on how good the new coders are with Javascript, this could be a pretty simple fix, but would definitely help QoL for players. I'm asking for this specifically on the battle page, but this should really be used any time we have a similar server request or AJAX request (tavern and training pages). Anyone who's been in a decent amount of pvp battles while the server is lagging has probably experienced it when they press the submit button and the page just sits there. If you press submit again, then it will submit the same attack a second time wasting a turn since you can't use the same jutsu twice in a row. This is how we can fix the problem: change the submit button from <input type="submit"> to <input type="button">. The look of the element won't change at all, it just won't submit the battle form. I'm not sure if the battle page actually uses AJAX or if it reloads the page again. It kind of looks like AJAX on the default layout and like a page load on the light layout. If it's an AJAX request, when the submit button is pressed, we use javascript to submit the request, then "lock" the submit button until the server has returned the requested information. We could even have it completely remove the submit button from the page. If it's a page load, then we simply submit the form and turn off the button as it would no longer be needed after the attack is submitted. This way, if the user thinks that they missed the button with their click, they can click it again to make sure it's submitted, but it will never send a duplicate request. Suggestion Specifics What would change:​See the third paragraph above. How it would change:​See the third paragraph above. How it benefits us: ​QoL so players don't waste turns. Why it matters: ​QoL helps players enjoy the game better and not quit. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable):​If the page simply reloads, if the lag is caused by slow internet connection for the user, then we will be locking the button sometimes in the case when the server hasn't even received the request. I think this could be a reasonable sacrifice since battles aren't going to go well for you if your connection is that bad anyway. Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable):​Just want to say sorry for all of the italics, but I didn't want to use BB Code and this is how the suggestion outline was formatted in the quote bubble in the guidelines...
  21. So you're that you want the battle summary page to say: or
  22. I'm not entirely sure, but it sounds like the plan is to completely change the tavern back to how it was before. This means that it will show rank and I think village again, and sadly, it will get rid of the AJAX requests...
  23. Shikayaru

    VF System

    Well, I've never said that I'm for auto-ranking, but I'd make it so it wouldn't take very long for a new jounin to kill a perma chuunin. You're arguing that you lose RP value with everyone at EJ, I argue that we lose RP value from the ranks when you have some of the game's strongest players at the "weakest" rank and some of the weakest players in the game at the "strongest" rank. Without the ability to rank hold, you'd still have choices you could make in the game. You make it sound like the only thing you find fun about this game is that it says "chuunin" on your profile. Having the game encourage you to progress through a ranking system is a pretty standard concept in gaming. It's not just my "style of the game". Here's what I expect a good ranking system to do: Like all game features, it needs to be fair. There are only two ways we need to concern ourselves with this: Make the game fair for older players - we do this both by giving everyone the ability to be competitive if they put in a reasonable amount of effort and then by rewarding players equally according to the effort they put in. The whole reason behind this thread is that Zaki, the strongest player in the game, can spend 2 hours raiding non-stop and still get far less rewards in VF and PvP Experience than Sarah can in the same amount of time. The system isn't fair when it rewards two players differently for the same effort put in. Make the game fair for newer players - we do this by giving new players ways to be relevant from the start and mitigate the effects of their losing to older players. The ranking/leveling system should be a driving force that keeps people playing the game. I've found that even in games I thought were boring, I would often continue playing for the sole purpose of reaching the final level or rank. Now here's why TNR's current system doesn't meet these goals: It does not encourage players to continue through the game. Considering the fact that no one has reached Elite Jounin Level 10 yet and yet a whole bunch of people have already quit the game, clearly there are not enough incentives in the ranking system to encourage players to play long enough to reach EJ lvl 10. I also think a big part of the problem is how long it takes to reach each level and rank after reaching chuunin. A large number of players find more benefit from staying at chuunin and jounin rather than progressing through the game. The system does nothing to help newer players. The system prevents EJ from attacking chuunin, but when the system doesn't prevent the strongest players in the game from staying chuunin or jounin, there is no protection for new players. The system rewards those who've put in more time and effort less than some players who've put in less time and effort. Zaki's put more time and effort into this game than 99% of the users in the game. Why is his effort rewarded less than someone who's been playing half as long as he has? There's a point at which in an MMO, if you've been playing longer and put more work in, you deserve to win. So why does it make sense for players who haven't put as much time and effort in to beat Zaki through CFH? If he's losing because someone uses better strategy than him, that's great, that's how an RPG should work. Here's how I'd aim to achieve my goals under a new system: Make more level/rank bench marks so that players aren't going months without reaching a new one. This will keep players engaged in the game long enough to reach the last rank, rather than quitting before end game. Chuunin will continue to be protected from Elite Jounin. Rank holding will be available, but you will lose to players shortly after they rank up. You can stay a jounin and retain the ability to kill chuunin, but everyone who ranks up to EJ will beat you. You only get two choices: compete with the strongest, or pick on the weakest. You will never get both. This protects new players because they will either have protection from players, or they will have a chance to pass those they are not protected from. This will give more pvp battles to all older players, not just those that rank hold. So Ladren, I wouldn't force players to go EJ. I would be taking away rank holders ability to compete with those of higher ranks, but I don't think that's unfair. I also think that what we'd gain from improving the EJ rank and from protecting newer players would benefit the game much more than any loss we'd see from the change. I don't really see how the ability to rank hold helps the game at all right now. There was a lot more balance and fairness to the pvp game back when we were all stuck at chuunin than there is now.
  24. Shikayaru

    VF System

    It's not a problem of a lack of activity. Even if there were 1000+ active players, there would still be more kill opportunities for permas. That's just how the game is unless they stop having rank requirements for jounin and EJ.
  25. Yea, I think we all kinda knew what we were getting into when we chose to rank up when it comes to having less players to kill. I don't think any of us thought it would be this bad since a lot of players who would be jounin and EJ right now quit which caused a big gap in the number of active jounin+ vs active chuunin. The biggest issue is probably the CFH thing. Not only do we get less weaker players to kill, but we also have to worry about players that we are stronger than beating us through CFH. The content team is working on a new CFH system and hopefully that will change some of this. Anyway, unless you are super involved in professions or could care less about pvp, then you should stay jounin. At the very least, hold until new EM quests and summons are released.
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