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  1. I can't log in to my account as well. or did they delete my Roido account already?
  2. Tried it and it works only for the first one as well.
  3. Nobody likes being a chef cause it needs items from different professions. Besides, those heals in the void were the only reason why I went for herbalist, I don't ask for nothing to get them those buffs, it's hard work to do it alone, most of the time. So with that gone. I'm done. Thanks for replying.
  4. It worked 2 days ago Guess there's no point anymore. Thanks.
  5. Username: Roido Location: The Void Priority: Medium Bug's Effects: No heal from Riceball Special during battle How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Went out on to void and as usual, I just use this item to survive but now it doesn't even heal so I almost died for no reason.
  6. Horseradish came from me. He was holding it for me then he asked if he could smelt it. I was like, how's that even possible man but go right ahead and try.
  7. One account is hard to maintain already. Having another account is just a hassle.
  8. Roido


    Well, I'll gladly accept those reputation points. Maybe it's a bit selfish to ask 20 reputation points but it's a start.
  9. Roido

    [Low] Tile Blocked

    I'm sorry, I haven't read anything about Elite Jounin summons whatsoever that's why I thought this was a bug which still seems like it. Regarding the small fonts, I'm doing that constantly to train my eyes to see small things. Keeps me from using glasses. I have no evidence that it works but for me, my eyes are still working as it should. Please keep others in mind when posting to the bug forum in 0.0004 font size. If you want to "train your eyes" then just zoom out on the browser you're using.
  10. Roido

    [Low] Tile Blocked

    Username: Roido Location: In game, While travelling Priority: Low Bug's Effects: You can't travel to certain blocks. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Travelling beyond the map, collecting required items for the village and stumbled upon tiles being blocked or says I don't have requirements for entering. Current tiles being blocked: 39.37 38.37 37.37 36.37 35.37 10.30 9.31 8.30 8.29 8.28 8.27 34.11 P.S. I just wanna know why, that's all. Thank you. If you have questions, take it to the Q&A forum. And if you want to be taken serious, don't reduce text size for no apparent reason.
  11. Your location: 21.8 - Ramen Shop (Constant) Survival Package: The Shaded Rest Inn. An inn as shady as the Grey Hills it is build on. Home too (to) all sorts of filth and outlaws, this place is far from a restful retreat. Yet nobody has died within its walls since their erection. The entrance to this shady place is guarded by two man-sized statues, and all who pass them feel watched. Once inside, the atmosphere is generally tense as the patrons eat their meals or drink their sake's. The bar is managed by a short, strong man who's always polishing a glass with a rag that hasn't been cleaned in far to long. His left arm is pitch black with white lines running though it. It seems like it's made of marble instead of flesh. As you take a seat at the counter to order a drink, the bartender walks to you. "Ah, a villager. Grand. I'm Black Yin, the owner, bartender and bouncer of the Shaded Rest Inn. Stay a while and have a drink. While your at it, mind doing me a little errand? I'll give you a little something in return of course." With those words, Black Yin passes you a note. Activate Quest! Why the need for this minimized font? Use normal settings or get your posts removed. Fixed the grammar error.
  12. If you want a straight answer, it's Pay with your life to get ahead of some people, you never win. NEVER!
  13. Notice: Undefined property: profession::$queryLimitation in /mnt/stor6-wc2-dfw1/478421/920265/www.theninja-core3.com/web/content/libs/professionSystem/professionLib.php on line 29
  14. They said to use the bug report guidelines.
  15. Sorry boss. I'll do that in the future. "Should" and "It" actually happening are two different things on this part. I'll just wait till it gets fixed then. Thank you. Edit: Changed the first post.
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